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Discover the truth of JOY. In this beautiful 36 minute Satsang video, Yantra-ji lovingly, and joyfully, points you to the truth that is always here – recorded live on the 10th July 2018.

Joy – Satsang with Yantra-ji

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Spiritual Profound Awakening Meeting Papaji

Click here to listen to a 30 minute Radio interview with Yantra-ji on Accentuate the Positive Radio speaking about Life, Death, Suffering, our Desire to Feel Better, Writing and her meeting her Spiritual teacher Papaji (Sri H.W.L Poonja)

Yantra-ji interviewed by KAren Swain on Accentuate the Positive Radio  –  December 2013 – 00:27:58

Short YouTube Video recordings:

Expectation vs Expectancy – Part 4 – Health, Vitality, The Body  Jul 14, 2018

Are you listening to the needs of your own body? We expect so much from our bodies, we push through, over look the need for rest or exercise, and ignore the stress in our lives that affect the physical body. Take some time now to stop, to listen, what is here? You may like to leave a comment below. When we no longer have an expectation of our, or another’s health or vitality, then we experience the open expectancy of life, the wondrous gift of this physical form, an awareness of the needs moment to moment, and the health-full-ness of the body. ~ Namaste Yantra-ji

Expectation vs Expectancy – Part 3 – LifeJuly 14, 2018

Do you have an expectation of life, how it needs to be, should be, shouldn’t be? Life presents as it does, with its flow, its flux, and its seasons. When we look through the filter of expectation, we exclude everything else, and are usually left disappointed. Sometimes our expectations are met, yet they are met fleetingly. Are you willing to look at what the expectation is covering? When we meet life in open expectancy instead of limited expectation, we experience a life of openness, gratitude, awe, gracefulness, even the challenges that present can be met in this way. We can meet, experience and explore life, and be surprised by this mystery of life. ~ Namaste Yantra-ji

Expectation vs Expectancy – Part 2 – Relationships July 14, 2018

Do you have expectation in your relationships – with family, friends, or partner? Expectation is a closure, a fixed idea, of how we, they, or our relationships need to be, rather than meeting in openness. Stop for a moment and notice what that expectation may be covering. When we come from open expectancy, our relationships flourish in the freedom of meeting freshly, in the moment, as we are. ~ namaste Yantra-ji

Expectation or Expectancy – Part 1 – July 12, 2018

Yantra-ji speaks about the new filmed videos of the live Satsang and Self inquiry meetings which will soon be made available through Living Alignment, as well opening an ongoing inquiry into ‘Expectation or Expectancy’, through a series of short impromptu videos, exploring this topic and the way it shows up in different areas of our lives.

“Clarity” – July 9, 2018

Many people are looking for Clarity in some area in their lives. We are looking in the wrong place – when we look for Clarity in the mind or in thoughts, we experience more confusion. When we are willing to stop looking in the mind, to stop following the thoughts, to stop looking for clarity, even just for a moment, right now, and give our attention to the still quiet awareness that is here beneath the thoughts – here there is spaciousness, wide open awareness, freedom of being and Clarity arises of it own accord ~ Yantra-ji

“5 Steps for Clarity, Ease and Grace in your daily life”July 9, 2018

I am often asked for help or support in many different ways. Here I share 5 simple steps for Living in Alignment, with Clarity, Ease and Grace in your daily life ~ Namaste Yantra-ji

“What is Satsang?” – Feb 23, 2017

Yantra-ji shares the offering of her beloved teacher Papaji and the opportunity of Satsang – the confirmation of this that is referred to as Truth, the one Self  … Namaste