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Further information and bookings for: Individual Satsang Consultations, The Journey Method appointments, Satsang Retreats and Women’s Wisdom Retreats – Please contact Yantra-ji on 0405758073 or at


An Opportunity to Contribute

Your personal journey of deepening discovery and Self-Inquiry is supported in many ways.

There is a suggested contribution for Satsang, Consultations and Retreats – Some beloveds like to and are able to offer and contribute more generously, whilst others seek assistance to attend.

Over the years we have supported many beloveds experiencing financial hardship through the offering of partial scholarships, so those who really are called are able to attend. We would love for this to continue, if you feel called, any offer of ongoing financial assistance through a monthly or yearly contribution to the ongoing offering of Satsang, is warmly welcomed.

Yantra-ji also makes herself available for ongoing support for you at any time. Sometimes a brief chat on the phone may become a Self -Inquiry session or unplanned Satsang consultation, when this occurs, we would ask that you honour this offering to you, by offering a financial contribution in return. This way support can continue to be offered to you at all times through the Tuesday evening Satsangs, Weekend Satsang retreats, Women’s retreats, Journey Therapy sessions and Personal Satsang Consultations either in person, via Skype or on the phone.

We would like to continue to offer new Satsang books that are being written, edited and published, as well as offering to make the recordings of Satsangs and retreats available, both for those of you who actively attend Satsang and to the wider Satsang community. To enable this to continue, your generosity and ongoing contribution of time, assistance and financial support is invaluable.
In deepest gratitude – Namaste – Yantra-ji and Richard Danesh