Yantra has been facilitating Satori evenings for over 10 years.

For those of you who have not yet had the experience of attending a Satori evening:
Satori is a game based on the Radical Forgiveness work by Colin Tipping.  As it is played as a game, it has the possibility to bypass many of the minds strategies, and when facilitated in the context of deep respect, Love, compassion, openess, reverence, and willingness, it is a profound experience of opening and seeing the truth of the stories of our life and coming to a place of real Forgiveness.

Colin Tipping states that
“…whereas  traditional forgiveness remains committed to the idea of there being a victim  and a perpetrator, Radical Forgiveness recognises that things happen not TO us, but FOR us.  Release from our pain is possible when we become willing to entertain the possibility that everything happens for a reason and that there is Divine Order in everything. When we do this Miracles happen & we become Free….”

Note: As there is a max limit to the number of players with each Satori game, please contact us via phone or email if you are  interested in joining in on one of these evenings. We will have the opportunity to play, to open & soak in truth   …and as always please feel free to call to ask any Q’s you may have about it.

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The times for SATORI evenings will be 7.30pm for a 7.45pm prompt start. We ask that you arrive and enter in Silence, please remove your shoes and settle quietly in your seat.
This will allow for some moments of meditation and stillness.
For SATORI there will be a bowl to place your contribution – $20 per person
There will be time for reflection and sharing
You may like to bring warm socks or slippers, a note book, pen, and a bottle of water.
Chai will be provided.

So we know how many of you will be joining us for this evening

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