Satsang books by Yantra-ji


Satsang books by Yantra-ji:

‘The Gift of This – Poetry and prose of Satsang – with Yantra-ji’

and ‘The Fire of Grace – Staying True to This – Satsangs with Yantra-ji’

Yantra-ji second Satsang book ‘The fire of Grace – Staying true to this – Satsangs with Yantra-ji’  is available for purchase. ( published in December 2015 )

It is a collection of Satsangs which have occurred over the last few years, many of which can be found in the blog archives on the Living Alignment website. Here is a taste from the back cover:

‘The Fire of Grace, staying True to This’ – is the fire of Truth, the fire of Satsang, the fire of Freedom itself.
This fire has been ignited by Yantra-ji’s beloved teacher, Papaji, Sri H.W.L. Poonja. A blazing fire of Grace once ignited, that has never be extinguished.
Using this book as an ongoing guide, you are invited to open to the truth of your own self, beyond any limiting illusory patterns. Through genuine Self inquiry there is a pointing to what is true, fresh, here, now – and to what is available in the willingness to stay true to this discovery.
Originating from topics of inquiry held in Satsang with Yantra-ji, these messages offer insight, pose questions, and ultimately open the door to deep stillness and silence that is the truth of the Self – This that is always here, always already Free.
May we meet here, as this One Self. Namaste Yantra-ji

As a renowned therapist, artist, educator and regarded by many as a spiritual teacher, Yantra-ji offers insight and transformation through Self Inquiry and Satsang.

Yantra-ji first Satsang Book – “The Gift of This – Poetry and Prose of Satsang” is available for purchase ( published in December 2014 )

I am so grateful and humbled by this gift that is here for us all, to open, to reflect, to be this that we already are, here now, open, innocent and free.  As you are aware It is a collection of poetry and prose, gathered over the past 12 years through the offering of Satsang. It is as much a gift and a blessing for me to offer this to you, as you have been sharing it is for you to receive.
If you would like to purchase any additional copies of the book from me please let me know, or
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* The Gift of This and The Fire of Grace