Satsang with Yantra – The true self

“You are already free! Anything gained afresh will be lost. What is eternal is always within you, as your own Self.” – Poonjaji

“Rest in this blaze of truth… Rest in Sublime stillness… Rest as Just emptiness.” -Yantra-ji

What is Satsang:
‘Satsang’ translated from the Sanskrit words ‘Sat’ and ‘Sangha’ –
‘Sat’ meaning truth, existence, the ideal, pure and true essence, the nature of all existence and ‘Sangha’ meaning, association, meeting, group, company or community with a common goal, vision or purpose.
Satsang literally means coming together…in truth…communion in truth, keeping company in truth… Meeting in the presence of Truth.

Satsang with Yantra: is an exploration of the nature of self and truth – through stillness, and reflection, silence, meditation, conscious dialogue, opening, sharing, process work and chanting.
Yantra is committed to awakening presence in all beings, through her gentle nature & love of truth. She has been holding Satsang in Sydney on the Northern Beaches for the past 10 years.

” It is such a privilege to gather, to open and deepen in presence together. Soaking in this profound presence, sharing in all love, is so beautiful, healing & heart opening. Having this opportunity to share together is such a blessing, we are so graced by your presence and your ongoing commitment to continue to open & dive into the truth of your own being.”
– Yantra-ji

Yantra offers live interactive Satsang, as well as bringing in other beautiful teachers to support the ongoing opening into truth. Occasionally Satsang occurs using the DVD format.

Satsang is held EVERY TUESDAY evening
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“…Satsang is the opportunity to just be, to rest in this blaze of truth… Resting in Sublime stillness, just emptiness, such surrender, deconstruction and freedom are possible.
Surrendered in the Silence and Grace of Papaji, Ramana, Arunachala, and This that is ALL…no words…so still… so silent…gratitude….rest…this is Satsang, this is the nature of the self” – Yantra-ji

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The times for all Satsang evenings with Yantra, will be 7.30pm for a 7.45pm prompt start.

We ask that you arrive and enter in Silence, please remove your shoes and settle quietly in your seat.
This will allow for some moments of meditation and stillness.

For all Satsang there will be a bowl to place your contribution – $10 per person
There will be time for reflection and sharing
You may like to bring warm socks or slippers, a note book, pen, and a bottle of water.
Chai will be provided.
For Special Satsang Events and Workshops… see details of each event

So we know how many of you will be joining us for Satsang

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We look forward to sharing in Satsang with you,
Many Blessings
Yantra & Danesh ( Richard )