Apr 092019

The truth is simple: BE as you are. This is Freedom

This is being written on the 30th Dec 2018 – As we near the end of this year, have you noticed there are so many posts about …… Being the best version of you in 2019 – or – Living your best life in 2019 – or – Love yourself into the new year …. Etc etc etc ….

What if you were to stop, stop all of that projection, and just be here now.
Be the best you, here now,
Live your best life, here now,
Love fully as you, here now.

There is no magic wand or gimmick or trick, that happens to transform you like it did with Cinderella as the clock ticks over from midnight to 12:01am on NY’s Eve

– instead –

choose you now,
choose your life now,
choose love now,
choose truth now.

Whatever you are hoping, dreaming, visioning, for later, for then, for the next year – Be it now – Be as you Are.

In the words of my beloved teachers, The truth is simple:

Sri Ramana Maharshi ~ ‘BE as you are’
Papaji ~ ‘The most holy association is to BE as you are.
This is Freedom.’


Endless Love Here Always – Yantra <3


Apr 092019

Feeling Blessed and Grateful

We often hear that there is so much to be grateful for – however what is often added to that statement is: if we are grateful, then we will attract what we want into our lives.

Hmmmm, this is a bit like when we were children being told if we are good, or do this or that, then we’ll get to have what we want – it’s also like the saying ‘giving to get’! – If we come from this place, ‘being grateful in order to’ and are honest with ourselves, it probably doesn’t really feel like we are being authentic, real, true or even actually grateful.

What if you could be grateful, just because?

Just because you are alive, because you breathe, see, experience life, love, share, receive, give – yes there is so much to be grateful for – and – the more we are grateful for, the more we have to be grateful – not because of any pre-desired out-come – just because we are!

This in itself is such a blessing.

We are so grateful for the lusciousness and generosity of having been gifted a day by the pool, just for us, to relax, to be, to enjoy – so grateful, so blessed.

As you ponder this I’d love to hear – What has you feeling blessed and grateful?

Love Yantra

Apr 092019

Profound Awakening – Meeting Papaji Now

Profoundly moved – so many beloveds, family, friends neighbours, sangha all coming to celebrate in this love and grace of beloved Papaji at the book launch that was held on the 22nd Dec 2018.

Beautiful grace filled bhakti singing and music with Dell Tschanter of Sun Space Studio, photography of the day by our beloved Philip, delicious Indian food and chai, and so much love spilling out everywhere.

From the back cover:

“In this sublime Satsang book, through her personal experience, her love, her devotion, Yantra-ji points us back to the self, to Truth, to realisation, dissolving the illusion of life, leaving us resting in unmoving, unchanging, ever deepening presence – this that we truly are, have always been and will always be.”~ Brandon Bays
(Internationally best selling author of The Journey, The Journey for Kids, Freedom Is, Consciousness the New Currency and Living The Journey)

This fire of Papaji’s love is like a wild fire once ignited it catches aflame everywhere – so many hearts alight with the love of truth – thank you beloveds, so blessed, so much gratitude

Thank you to those who have helped this book become a reality – Feeling so grateful and humbled – this beautiful book about Beloved Papaji is now available through Amazon – the link to purchase and the book launch details, are below.


May beloved Papaji’s Grace touch you and point you to the undeniable truth that you are already free ~ namaste Yantra-ji

Apr 092019

Excerpt from ‘Profound Awakening – Meeting Papaji Now’

Surrendered in Papaji’s Grace

“Surrender, let Silence have you. Surrender to the source, Surrender to awareness, this is the only place of protection. Surrender your heart and you will know all. Surrender to Consciousness and Bliss. Surrender means to surrender your bondage and to simply be Freedom. Surrender is the ego bowing down to its Source. No more demands or commands, but putting all in the hands of Source. Submit to Consciousness and Bliss and you will be happy. Surrender the addiction to your senses. You don’t need to stop them, but you need to have perfect control over them. Ego is a poor driver of these five horses, but the Atman charioteer will not make a mistake. Surrender the reigns of your senses to the Atman. As the river surrenders to the ocean, surrender yourself to the Self, the Source. And if you find you are still swimming on the surface of the ocean: stop swimming and you will sink into the depths of Love. ~ Papaji
I am constantly being called to trust the whisperings of grace, to trust the silence, this that Papaji is continually pointing me to – ‘to Surrender, to let the Silence have me’.
‘Surrender to the source, surrender to awareness’, and discover the truth ‘this is the only place of protection’. ‘Surrender your heart and you will know all’. It is a deeper call to surrender, totally, finally, fully – everything – and be free.
If you allow it, following the call of your own heart leads you into the mystery of the unknown, into the grace of the unexpected.”
<3 Yantra-ji

Apr 092019

Sharing – When women unite.

There are so many ways we share, our hearts, our love, our likes, our dislikes, our discontent, our things, our time, our money, our resources, ourselves, our stories, our work, our businesses, our passions, our talents, on and on and on.

One of the ways I love to share is in circle.

Every week, a group of beautiful women gather here to share deeply and truly, to be seen, to be met, to be open. We don’t have an agenda of sharing just what is nice, or beautiful or working, nor is it just about sharing what is broken, damaged, or in need of healing. As women we come together just as we are, tender, open, vulnerable, allowing whatever is here, to be seen, met and shared.

I love the realness, the authenticity and the deep sister connections we have. I love that we get to dive more deeply each month in our women’s wisdom retreats, to deepen, to support, to explore, to create, to be.

Sharing simply and together in this way is precious, sacred, honouring, valuable, necessary.

I love these words ‘ When women unite, the whole world is blessed by their light ‘

I’d love to hear from you:
What is one of the ways that you love to share?

<3 Yantra

Apr 092019

When sharing your Story

Taking on board just this one thing could impact your conversations, your dialogue, your sharing, your friendships, all your relationships, your meetings, your work….

Your message, your voice, your sharing, your story is important – but not for the reasons you may think !!!!

Your message and story is about others – yes that’s right.
Your message is not about you and has never been about you!

“My message is not about me and is never about me – it is only ever about YOU and for you !”

So, Imagine now, how taking this on board would impact all of your conversations, your dialogue, your sharing, your friendships, all of your relationships, your meetings, your work !!!! …..

A few days ago I was part of a wonderful training on story telling through my online business, so grateful for the support and this training that is so aligned and in integrity with my values, with who I am and what I offer.

As we are nearing the launch of my third book in a couple of weeks – December 2018 – this beautiful reminder is for us all.

I’d love to hear what you discover.

So much love always ~ Yantra

If you are curious to learn more about what I’m doing in the online space then please send me a message or email and I’ll get back to you.

Since the writing of this – the book ‘Profound Awakening – Meeting Papaji Now’ has now been published – it is the story of meeting my beloved teacher Papaji, what occurred through that meeting and what is possible and available for you now – If you would like to purchase a copy please contact me or order directly through Amazon.com


Apr 092019

Letting go

We fear and resist and put off letting go, as though it is something foreign, as though we don’t have what it takes. We may even tell ourselves that it doesn’t feel natural, or its not simple, or not easy to let go.

And yet If we are willing to stop for just a moment and check the truth of this, we can see that actually we are always letting go.

Every moment of every day, we are letting go, simply, innocently, naturally, easily – Letting go.

When we breath out we are letting go,
When we go to sleep we are letting go,
When go to the toilet we are letting go,
Our bodies are designed to let go, to naturally shed, hair skin, blood – it is all letting go
When we orgasm we are letting go,
When we birth we are letting go,
When we cry we are letting go,
All around us the seasons, the trees, animals, plants, water, rivers, ice, the sky when it rains, the volcano erupting, are all effortlessly letting go.

When we can see how natural and normal, how effortless letting go really is, we can surrender into the flow and let letting go let go of us ….

I’d love to hear what do you discover when you take the time to examine this for yourself?

Much love Yantra

Apr 092019

Letting Go and Completion:

A beautiful friend of mine shared these simple words today: ‘What I’m letting go of today…….!” such a simple and yet profound sentence really.

Often we fear ‘letting go’ because we have an ‘idea’ of what it may ‘mean’ or how it may ‘look’ or what we may have to ‘do’, we may fear that we have to ‘get rid of’ something or someone, or feel we lack the time or energy to do so.

As I read and contemplated her words, ‘What I’m letting go of today……!” this is what arose for me to share:

Part of letting go for me is actually Completion – as I complete there is a natural letting go – a breathing out and a release. It is not that I am having to or trying to let go of anything, it is a natural by-product of completion.

When something is completed, there is a natural release and relaxation. For me as this new book ‘Profound Awakening – Meeting Papaji Now’ has come to completion, I am aware of sensations in the body that are releasing, relaxing, letting go, physically unwinding.

The energy taken up in the action or activity is now freed, the mental activity is stopped, emotions flow, surrender is here. There is so much peace, space, newness here now and freshly wanting to come through.

What if, you were to contemplate what letting go actually is for you – take a moment to ask yourself:

What does letting go actually mean to me?
How does it show up?
Is it physical, mental, emotional?
What am I willing to let go of?
What can I complete?
What will it take for me to let go of, or to complete something?
How does it feel to let go, to complete?
and How am I letting go right now?

When we are holding on, holding back, stopped, stuck at a standstill, feeling overwhelmed, bogged down, without time or freedom, there is no space, for flow or ease or grace.

For me the need to stop and really rest, has allowed so much to be completed, so much more than if it was from a have to, or need to, or must do, or trying to get it all done, the new book being only one part of this.

Take a moment to really stop, take a breath and ask yourself, what is really needed here right now?

What have you been putting off, or what has been on hold, that could do with your time, attention, presence and energy right now, so that it can be complete?

As Nelson Mandela said” It always seems impossible until it’s done”

The simple act of Completing, often opens the door to the new, to magic, to new possibilities, new opportunities, new ideas and inspirations.

Often there are things that we may want to do or change with our health, relationships, spiritual practice, or work – things that we felt we had no time for, or no new energy for, suddenly there is space and they leap out at us, as we complete, as we let go, as we surrender.

I’d love to hear what is here for you,

So much love Yantra <3 🙏🏽

Apr 092019

The Truth of Love – Whatever your word for love – Love is All <3

The Truth of Love

Whatever your word for love – love fully
fall at the feet of love
drown in love
love is the one beloved

If God is your word for love – love fully
love with all of your heart,
pray in love, meditate on love, open to all as love

Whatever your word for love – love fully
love endlessly
love with devotion

If consciousness is your word for love – love fully
Love with awareness
Be the flame, the light of love

Whatever your word for love – love fully
fall at the feet of love
drown in love
love is the beloved

If Grace is your word for love – love fully
Love softly, sweetly, openly
Trust this that is love

Whatever your word for love – love fully
love endlessly
love with devotion

If Jesus is your word for love – love fully
be led by the hand of love
let love be alive in your heart

Whatever your word for love – love fully
fall at the feet of love
drown in love
love is the beloved

If Presence is your word for love – love fully
Love with your full attention
Let love permeate all

Whatever your word for love – love fully
love endlessly
love with devotion

If the Divine is your word for love – love fully
swim in love
dance in the ecstasy of love

Whatever your word for love – love fully
fall at the feet of love
drown in love
love is the beloved

If Mother, Father, Lover, Other, is your word for love – love fully
love fiercely, love freely, love passionately
Cherish love in form

Whatever your word for love – love fully
love endlessly
love with devotion

If Forgiveness is your word for love – love fully
Stay open in love
Surrendered in love

Whatever your word for love – love fully
fall at the feet of love
drown in love
love is the beloved

If All, Self, Freedom, Silence, This, is your word for love – love fully
Be the totality of love,
love the totality of all

Whatever your word for love – love fully
love endlessly
love with devotion

If life is your word for love – love fully
Live fully in love, laugh in love, cry in love, share in love, receive in love
Live the truth of love

Whatever your word for love – love fully
fall at the feet of love
drown in love
love is the beloved

Whatever your word for love – Love is All

~ Namaste Yantra-ji

Apr 092019

The truth of the silent self, this unmistakable grace, is reflected in my favourite Rumi poem – I share it here for you ~ Namaste Yantra-ji <3

What is your favourite poem that really speaks of the truth ?


You embrace some form
saying, “I am this.”

By God, you are not this
or that or the other

you are “Unique One”

you are throne and palace and king
you are bird and snare and fowler

like water in jar and river
are in essence the same

you are spirit are the same

you every idol
before you

your every thought-form
in your formlessness ~ Rumi