Satsang Retreats


Satsang Retreats

A day of retreat is giving yourself the gift and opportunity to stop and inquire, to discern what is true, and to affirm what is undeniably present here always.. this endless peace, stillness, silence of being, once discovered is found to be true and endless support. Our lives can be full and hectic, full of things, events and activities that we love. However when you make time for stillness, silence and retreat a priority, you discover a sacred gift that you give to yourself. In a Satsang retreat, you are giving yourself full permission to be, to honour your commitment and resolve to the deepening of your own discovery of self. It is an opportunity to immerse in the discovery of true support, endless silence and love.

In deepest gratitude for this life that constantly points us home to the truth, to the support that is always here – as each other, as our own self ~ Namaste Yantra-ji
Please arrive by 10am for registration and some moments of stillness and silence before the start of Satsang at 10:30am, $140per person/$250 per couple
please bring food for a shared lunch – filtered water, chai and herb tea will be available for all retreats – Please RSVP
( Reminder:  if you are traveling from Sydney to attend one of the Retreats, you may like to be put in touch with others who share the car journey )

One-day Satsang retreats which occur once a month on a weekend in Glenning Valley, allow you to immerse more deeply in the discovery of your own Self.

For dates and detailsPlease see the Satsang Schedule and individual Retreat fliers by subscribing to the Living Alignment Newsletter


Ongoing Satsang Support:

Personal Satsang Consultations with Yantra-ji

“Satsang for me is not something that I do, it is something that is offered freely through me, through the grace that lives this life, called Yantra-ji. These conversations become a deeper sharing and opening between us, with many revealing questions and insights, a deepening of this one self.”
Often in the Tuesday evening open Satsang there is a theme or topic for inquiry and reflection. There have been many times where some of you have expressed a desire to attend a particular Satsang however have been unable to. To support you in your individual questions and deeper inquiry Yantra-ji is now offering Personal Satsang Consultations. These sessions will offer the opportunity to sit in Satsang with Yantra-ji on an individual basis, to open in stillness, in inquiry and deepen in your experience of self.
For inquiries, consultation fees and To book an appointment please contact Yantra-ji


Previous Satsang Retreats:

Please note our first Scheduled Satsang retreat for 2017 will be on Sunday 22nd January – ‘A Life on Fire’ – with Yantra-ji

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