Satsang Testimonials:
“From the moment you walk in the door you feel carried into a sanctuary, a sacred space. Yantra’s Satsangs allow such an opening, such a stillness I can barely describe. You never know what truths these openings will reveal, but you can always be sure Yantra will guide with love. Sitting among familiar faces, who have become beautiful friends, or welcoming new ones… sitting as a group feels nourishing, comforting, connecting. Then afterwards…having the opportunity to share, or just sit in stillness, having a cup of Yantra’s delicious homemade chai. Whether it’s a guided Satsang, a DVD Satsang, chanting or a special celebration, Satsang has become an essential part of my life and I always look forward to it. So much gratitude here, thank you, Yantra.” ~ Jenny Exall -Editor 2013

Book testimonials:

Praise for Profound Awakening Meeting Papaji Now Vol 1

In this sublime Satsang book, through her personal experience, her love, her devotion,    Yantra-ji points us back to the self, to Truth, to realisation, dissolving the illusion of life,     leaving us resting in unmoving, unchanging, ever deepening presence — this that we truly are, have always been and will always be
~ Brandon Bays  
Internationally best selling author of The Journey, The Journey for Kids, Freedom Is, Consciousness the New Currency and Living The Journey.

 Praise for Profound Awakening Meeting Papaji Now Vol 1 

Yantra-ji’s book … presents the reader with heartfelt insight into the journey of a seeker of Truth and Enlightenment. A beautiful account for fellow seekers.
~ Isira Sananda, Leader and Teacher of human consciousness, one of the modern world’s spiritual masters.

Satsang Retreat Testimonials:

Remembering that beautiful sanctuary of yours, I wrote a little something about my time there, of course words cannot touch the wonder of what radiates from your special home, endless love, dearest Yantra

Last December, I had the supreme honor and privilege of offering a weekend retreat with the radiant spiritual teacher, Yantra-ji. Her generous invitation proved to be a wondrous gift in multiple ways.

When I arrived at her home, she led me upstairs to the dedicated Satsang sanctuary she had created. And I have to say, it took my breath away. I’ve been fortunate to visit many holy sites in my time but not one rivaled the beauty, serenity, and sacred aura of this beyond beautiful space. Photos of sages such as Papaji, Ramana, and Gangaji abound, as well as gorgeous art created by Yantra herself. Somehow the combination of the cosy, welcoming couches set in a circle and the breeze through the sliding doors and the scent of homemade chai wafting up from downstairs was a heady, luscious experience. It felt as if all the senses were instantaneously satiated and so the invitation into silence was palpable.

Of course, that special, ineffable quality owes its beauty to Yantra, who has offered Satsang regularly here to a wonderful, very fortunate sangha. It was a deep inspiration to witness her easy, clear, pure embrace of each person’s particular needs/issues/mood. Effortlessly she steered them back to the possibility of meeting each new moment fresh, back to the Truth of who they really are.  It felt like a seamless flow as she invited everyone to share what was arising for them. No matter the issue presented, Yantra reflected back again and again the Love and Truth and Possibility for each of them.

I was impressed with the intimacy created in the circle, which reduced a sense of separation. Everyone was an integral, welcome, significant part of the whole, of the One Heart.

Another wonderful aspect of Yantra’s satsangs was the invitation to drink chai and chat together before satsang. What might have been imagined to be a distraction before entering into silence, actually enhanced the communion among everyone. There was a sweet easiness and gentle camaraderie as conversation flowed and I realized later what an integral part of satsang this was – how people arrived, feeling welcomed and could lay down the stresses of daily life and enter into this sacred space together. This was further evidenced by our shared meals – everyone contributing to and sharing in a wonderful feast.

Another trademark of Yantra’s is her quick wit and spontaneity. We laughed a lot! For example, we spoke a lot about death and letting go, as a beloved member of the sangha had died the previous year. As it was December, we heard Santa arriving on his sleigh outside, and the song, “Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!” (which I might add, felt incongruous to me, given the tropical weather!) and Yantra immediately incorporated it, singing, “Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!”

By the end of our weekend together, the love had flowered so beautifully – each person glowing, radiant with the beauty and juice of what they had steeped themselves in for those days. I – and I’m certain everyone – left, feeling profoundly enriched and transformed.

For myself, I could have basked in that beauty forever but alas, had to return home to California. But those three days of immersing in the beauty of what Yantra has created – a safe, love-drenched harbor conjured out of sheer devotion and service – opened my heart even further in immeasurable ways. It remains alive still, a light in my being, for which I am eternally grateful, that can never be extinguished.

~ Ana Ramana, Teacher and Facilitator of Sacred Writing Retreats and renowned Poet and Author of, The boy who would be Sage, Hymns to the Beloved, Girl on Fire, and Duet with Hummingbird – Dec 2017