A renowned Therapist, Artist, Author, Educator and regarded by many as a Spiritual Teacher, Yantra-ji offers insight and transformation through Self Inquiry and Satsang.

My commitment is to support you in the realisation of the truth of who you are – regardless of gender, form, identity, life, or circumstances – this that you are is always here, fresh, present and free in every moment.

In Satsang there is the opportunity to ask deeper questions, through the process of stillness and inquiry we come to know the truth, that we are totally free in this very moment now.

“What is Satsang?”


Yantra-ji shares the offering of her beloved teacher Papaji and the opportunity of Satsang – the confirmation of this that is referred to as Truth, the one Self … Namaste


” What is essential is to know who you are
At your very Core
At your very essence
When everything that you thought you could identify as drops away
That which remains is the truth
Present Free Unchanging
In a world of change
Who You Are remains changeless ”

~ Yantra-ji

” I slept and dreamt that life was joy.
I awoke and saw that life was service.
I acted and behold, service was joy.”

~ Rabindranath Tagore


“Only the Truth is and you are That! You are the unchanging Awareness in which all activity takes place. To deny this is to suffer, to know this is Freedom. It is not difficult to realize this because it is your True Nature. Simply inquire ‘Who am I?’ and watch carefully. Do not make effort and do not stir a thought. Look within, approach with all-devotion and stay as Heart. Keep vigilant and you will see that nothing will arise. This is the trick of how to keep the mind quiet and how to win Freedom. This doesn’t take time because Freedom is always Here. You simply have to watch: where does mind arise from? Where does thought come from? What is the source of this thought? Then you will see that you have always been Free and that everything has been a dream.”

~ Papaji

“You embrace some form saying, “I am this.”
By God, you are not this or that or the other…
you are “Unique One” “Heart-ravishing”
you are throne and palace and king
you are bird and snare and flower
…like water in jar and river are in essence the same
you are spirit are the same
your every idol prostrates before you
your every thought-form perishes
in your formlessness.”

~ Rumi

…..such a blessing to have these words reflect my life…

~ Yantra-ji