Satsang Consultations


Ongoing Support:

Satsang Consultations with Yantra-ji in Person or via SKYPE

“Satsang for me is not something that I do, it is something that is offered freely through me, through the grace that lives this life, called Yantra-ji. These conversations become a deeper sharing and opening between us, with many revealing questions and insights, a deepening of this one self.”

Often in the Tuesday evening open Satsang there is a theme or topic for inquiry and reflection. There have been many times where some of you have expressed a desire to attend a particular Satsang however have been unable to. To support you in your individual questions and deeper inquiry Yantra-ji is now offering Personal Satsang Consultations. These sessions will offer the opportunity to sit in Satsang with Yantra-ji on an individual basis, to open in stillness, in inquiry and deepen in your experience of self.

Yantra-ji makes herself available for ongoing support for you at any time. Sometimes a brief chat on the phone may become a Self -Inquiry session or unplanned Satsang consultation, when this occurs, we would ask that you honour this offering to you, by offering a financial contribution in return. This way support can continue to be offered to you at all times through the Tuesday evening Satsangs, Weekend Satsang retreats, Women’s retreats, Journey Therapy sessions and Personal Satsang Consultations either in person, via Skype or on the phone.

To book an appointment please contact Yantra-ji