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14570410_10154145677438040_4816811282120954081_nThere is some exciting news – my dear friend Brandon Bays will be offering the first ever Journey event exclusively for Women in Australia  – ‘Liberating the Divine Feminine and Healing your Life’ It is a three-day Journey Intensive seminar, 3rd – 5th February 2017, in Sydney. Here is the link for all details and to register : ‘Liberating the Divine Feminine and Healing your Life


Personal Message from Yantra-ji – 2016:

Please note that there will be changes to the format of Satsang over the coming weeks and months, so please see the details about these changes below.
Also the new Satsang book ‘The fire of Grace – Staying true to this – Satsangs with Yantra-ji’ is now available for purchase – the book was launched  in December 2016

Weekly Tuesday evening Satsangs with Yantra in Sydney will continue throughout October and into the first half of November.
Then due to our relocation we will be offering
one-day Satsang weekend events and two-day weekend retreats. These new events will be held once a month, just over an hours drive north of Sydney in the beautiful area of Glenning Valley.
The first of these
one-day Satsang weekend events will be offered in December this year after the launch of the new Satsang book  and will continue monthly throughout 2016. Tuesday evening Satsangs will also be offered again throughout 2016 in Glenning Valley.
We will hold our annual Satsang New Years Day Gathering as usual, on the 1st of January 2016, also in the new location.

If you are interested in hosting Satsang with Yantra in Sydney or in your local area, a Satsang evening, a one day Satsang retreat or weekend retreat during 2016, please let us know.
Satsang consultations will still be available in person or via Skype please see details below.

The new Satsang book proof has arrived and will soon be available for purchase at the book launch, titled ‘The Fire of Grace, staying True to This – Satsangs with Yantra-ji’. It is a collection of Satsangs which have occurred over the last few years, many of which can be found in the blog archives on the Living Alignment website. Here is a taste from the back cover:

‘The Fire of Grace, staying True to This’ – is the fire of Truth, the fire of Satsang, the fire of Freedom itself.
This fire has been ignited by Yantra-ji’s beloved teacher, Papaji, Sri H.W.L. Poonja. A blazing fire of Grace once ignited, that has never be extinguished.
Using this book as an ongoing guide, you are invited to open to the truth of your own self, beyond any limiting illusory patterns. Through genuine Self inquiry there is a pointing to what is true, fresh, here, now – and to what is available in the willingness to stay true to this discovery.
Originating from topics of inquiry held in Satsang with Yantra-ji, these messages offer insight, pose questions, and ultimately open the door to deep stillness and silence that is the truth of the Self – This that is always here, always already Free.
May we meet here, as this One Self. Namaste Yantra-ji

As a renowned therapist, artist, educator and regarded by many as a spiritual teacher, Yantra-ji offers insight and transformation through Self Inquiry and Satsang.

New Satsang book : ‘The Fire of Grace, staying True to This – Satsangs with Yantra-ji’

Satsang Book – “The Gift of This – Poetry and Prose of Satsang”

I am so grateful and humbled by this gift that is here for us all, to open, to reflect, to be this that we already are, here now, open, innocent and free.  As you are aware It is a collection of poetry and prose, gathered over the past 12 years through the offering of Satsang. It is as much a gift and a blessing for me to offer this to you, as you have been sharing it is for you to receive.
If you would like to purchase any additional copies of the book from me please let me know, or
you can order directly through The Book Depository or Createspaceplease click here or on please click here


Affiliate events :

Live Chanting event for May –  Saturday Afternoon 17th May 2-4pm 2014

Afternoon of Sacred Song
with Mignon Mukti, Judy Gill, Yantra-ji, Gabrielle Ga’yatri Jones, Sublime Sound Healing Crystal Bowls and others
Saturday 17 May
What a treat we have – Divine Songs and Living Alignment present an afternoon of sacred song. Chants and Devotional songs from diverse traditions. Sanscrit Kirtan, Hebrew, Arabic Sufi chanting and Rumi poetry, Goddess, Gospel, African and more, come open your hearts with Divine Songs.
At Yantra’s 1639 Pittwater Rd Mona Vale
Time 2 to 4pm
Donation $20 at the door (Please RSVP –  limited seating)

Divine Songs
Sacred songs from Diverse spiritual traditions Kirtan, Mantras Chants Nigguns
Sacred global songs from many spiritual and cultural traditions Kirtan, Mantras, Chants Many great spiritual teachers and mystics believe that we have come to a time that has gone beyond religion and separation. Through sacred music we find our way home to ourselves. We dissolve the walls that separate our traditions and universal light of one divine love can light our way. Kirtan chanting opens our hearts bring healing to us and our mother earth. This is important work of our time. In this celebration of diversity we singalong to songs and chants from many diverse traditions, cultures and paths of spirituality. We strengthen our communities through connecting and chanting together.

Each Divine Song circle collaborates with local musicians, healers and spiritual teachers who share chants from their tradition. English, Sanscrit, Hebrew, Arabic, Xhosa, Indigenous and many more ancient and sacred traditions and cultures.
Join Mignon and others for a joyous community gathering, concert and song circle. Kirtan to Gospel, Goddess to African, Sufi to Kabbalah and many other diverse traditions. Gather our Tribes and let the music heal, bring a cushion, a drum or shaker and your voice. All are welcome. We end with a brief guided meditation.
• Juditha Gill (Haqiqa) Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Group(Coledale) Spiritual Chants, Rumi poetry
• Mignon (Mukti Mina) Musician, Sacred Activist and Community Builder

Out of the Blue – Freedom from the Real Causes of Depression

Out of the<br /><br /> Blue banner advert
¥ou may have already heard about it, or seen it in ‘Living Now’.
Kevin will be offering for the first time ever a 2 ½ day course on how to free yourself from the real causes of depression. We felt that this is a subject that especially with Kevin’s history and own story of healing from depression is a powerful one to share with our Journey community and also with people new to the Journey.
Kevin’s teaching style is of absolute exposure, humility, poignant in the inquiries with deeply liberating results. And having healed from chronic and debilitating depression he is such a powerful role model.
The course on The Journey’s website how to free yourself from the real causes of depression, and in the magazine  Living Now


The date is: 21 – 23 February, 2014
Venue: Balwyn Community Centre, Melbourne
For information and bookings, please contact Jan Henderson, Tel. 0419 493 571 or 03 9737 0939 or email

21 Feb – 23 Feb   Out of the Blue – Freedom from the real causes of depression, Balwyn Centre, Melbourne, with Kevin



Journey into heart is offering a Clay workshop on Sat afternoon 20th July and Individual Clay-Field sessions over the weekend Sat 20th and Sun 21st July .. see details in the 2 page brochure below.
















Satsang with Lisa Schumacher – Byron Bay and Sydney events

Join Lisa at Yantra’s on Thursday the 16th May 2013 …. ( see practicalities beneath the flyer below )

Our dear friend Lisa Schumacher will be holding Satsang and weekend retreats this week in BYRON BAY and next week here in SYDNEY.
Many of you know of Gangaji who is a dear friend of Brandon Bays. Twenty years ago Papaji asked Gangaji to take Satsang to the west. Some years ago Gangaji asked Lisa to meet with others and share this open invitation to realise what is eternally present in the core of all being. For those of you who were present at Lisa’s Satsangs last year, you have experienced the clarity and lineage of Papaji and Gangaji. If you are yet to meet with Lisa you are in for an exquisite treat!


We are so blessed to have the opportunity in Australia and New Zealand to sit in Satsang with Lisa see the flyer below for details of the Byron Bay and Sydney meetings scheduled for MAY 2013.

To stay true is to give your life to the silent flame that is who you are in the core of your beingLisa

Practicalities: Please arrive at 7.15 for a 7.30 pm start
We ask that you arrive and enter in Silence, please remove your shoes and settle quietly in your seat.
This will allow for some moments of meditation and stillness.
For this SPECIAL Satsang  there will be a bowl to place your contribution – $20 per person
There will be time for reflection and sharing
You may like to bring warm socks or slippers, a note book, pen, and a bottle of water.
Chai will be provided.

So we know how many of you will be joining us for this intimate Satsang Gathering
Please RSVP
We look forward to sharing in Satsang with you,
Many Blessings
Yantra & Danesh ( Richard )



Satsang with Gurudev Swami Nityananda
We invite you to attend programs with Gurudev Swami Nityananda during his Australia tour in August and
September 2012.
Gurudev carries on the work of Baba Muktananda, inspiring people around the world to practice meditation and the yoga of self-knowledge. All public programs will include the practices of chanting and meditation.Sydney Programs 21 – 25th August – Middle cove, SydneyTuesday 21st August:
Morning Program 9am-11.30am
Guru Gita Recitation & Informal Satsang
Evening Satsang 7pm-9pm
Chanting, Talk & MeditationWednesday 22nd August:
Morning Program 9am-11.30am
Guru Gita Recitation & Informal Satsang
Evening Satsang 7pm-9pm
Chanting, Talk & MeditationThursday 23rd August:
Morning Program 9am-11.30am
Guru Gita Recitation & Informal Satsang
Evening Satsang 7pm-9pm
Chanting, Talk & MeditationSaturday 25th August:
Meditation Intensive 9am-5pm
All day program on the practice of meditation
Pre-registration required: $140
Registration form on website: is not required for the public programs which are offered freely, with donations gratefully accepted.Address: 12 Glenroy Ave, Middle Cove, Sydney NSWFor a deeper immersion in the practices of this tradition, Gurudev will be conducting a 5 day Residential Retreat in Somers, Victoria and Meditation Intensives in each state. Registration is required for these programs


DHARMA DIALOGUES with Catherine IngramCrows Nest,
Sydney, Australia
August 4, 5, 11, 12, 14
7:30 – 9:00 pmSuggested donation: $15 – $20
DharmaDialogues@aol.comThe Awareness Institute
Suite 1/20 Clarke St.
Crows Nest, NSW 2065Catherine Ingram is an international dharma teacher with communities in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Since 1992 she has led Dharma Dialogues, which are public events that focus on directing awareness toward greater wellbeing in an ethical and happy life. Catherine also leads numerous silent retreats each year in conjunction with Dharma Dialogues.



Life force Sydney event “Making a Significant Difference” FREE EVENT

Join us on Thursday evening the 10th November where our dear friend and colleague Sharon Turton, Naturopath and Journey Practitioner will be speaking about the nutritional benefits of this extraordinary product…there will also be other colleagues and therapists from Melbourne and Northern NSW available on the evening to give their insights into this product and it benefits.

There will be a chance to ask questions and try the product
Win giveaways and lucky door prizes for you and your guests.
and Enjoy a FUN – FILLED, INFORMATION – PACKED evening.

You will also hear about the latest trends of two high growth emerging industries, health & wellness & direct sales. Find out how you can achieve better health and/or become part of a new
paradigm for wealth creation personally or in your existing therapy business….designed for the 21st century.
You will meet & hear from successful members & hear life
changing product testimonials.

So many people have already experienced the amazing benefits of Body Balance and the other great products that Life Force has to offer….there is even an exciting new way to GET YOUR PRODUCT FOR FREE….without the need to begin a new business.

More and more members are feeling the difference an extra income, a great community and more time freedom can have in their lives.

Registration for this event will begin at 6.30pm, local time
with the main event commencing at 7pm sharp
and finishing at 8.30 pm.
SYDNEY – Thursday Nov 10th 2011
Hotel: Novotel Manly Pacific, 55 North Steyne, Manly
Please RSVP
Contact: Yantra Lindon +61 4 0575 8073
Lifeforce ID : 20859434

Join Managing Director, David Raphael Vice Chairman DSANZ,
Director DSAA, together with top ANZ leaders for an end of
year Spring Road Show.
A Perfect Place to spend time with TOP Leaders!
Networking, Building Friendships!
Having Fun, Learning, Growing, Sharing!
Who do you know who lives in these cities that you can
personally invite to one of these exciting FREE events?
* Exciting announcements and the most update news on
special events, promotions, products, specials etc.
* Connect with members and leaders in your local area.
* Meet and hear from top industry health practitioners.
* Win giveaways and lucky door prizes for you and your guests.

Life Force Asia Pacific presents
The 2011 SPRING Road Show
“Making a Significant Difference”





Sydney Mindful eating Program – One Day workshop – for Men & Women – Facilitated by Melbourne based Journey Therapist –  Jane Caulfield – 9am-6pm

See Event Calendar for details  click here

Learn how to become aware of, plus effectively manage your eating patterns and emotional triggers to weight and eating issues.
This liberating Workshop offers you an opportunity to change your life through your relationship with food.
The Day offers:
• Learn Mindful Eating Techniques
• Learn skills to manage the underlying emotional drivers to weight and eating issues
• Clear out the limiting belief systems that sabotage
• Develop a healthy relationship with food
This is not about dieting, this is about how and why you eat and gives you back peace of mind & control.
It sets you and your family free from the burden and drama of dieting, eating and weight issues.
Participation levels are self directed.
Book early to take advantage of the Earlybird special

Call today for more info or bookings
Jane 0425 808 755
Yantra 0405 758 073

Contact via email click here



Kirtana in Concert for the first time in Australia.
“Kirtana’s music is a pure love transmission. Her lyrics, her voice, and her playing bring me
to tears of joy.” Gangaji
“It’s nice sometimes to hear the same teaching in slightly different words expressed again…
Listening to Kirtana is a beautiful meditation in itself.” Eckhart Tolle
“Kirtana’s music expresses the inexpressible in the most beautiful way!” Deva Premal
In Kirtana’s own words the best description for both her music and her purpose in sharing it is to “celebrate divine love and the truth of who we are.” Her dusky vocals are guaranteed to provide an evening that will nourish the soul.

Sunday 28th August 2011
Mosman Art Gallery
Cnr Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road
Call 02 6629 1881 to BOOK YOUR TICKETS
Individual tickets $45 or groups of 5 for $200