Women’s Circle / Men’s Circle


Women’s Circle:

The women’s circle is a sacred space where we get to share, open, heal, honour and celebrate together as women.

Our circle of women has been gathering for a few years now – we shared ways that would be appropriate to support us as women in the context of our gatherings.

 Simple guidelines / reminders that offer
 love and respect for all
 love and respect for the space
 sensitivity to the group

* When we meet it is a gathering of deep connection and sacredness,  primarily to support each other as women.
 * Some of us have our children present & of course the children need to be cared for and have their needs met, yet in the context of the group, the focus of the group is being there for each other as women 
* Possibility of Beginning with silence, or just being present & acknowledging each one who is present
* Possibility of Beginning with a brief check in…an opportunity for each person to share briefly what is occurring for them
*  Dependent on what arises during this sharing…it may be where the group focuses the attention, 
* There may be something particular some one wants to share or do ( as in a process, meditation, quote, topic or theme to be explored etc…endless possibilities )
* Allowing the time, space & opportunity for each women to share, be listened to, be heard & be supported
* Holding the space/ embrace for each other 
* Being present to the collective circle of women having an energy as well as our individual energies
( even if we have something going on , there is a way in which we can be open & available to ourselves & each other )
* Each woman’s energy and presence is valid & valuable, as is each contribution, sharing & need
* Respect & understanding for each persons similar or very different experiences, emotions, values  etc.
* Speak from the truth…our circle is Satsang
*  offering assistance, advise if it has been asked for
* Possibility of ending with a brief sharing / check in with where each person is at

Just a reminder that if any one of us is intending to arrive late:
– to let someone in the group know so that as a group we are aware you will be arriving later
– that the person arriving late be given time to be welcomed & settle in briefly
– and that the person arriving late is open and respectful of what may have been occupying proctor to their arrival ( sensitivity to the women present, the space, what may be in process of sharing etc )

Topics to share and explore:
Creativity, Celebrations, rituals, solstice
Honoring ( Giving  & Receiving )
letting go/ cutting cords 
Feeling the feminine in everything
Mothers day

If you are called to be part of a women’s circle please contact Yantra

For details and information about the women’s circle please contact Yantra click here



Men’s Circle:

The Men’s circle similar to the woman’s circle is a place where men can deeply connect with each other, honoring and creating a sacred space to gather, share, celebrate and support each other as men.

If you are called to be part of a Men’s circle please contact Richard on 0407 38 33 68