Body Balance


What is Body Balance

Body Balance is a deep, foundational, life long , nutritional support for the body

High grade sea-weed and aloe vera  – sustainably farmed.

Liquid organic whole food

98% absorbed by the body

Improves mental clarity,  balances hormones, improves sleep, chelates heavy metals, rejuvenates and transforms many health imbalances in the body and supports overall wellbeing.

Body Balance is a liquid nutrition product with many health supporting nutrients – it is different from other products for the following reasons:

* Body Balance is whole food. It is made of nine different sea vegetables that have been blended for better absorption. It also contains organic cold-pressed inner filet Aloe Vera. Supplementing nutrition with a whole-food, instead of using manufactured pills or capsules, means that cells receive nutrition in the way nature intended. About 98% of this product is absorbed, instead of the 20-30% usually associated with tablets or capsules.

* It is free of pollution The nine sea vegetables are sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of the northern oceans, many meters below the surface. This is probably the least polluted environment on earth. The Aloe Vera is grown on a volcano in Mexico. The soil around this volcano is known to be one of the most mineral rich soils on the planet.

* Body Balance is naturally rich in nutrients. The nine sea vegetables and Aloe Vera yield over 121 vital nutrients that the body needs every day. More than any other kind of food, Body Balance delivers a very broad spectrum of bio-active phytonutrients necessary to support inter cellular and overall health.

* It is organic. Body Balance is processed with pure water and contains no chemicals. Only naturally sourced preservatives are used, which is why refrigeration is necessary once opened.

* Body Balance is in an ionic form. This makes the absorption rate of Body Balance extremely high in comparison to the much lower absorption rate of pills & capsules.

* Body Balance is complete. Body Balance delivers in trace amounts up to 121 synergistically combined, naturally occurring vital nutrients including virtually every vitamin, mineral, ultra trace mineral, amino acid and enzyme useful for optimal health. It is completely bio available for immediate assimilation and use at the cellular level. It provides the benefits of phytonutrients identified or present in sea vegetation.

* Body Balance is delicious and easy to take. People who have difficulty taking pills or capsules, find that Body Balance is a very easy way to get quality nutrition on a daily basis.

How to take Body Balance

  • The best time to take: Body Balance can be taken daily at any time, although 1st thing before breakfast is recommended.
  • For the first four weeks: Take a minimum of 120mls a day. If your system is sensitive it may be necessary to start with a smaller serving.
  • If you begin to have detox symptoms: Drink extra amounts of water – this can lessen the effects. It is important to continue taking Body Balance until you feel a difference.
  • Maintenance servings: Adults: Recommended daily serving is 120 – 240mls per person; people with significant health challenges often take higher amounts: 120mls = 4 bottles per month (4pk) / 240mls = 8 bottles per month (8pk)
  • Enhance Your Immune System: If you are feeling poorly in any way take an increased amount of Body Balance for a few days.  This will enhance the immune system.
  • Body Balance is safe: It is not a synthetic supplement, but a liquid whole-food. When your body gets what it needs, it has the opportunity to address its health challenges.

Continuing to take Body Balance

Whereas some people do notice positive results from Body Balance straight away, it often takes longer for the full benefits to be experienced.. it is recommended to initially take the product for a minimum of 3 months. Often people report ongoing and increasing positive changes after using it for a year or longer. It can become a permanent and ongoing part of your nutritional, health and lifestyle regime.

How to order

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