Fee and Contribution Schedule


Fee and Contribution Schedule:

Please see below the current 2019 schedule of fees and contributions

* Satsang Evening – weekly on Tuesday evenings – $25

* Satsang ‘Open Question’ – weekly on Wednesday mornings – $25

* Satsang Special Events ( as advised )

* Satsang Consultations $150 per hour ( in Person/ or via Phone / Skype / Face Time / or FB Live message chat )

* Satsang Day Retreats ( non-residential ) $150 per person / $250 per couple

* Special Satsang Retreats and Enneagram Retreats ( non-residential 2 day, 3 day, or 4 day – as advised )

* Women’s Circle – weekly  – $25

* Women’s Wisdom Retreats ( non-residential –  as advised )

* Journey Method Sessions – As a senior Journey practitioner, Initial sessions 3-3.5 hours $495 / Subsequent sessions $350-$450 ( dependent on session type )

Bookings and RSVP:

Yantra-ji makes herself available for ongoing support for you at any time. Sometimes a brief chat on the phone may become a Self -Inquiry session or unplanned Satsang consultation, when this occurs, we would ask that you honour this offering to you, by offering a financial contribution in return.

This way support can continue to be offered to you at all times through the Tuesday evening Satsangs, Weekend Satsang retreats, Women’s retreats, Journey Therapy sessions and Personal Satsang Consultations either in person, via Skype or on the phone.

To book an appointment please contact Yantra-ji

To RSVP to Satsangs, Retreats and Events, please contact Yantra-ji

Please note: Yantra-ji offers support and assistance for those in need who have a hearts calling to attend her Satsangs, Events, Retreats, Individual Consultations and Journey Sessions, please contact her to discuss your situation, as some discounts and partial scholarships are made available by discretion.