Aug 192018

Money and Spirituality, Money and Love, Money and Freedom

This Satsang came from a spontaneous inquiry, investigating the truth of what was underlying the beliefs and myths about Money and Spirituality, Money and Love, Money and Freedom

Satsang : Money and Spirituality – 19th June 2018

( This is the second part of an excerpt transcribed from a 2 hour Satsang with Yantra-ji on 19th June 2018 – note: it has been edited to maintain privacy of the participants )

Part 2 :

You see, we have these ideas and these beliefs that we have to maintain, then a certain way of living and being in the world, we set up our life in a certain way, and there is no freedom in that. We tell ourselves these stories, lovely ones or horrible ones you know, and there is a usefulness to actually uncover and investigate :

Where we are lying to ourselves?

Where are we covering over?

Where we are tricking ourselves into believing something ?

We cling to identity, beliefs, stories, projections – and it’s like we are not willing to have a look.

So, I’m asking that we have a look to see that it is actually a lie, that you are free, regardless. That you do not have to maintain this idea, this image, this identity, of us and them, me and them, this and the other, rich and poor.

See, free means free, not just sometimes free, not just bits of free, free is Free!

THIS is untouched whether you have money or not.

THIS is untouched whether you are generous or not.

THIS is untouched whether you are kind or not, whether you have debt or bankrupt or not.

Let us meet what is here – then, if you are needy – other people will?

Give me love and money – because you need it – and then you feel loved.

So you see, all this is, is this point of investigation that pierces the lie, and you get to rest here, as you are, as you’ve always been, without maintaining something on top, that is not real.

( response to a participant’s story of unbearable intensity )

This is the bit that we don’t need to know, nothing to do with me, nothing to do with you, nothing to do with Papaji, just this, calling you home. It was obviously bearable though, because here you are. This  is why we move, because things feel, seem, unbearable, or maybe it was unbearable once, felt unbearable, and so we keep moving away.

( participant ) “I couldn’t move away – there was no optioncan’t explain it with the mind – I know you know these things , just trusting there is nowhere else to go – so I don’t know…”

There was no option – yes – can’t explain it with the mind – yes –I don’t know. That’s the truth – I don’t know – yes – that is the truth, we don’t, we don’t know. This amazingly incredible mysterious life, how can we know ( laughs )

( participant ) “…so weird to talk and say ‘I’ when there is no experience of ‘I’ and it seems in saying ‘I’, it’s reaffirming the experience of the ‘I’

I will share this again – When Ramana said to Papaji “If you know it’s a dream, then what is the problem, why not go and do your duty?”  – You know it’s a dream, you can say the word ‘I’, it doesn’t touch anything, it is a part of our language. Otherwise we do some weird kind of dance around trying to speak to each other. we could invent another language and fail which happens in some circle, and then the silence itself speaks, this discovery speaks, this love speaks, this that’s untouched speaks, moves, lives, guides, always has been.

It is amazing how life orchestrates even what occurs in Satsang because you know, it’s not necessarily something that I’d by my own choice, bring up a conversation about money in Satsang you know it’s like life goes oh really, ok – ( everyone laughing )  .

Everything can be a pointer, everything can be a distraction or a pointer.

So Satsang can be used as a distraction, that’s why I said earlier, that you can use Satsang as a place to come and sit and meditate and open, and feel good and then go back to running in your life on the wheel, you know you can, OR you can use it really with its intent to pierce the lie of illusion, that who you are isn’t even coming or going ever, from Satsang ( laughs ) it is alive, here, as you.

( a participant ) …”the pattern I can see in my life is around money and success, battle of freedom vs mind or fear vs love, fear of success, fear off exposure”…

So, when we are willing to be still and meet this, this one or the other, this movement back and forward – the back and forward avoids this, the exposure, the terror, whatever kind of whatever we have, the flawed-ness, the brokenness, whatever we believe, but when we meet this, there is no reason for this to go on.

Do you see how everything is always pointing, this movement is pointing here, its pointing here!

( a participant ) “….another pattern is around healthy self-belief, or self-love or acceptance, then feeling ok about myself it feels like arrogance – so I can’t find that middle ground, I seem to bounce off one or the other”

Because both are made up! You know I’ve spoken many times in Satsang about this ‘thing that does this’ ( showing one hand on one side and one hand on the other side as though juggling both sides ) and we are either here or here – but we are being called to be right here ( showing the hand as the mid point ) razors edge, pinpoint awareness here, unmoving, no inflation, no deflation. Because if we are pumping ourselves up, that bubble has to burst, so it is this constant seesawing backwards and forwards. we’ve all done this as kids, stood in the middle of the seesaw – haven’t you all done that? ( everyone agreeing ) we did as kids

( participant asking )  “on a real seesaw?”

Yes a real seesaw, you stand in the middle and nothing is going on and you notice you put one foot or the other, or there is just this point right here, right here where we are. The seesaw, is a mental seesaw, or an emotional seesaw, maybe even a physical seesaw that is going on, but it is all pointing back here. If you are willing to use it as that, it doesn’t have to be fixed, you don’t have to find a solution to this that’s going back and forward.

Trying to manufacture one thing, whilst avoiding the fact that you are already manufacturing the other – ( laughing ) – this is what we don’t get. We are actually already manufacturing the other, then we try to manufacture over the top of the other one – but really to stop – to stop trying to BE Someone and to stop avoiding being someone, even the words are I’m no-one, or I’m nothing, we are still being someone that is showing up as some being ‘no-one’ or ‘nothing’, in that deflated state, or trying to manufacture and pump ourselves up – and you know we see that there are plenty of seminars you can go to, to do that, to pump you up for 3 days or 5 days, or 10 day, you come home and you are – pffff up for a few days, then pfff – deflate – it can’t be maintained because it is not real !

‘This’, this that you are, doesn’t need pumping up and this that you are cannot be deflated, this that you are, is already through all of the inflation and the deflation, if you stop long enough, to experience the truth, there is no-where that ‘This’ is not.

See we think, I have to be inflated in order to be free, in order to be someone, in order to be seen, or known, or loved, or liked, on and on and on, or I have to be needy in order to be loved – the deflated, I can’t be inflated, but ‘This’, this is already permeating that, if we just stop tap dancing long enough, just stop! ‘This’ isn’t reliant on what is going in in your mind, you can have whatever you want going on in your mind, ‘This’ is still the truth of who you are – you don’t have to control anything.

( a participant ) “…that feels like how I ended up here, because I haven’t controlled anything, with no freedom” 

So, it depends what you are using the word freedom to determine?

‘This’ is already free – whether you are physically free, emotionally free, financially free, mentally free, makes no difference.

It’s just useful to see where we play big and play small, where we inflate and deflate, and what if you couldn’t ? – you may need to meet something, or you just rest as you are.

Experience the truth right now, right now, ‘This’ – this grace in every breath, in every cell, in every atom, through the space – this grace, awareness, connected to and as everything. It needs no story, to be.

And what is really revealed? Is it that this grace is revealed ? Or is it just that the lie gets exposed ? – and then you remember this, that’s always been. Not a remembering like ‘did I put the cat out? – not that kind of remembering – a never, having, forgotten, remembering!!! You’ve never actually forgotten this, you cannot forget yourself, you cannot loose yourself, you cannot misplace yourself, it doesn’t end over there and begin again over here, it doesn’t start and stop depending on your thoughts.

Speak the truth to yourself!!

You are this endless grace already  – Regardless of name or form or gender, identity, money, having loss, anything – Stop pretending, it’s time to stop pretending!

Fall in love with ‘This’ so deeply that there is no return!

And stay here!


( Laughter )

Namaste ~ Yantra-ji

* this was continued on from Part 1 … to read Part 1 please click here

Aug 172018

Money and Spirituality, Money and Love, Money and Freedom

This Satsang came from a spontaneous inquiry, investigating the truth of what was underlying the beliefs and myths about Money and Spirituality, Money and Love, Money and Freedom


Satsang : Money and Spirituality – 19th June 2018

(  This is the first part of an excerpt transcribed from a 2 hour Satsang with Yantra-ji on 19th June 2018 – note: it has been edited to maintain privacy of the participants )

Part 1 :

Satsang isn’t always this meditative, quiet, inquiry that ‘just’ points us back to silence – This Silence is ALWAYS HERE regardless.

Regardless of what you think, how you feel, how you act, how you live – you are free!! ( Laughs )

That may not be your everyday living experience of this life.

In Satsang we are speaking about being free ! Already !! here now !! Already!! Not becoming free by coming here, not becoming free by investigating – already free!!

Sometimes it’s useful to come in from another angle, and ‘upset the apple cart’ ( laughter ) shake it about a bit, throw those apples on the ground, ( laughter ) and really see the truth of what is going on. Seeing how we are being a certain way, looking a certain way, living a certain way, feeling a certain way, thinking a certain way – that keeps us in the ‘belief’ that we are separate and not free!

We put our stake in the ground and say ‘I want to be Free ‘but’ – we have something unseen, something un-investigated going on, an opposing thought that says ‘but’ I want this’, and it’s like having an elastic band pulling us both this way and that way at the same time. We don’t know that, and so we ignore and we distract and we avoid, we avoid looking at it.

How do you use having, or not having money, wealth, abundance, whatever you want to call it – as an idea that skews your perception of the truth, really?

See, this that you are, doesn’t care if you are rich or poor. This that you are, doesn’t care if you have money or not. We live in a world and in our society, where this (money) is our form of exchange. Even if we choose to take ourselves out of this way of operating, we could live on the land, someone used money to buy the land, or maybe you have parents or benefactors, or … it’s still money do you see, it is still money, coming from somewhere, in order for this agreed upon exchange. In the world or in the society we live in.

There is no problem with having money.

However, you may be using ‘having money’ as identity, as who you are, to have it as who you are, or as how you show up in the world, how you look, getting recognition, getting security, whatever it is, using it for any of that, avoiding what is deeper. Or the lack of money, or the idea that money is bad, money isn’t spiritual, to be free means whatever, on and on and on..

I wanted us to investigate first of all – what is money?

Here we have this little piece of paper, or plastic – we give this value, to be able to trade with each other, it is we who give it value. When we go to a different country it has a different value, it is an agreed upon means of exchange, that is all.

So, there is nothing inherently good or bad, there’s nothing to be avoided, but a lot goes on around money.

I heard a phrase, ‘I love money and money loves me’, and we’ll all have a certain reaction to hearing that. So I’ll ask – What is it that we love really ? Nature, life, a flower, colours, things that have name and form that show up in our life – and on that level this here (holding up a $note) is no different, maybe you love the colour, some are purple, blue, green, or orange. This phrase ‘I love money and money loves me’ ! ( laughter ) – what is there to love or not to love ? To like or not like ?

It is worth investigating what we have going on around Money and Love, and this phrase ‘I love money and money loves me’ – what and where are we loving? in love ? I’m talking about truthful love, not the idea that it is going to give me something or get me somewhere. Where are we really just open, or in avoidance?

When we have this thought, ‘that I don’t like money’ or ‘I don’t love money’ it’s not about the $note !!! When we have the willingness to open, to investigate, to really experience what is this dislike pointing us to ? We discover – always to the Freedom that is deeper. Because this ($note) in and of itself is nothing.

So, what do you notice, in your own life?

Maybe you want it, maybe you repel it, maybe you can see you use it as a crutch for safety, security, survival. Maybe you are wanting it, while not wanting it? Doing this elastic band dance.

I can’t be free unless I have money, I have to have money in order to survive – but – I can’t be free if I have money. ( laughs ) See, some people might feel they are going to die without it, and some people might feel they are going to die with it.  ( laughs ) It is useful to investigate this, it’s about facing what’s not yet been faced.

Ramana said to Papaji ‘If you know that this life is just a dream, then what is the problem for you to go and do your duty?’ This was to get his family, bring them to safety and take care of them, so Papaji needed to work. It did not change his experience of ‘This’. It did not change who he is, and I say is, rather than was!!

Where do you see what you have to do, or are called, or being asked, or moved, or motivated to do in the world, that somehow you have a resistance to, and a pushing away? You know I use the phrase, ‘Include everything reject nothing’ – Where are you rejecting Money? Or where is there some opposition to Money and Spirituality? Money and freedom? – if you can be as you are – and – in the world – unchanged.

If you believe that to be free is to have this endless experience of peace and bliss and sitting on your meditation cushion – how are you going to work if you need to, if that is what life is calling, how are you going to feed your family, how are you going to give back if that is what life is calling – if you have this idea of what being free is?

Where do you use it as an excuse, either having or not having? An excuse to not be free as you are?

If we look at this, if you have – let’s use these words – if you have too much, too much money, in your view, and your idea of being free is to have none – because there is all kinds of religious and spiritual beliefs  like this – well you are not just going to get rid of it all are you? If there is something running underneath about love, about respect, about survival, maybe it’s taken you a life time to accrue, to build this up … but oh, now, to be free means – this !! You have an idea that to be free means this, are you going to turn your back on it?

So, it is worth investigating what you have running – because there is no formula to being as you already are !!!!! ( laughs )

Somewhere along the line it must have been decided that poverty, was spiritual or religious. We can see that in lots of traditions. We can see the usefulness to withdraw from the material world, to have silence, and respite from taking care of the material needs.

But we are not living in a monastery, we are living, all of us here in this room, we are living in this life, here, in this country, in our families, in our homes, in this society, with our friends, and commitments.

So, what are you noticing?

It is like opening a can of worms, isn’t it? and then there could be that internal voice saying – Oh I didn’t come to Satsang for this one ! I like that peaceful one (referring to coming to a Satsang). I didn’t come for this one.

We have come for all of it !  – To be Free Fully as we Are in Life! – Fully!

( response to a participants sharing )

You say “being wealthy is being free because you can be generous”. What if being free has nothing to do with being generous? What if being as you are has nothing to do with what you can do, or give to another? Or what if you are so poor, that you feel you can never give back? Does that affect, Freedom? This, that you are?

( a participant ) “….everybody has different ideas around money, wherever these ideas came from – it’s got nothing to do with where you are free or not.”

That’s right – yes – Nothing to do with being free !

( a participant ) “.…so, if we have thoughts about money, like you just said ‘what if you think that you can never give back’  it is that thought and that feeling that separates or creates the perception of separation from freedom, not the money

Yes, the perception, yes that’s it, the thoughts and the feelings are all tied, because we are thinking it about this, thinking and feeling – ‘I can never be free, because I’m too wealthy’, ‘never be free, I’m not wealthy enough’, ‘can never be free, I’m poor’.

( a participant ) “….looking back I can see that not having or having money was absolutely directly related to how I perceived my happiness, it’s not now ( pause )… but then then when I investigate, I actually see that I thought money is not related to my freedom – and then it came to me, yeah but that’s because you don’t have to worry about money – so there it is, it still is!!

Yes, it’s just covered over, isn’t it?

So, it’s not that the circumstance has to change, you get to see in the willingness to investigate – ahhh – there is this little thing, this safety mechanism in place, that was covering the fear of ‘not having’, obscured, by now ‘having’.

I just want to be really clear, it’s not about changing your circumstance, it not about suddenly going, ‘oh well I shouldn’t have this’ or ‘I should have that’ – it is in the willingness, in meeting this that has not been investigated. It is just the perception of it – because This that we are, is unaffected by any of it. This that we are, is always unaffected, regardless, it just gets overlooked. This that we are, gets overlooked, because we put our attention on something else – on covering the fear, the greed, the ‘whatever’ it is.

There is the possibility, to open and meet this that been covered. So, nothing has to change, we don’t have to suddenly get rid of everything, we don’t have to change the circumstance, or the jobs, or anything like that. It is just the meeting of this that has been hidden from view.

We set up our lives, in certain ways, to avoid certain things, and it is all an opportunity – because if that comfortableness of ‘having’ wasn’t there, there may be a shzzzz, an edge – so here is the opportunity to just meet the edge now you know, and to soften and open.  At first we have that safety net and we don’t know it’s there – then when we know it’s there, we get to see it has us avoid meeting the fear, the fear that life is impermanent really ( laughs ) and when we are willing to meet the fear…..

Yes… Wow… the possibility, of the discovery, and then you just get to enjoy it, however life is, and there is no shzzzz under the surface, it is just as it is, innocently, as it always was. ( laughs )

( response to a participant speaking about budgeting )

Let’s be clear, there is nothing wrong with budgeting and living within our means, nothing – and yet when we set our life up to be safe, and secure, in order to avoid, then that is just a thought on top. It is useful for everyone, just to check this – see, this is what I’m interested in, where are you not meeting something, where are you using either having or not having money as an excuse? As an excuse for avoiding, for not living totally, Free, here as you are?

We have beliefs that go along with accumulating – of rich and poor, of us and them, of money, wealth, assets, things – and the identification of ‘who would I be with’ or ‘who would I be without’ ?

We all have this set up, this idea, this picture, whatever it is that seems to hold us away from being free as we are ! There is this edge that we keep moving away from, whatever that edge is. We keep moving away from it – but I’m asking you to meet the edge, to sit on that razor and feel that ! Who wants to do that ??? No One !!!

So, this is really what it is, the willingness to meet the edge, discover what the edge is and to open…

( a participant )…”How do you find the edge?”

Well what is here right now? Your words were ‘I don’t like money’, or ‘I don’t like having money’

Let us meet what is here,

“neediness … that I’ll not need other people to help me, not ever need anyone, that if I can financially be able on my own, I’ll never need any one again

Ahhhaaa … do you see then – how amazing – then I won’t be ?

(Participant laughing) needy!!

Then I won’t be needy! Needy or needed – Either

Then if you are needy – other people will – give you love and money – because you need it – and then you feel loved.

So, you see, all this is, is this point of investigation that pierces the lie, and you get to rest here, as you are, as you’ve always been, without maintaining something on top that is not real – beautiful, thank you – ( so much laughter in the room ) and this grace then, it’s like there’s space instead of this contraction, this space for this grace, that you already are, to just move through easily, effortlessly –hmmmm it is beautiful.

( a participant ) “….I can relate to it – mine is similar, being independent, not being connected, isolated somehow, inaccessible, or loose myself somehow”

So then how beautiful to meet the isolation, regardless of whether you have money or don’t have money, to meet the isolation.

Then what is here – what do you notice ? and just welcoming this because it is here, this that’s here – and you see like this – the willingness for all of us, to not use either having or not having as an excuse to not meet whatever’s here – and then there’s some energy, in the body, and it is just an opportunity to fall deeply into this, there is a physical sensation, so before that there was emotional sensations and to just fall in to whatever’s been avoided, and discovering what’s here when we no longer avoid – and what do you notice?

When we are willing to really stay here where we are, here, to not move, into an idea, a thought, a pattern, a belief, a desire, a fantasy, towards or away, from something that we’re liking or disliking – then we are just here as we are wide open, meeting life, life being lived through this form, no setting up no maintaining –  and I don’t mean that in the way we maintain the physical body by eating and sleeping, or exercising, that is just part of the form – I’m speaking about the maintaining a certain way of being, maintaining and manipulating, the way our life looks, managing – yes, we can all go ahhh ( sigh )

( referring to a participant ) Nothing is there, there is just nothing, you see nothing going on, nothing to be done, just nothing. But prior to that, there was a lot of something, not real, ( laughter ) and then there is just this, here ! we are just here ! Whether we have or don’t have, and regardless of what the scales say about the amounts of having or not having, it’s not determining us anymore.

(referring to a participant ) Ok so you can, we all can, investigate where things have come from, or as I’ve said before, we have a stake in the ground – if we do – for freedom – or for truth, or love or whatever it is – in being still we get to experience the truth, that we no longer have to maintain something, being free is calling you to return home empty handed.

Yes – we are asked to come home empty handed, really, here, truthfully, empty handed, how can anything be brought here?  – and then you feel the truth of, here !  Already being home, where nothing is needed, not ‘having’ or ‘not having’,  just the freedom of home.

* continued … to read Part 2 please click here

























Dec 182017

We can feel overwhelmed, with the frenetic and hectic pace that seems to come at this time of the year. So many things are calling for our attention our businesses, finances, family and personal lives.

It is so important that we remember to STOP, to BREATHE, to rest in the STILLNESS and SILENCE that is always here, undisturbed by this seeming rush and busyness.

Can you pause for just a moment right now?….

Take a breath, really feel the breath all the way in, allow the body to come to rest, notice the whirring of the mind, allow it to become still. Just for a moment let everything go and be still, you are free to pick up anything in any moment – so just right now, this moment Stop, be here.

As you pause, feel yourself here. Become aware of the silence that holds everything, this person that you call you, your life, your ideas, your desires, your thoughts , your emotion. Instead of giving your attention to all these arising forms, just for a moment give your attention to this Silence that holds it all.

Allow your self to rest into yourself, into this silence that has no edges, no boundaries, no desires, no needs, other than to be here as itself – breathe in, drink in the silence, notice that it is not touched by ‘you’ or any thought of I, you, your, me mine, life desire – let yourself rest here. Notice that here all is full, complete, loved, free.

You may like to ask the question:

who or what then is actually busy?

who or what is actually rushing?

who or what is dictating the busy pace?

What do you discover?

Satsang and Retreat offers us the opportunity to really pause, to stop, to discover more fully, deeply freshly, what is here. When we stop we discover this silence that is untouched, it is what lives this life, through the form that you call you. It moves you to take action, or to remain still – life occurs, interaction happens, decisions are made , deadlines met, all without the frenetic pace of mind whirring and whipping up a storm – all from a place of resting in and as your own silent self.

Through attending Living Alignment events, reading the newsletter and blog posts  you will find many resources to support you in resting in and discovering more deeply this silence that is your own Self. 

Namaste Yantra-ji

Nov 142017

Kindness and Truth-Telling

We often think that speaking the truth or telling the truth is about our communication with another – whilst this is of course a great way to communicate clearly and directly –  there is a deeper truth-telling that points us home to this that we are – the One-Self. The power and freedom of this truth-telling is in speaking the truth to ourselves – it is a kindness to ourselves, to others, to all of life, when we are willing to speak the truth. Telling the truth to ourselves has us be present to the reality of life, the reality of circumstance, the reality of form, and then deeper than that, the reality of this that is the One-Self, untouched ,always free regardless of any appearance of life.

So how do we start – what is really required? We need to know firstly what we really want at the deepest level, and to tell the truth to ourselves about that! If we just want to have a reliable, happy existence with all the trappings, then that is a good place to start. For when you know this is what you want, then all of your energy, and awareness can be clearly be directed here – there is such a kindness in being true to what you say you want and honouring that.
If however what you say you want is to be Free, to know your Self fully, to surrender, to know God, to discover the truth of who you are – then all of your energy, and awareness can be clearly be directed to this – again there is such a kindness in being true to what you say you want and giving everything to that.

What can often be discovered in this truth-telling is that there can be a ‘but ‘ – I want to be free – but, or I want to be free – if only, or I want to be free – when…. When we tell the truth about this, we discover that what we were actually wanting is to be happy, to be safe, to be loved, to be in control, to be known, to be valued etc… and the words ‘I want to be free’, or ‘awake’ or ‘true’ or ‘enlightened’ are just a cover on top – and we wonder why we suffer.

In the truth-telling we can discern what it is that we actually truly want and give our while life to it – We can discover and ask questions in the truth telling – Is it actually true that what I want is to be loved ? to remain safe? to be in control? – Do these things that I say I want actually give me what I am hoping for ? Am I suffering in trying to get something that cannot actually ever be fulfilled ?
There is a deeper discovery as the truth-telling becomes deeper, and a deeper truth-telling as the discovery deepens.
Then there is the real possibility of discovering that what you really want is to be free, is to be true, is to be here, now, awake, aware, as this that has always been your own Self – In that no attention is given to anything else other than this – There is no longer any suffering, no longer any distraction, there is no longer any distortion – there is just the simple truth being told and honoured and you find yourself simply living in alignment with that – such freedom in this.

In the truth telling you uncover that “yes I want to be free'”, then there is the discovery of a deeper truth-telling that “I am actually free” – this that is already free, is my own self, not separate from this life, this existence. This that I used to refer to as me or my life is actually nothing, and here everything is revealed – Such a kindness that this discovery of Self, here, now, as you, already undeniably free, needing nothing, is given freely of itself, to itself, from itself, for itself – ah such bliss ~ let us meet here is this wonderful opportunity of truth-telling to reveal what has actually never been hidden.

When we meet in Satsang we have the blessed opportunity to inquire directly – What do I want? What is freedom? Who am I? When we really hear Papaji’s words “Satsang is not to do or undo anything” then we come together simply as we are, to tell the truth about what is already here, what is already free, this is the blessing and the opportunity of Satsang – let us meet here as this that we are – freedom itself.

Self is what you are.
You are That Fathomlessness
 in which experience and concepts appear.Self is the Moment that has no coming or going.
 It is the Heart, Atman, Emptiness.
 It shines to Itself, by Itself, in Itself.

Self is what gives breath to Life.
You need not search for It, It is Here.
 You are That through which you would search.
You are what you are looking for!
And that is all it is.

Only Self is  ~ Papaji

In endless gratitude for the ongoing and ceaseless pointing to the truth by beloved Papaji – may we always meet here as this one-Self ~ Namaste Yantra-ji

Oct 302017

Stillness Responding – Only Self Is

During the month of October we have been so blessed to continue offering a full schedule of Satsangs to support you  – from our regular Tuesday evening Satsangs, a Special Satsang evening to watch a Papaji Satsang DVD and celebrate Papaji’s birthday,  and then our full day Satsang Retreat ‘ Stillness Responding ‘ – what is it that responds to life when we are willing to be still and silent, to rest as we are.
We have the blessed opportunity to inquire directly:

What do I want?

What is freedom?

Who am I?

When we really hear Papaji’s words “Satsang is not to do or undo anything” then we come together simply as we are, to tell the truth about what is already here, what is already free, this is the blessing and the opportunity of Satsang – let us meet here as this that we are – freedom itself.

Self is what you are.
You are That Fathomlessness
 in which experience and concepts appear.Self is the Moment that has no coming or going.
 It is the Heart, Atman, Emptiness.
 It shines to Itself, by Itself, in Itself.

Self is what gives breath to Life.
You need not search for It, It is Here.
 You are That through which you would search.
You are what you are looking for!
And that is all it is.

Only Self is. ~ Papaji 

Satsang offers the opportunity to be still, to recognise the silent call of the heart, this that is your own self calling you home to yourself.
What is it that your own heart really wants?

What is this endless love, that is calling your name?

What is this silent fire that is beckoning you to come closer still?

Are you willing to dive into the depths of your own unknown fathomless presence? Recognise your own self and stay true to this discovery.

Join us for a Tuesday evening of Satsang, a Women’s only Retreat, a special event, or a full day Satsang Retreat to discover and have confirmed what is here always true.

In endless gratitude for the ongoing and ceaseless pointing to the truth by beloved Papaji – may we always meet here as this one-Self ~ Namaste Yantra-ji

Sep 112017

Meeting Papaji Now

— Yantra-ji
I am one of the many people who came to know Papaji after his physical passing, who came to know his message of peace, and who has come to know myself in his formless presence. Such a blessing. Papaji’s message speaks directly to my own heart. His presence is alive, in and as my own heart, as this endless fire of Self.

Papaji’s presence is tangibly alive

Nine years ago, when I first I arrived at Papaji’s Satsang Bhavan in Lucknow, India, the intensity of Papaji’s palpable presence was immediately felt. Being in Satsang Bhavan, the building and the hall where Papaji offered satsang, was an incredibly powerful experience. Obviously Papaji was not physically there, as his physical form had passed many years before, and yet this presence, his presence, was huge and directly palpable, an all-consuming fire that burned me into the pure dust of nothingness.

Visiting Papaji’s house for the first time was also an unspeakably profound experience, the reverberations of which have never left me. I had no expectation in visiting his house, no idea what I would see, what I would experience, or what might occur.

I went to the house with others in the group I was traveling with. There we were introduced to Papaji’s beautiful son, Surendra, and to Surendra’s wife, Usha. They are an incredibly open, loving family, who continue to welcome visitors from all over the world throughout the year, into the kitchen, into their living space, and into what was once and still is, Papaji’s bedroom.

In the living room where Papaji once offered satsang, under a huge and beautiful photo of him, is the Sat Guru Crypt, where some of Papaji’s ashes are kept. We sat on the same satsang cushions that so many beloveds had sat on over the years. The energy and presence of Papaji was tangibly alive.

Being in the physical presence of the huge photo over the Sat Guru Crypt, I became aware of a trembling in my body – not from fear, not from cold, but a huge, roaring, shaking presence, softening and dissolving the physical identity.

We were offered chai that was so good, hot, and strong, and it was all I could do to just hold the cup and sip on it. The body simply sat, sipping chai, absorbed in the moment, being pulled into the full presence of Papaji, into his love, and into the bliss of being with him there.

Then the opportunity came for small groups of about 6-10 to go into Papaji’s bedroom for short amounts of time. This was to allow everyone who wanted the opportunity to sit near his bed, to meditate, to soak in his presence. His bedroom, lovingly kept by Papaji’s family all these years, contains all of Papaji’s personal things, left there untouched, his books on the shelf, his glasses in the cabinet, a calendar on the wall, just as it was when he was alive.

Stepping into Papaji’s bedroom was like stepping into a warp in time; in other words, “no time.” It gave rise to an overwhelming feeling of love. I sat on one of the cushions placed around the floor and walls with my back leaning against the side of Papaji’s bed. I know other people were also there in the room, though I have no memory of anyone.

There, immersing myself in the blessing of Papaji, I was dissolved into nothing, no one. No longer was there a me to sit, no body, no mind, no state, no self, just a vast beingness, so deeply quiet, so still.

Suddenly I could hear Papaji’s voice as though he were speaking directly to me and directly into my heart. His voice and inner images of him became an endless stream of love. His grace poured into me, filled me, overflowed me, as he showed me what was needed now with this life that I had until that moment referred to as “mine.”

What occurred in Papaji’s house, this happening that never happened, was the totality of all time and no time, so utterly annihilating and beautiful.

I couldn’t stand up. I could hardly open my eyes. I couldn’t walk. I had to have two people assist me back onto the bus and back to our hotel. This one that I had called me was nowhere to be found, just an endless silence and emptiness.

I feel so moved as I share this, so very exposed. There is a rawness in remembering the details and the profundity of this experience in meeting Papaji.

Nine years ago in India, in Lucknow, in Papaji’s house, I dedicated my life to THIS, to this that Papaji IS. As I write and reflect on those moments in Lucknow, I am aware that life itself is only this one endless moment, this flow that continues – Papaji’s unspeakable Grace.

The most precious gift of all

Papaji’s body is gone, his physical form has passed, but his presence continues to be felt regardless of the passing of the physical form. He is still present and alive in the hearts of those who loved him and to those who have continued to come to know him and his message since the passing of his form.

I am so grateful to you, Papaji, at whose feet I bow. To know the truth of who I am in this lifetime, in freedom, with you, as you, is the most precious gift of all.

In love and gratitude to Beloved Papaji, my true teacher, and to Ramana Maharshi, whose silence holds it all.

© Yantra-ji (Yantra Lindon) and Living Alignment, 2017

Yantra-ji lives in New South Wales, Australia, offering satsang meetings and events in Glenning Valley, 75 minutes north of Sydney. To find out more about Yantra-ji and her schedule, visit her website.

This article was shared in Oasis, the online magazine on Gangajis website:


  1. CommentKarin says: 

    Thank you! This was so real! I experienced it with you Yantraji! Beautiful report.

Sep 112017

Papaji’s Mahasamadhi Satsang Celebration and this months Oasis magazine article links:

Let there be Peace and Love

among all Beings of the Universe

Let there be Peace

Let there be Peace

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

September the 6th is the anniversary of Papaji’s Mahasamadhi ( his physical death ). Please join us this Tuesday the 5th September, for a special Satsang evening to celebrate the gift of his life and passing – arrive at 7pm for Chai and light supper, please bring a small plate of food to share, this will be followed by one of Papaji ‘s Satsang dvd’s  and prasad – please RSVP

You are the unchangeable Awareness which all activity takes place.
Always rest in peace.
You are eternal Being, unbounded and undivided.
Just keep Quiet. All is well. Keep Quiet Here and Now.
You are Happiness, you are Peace, you are Freedom.
Do not entertain any notions that you are in trouble.
Be kind to yourself. Open to your Heart and simply Be.
Those who know This know Everything.
If not, even the most learned know nothing at all.
~ Papaji

As September 6th marks twenty years since the death of Papaji’s bod, I was asked to contribute to this month’s issue of Oasis Magazine on Gangaji’s website. There are several beautiful articles and contributions including an except from my soon to be published book ‘Meeting Papaji Now’, which celebrate the unfathomable, still here, vast presence that is Papaji, and turn our inquiry toward that which never dies – What is death? What is life? What is alive and unchanging before the form is born and after it is gone? The body will die sometime. That is a guarantee of birth. But the opportunity is to die before the body dies, and in that to recognize the eternal truth of who you are. Please click on the title links below if you would like to read any of these.

His Teaching is Alive Within Each of Us – Gangaji

Seated in the Cave of Your Heart – Papaji

Facing Death Now  – Gangaji

Seeing from the Heart of Love – Jasmin Lace

Meeting Papaji Now — Yantra-ji

Light in the Dark Woods – Medea Chechik

In Letting Go — Michael Byers

Gangaji’s words mirror my own direct experience “Papaji’s body is gone, but his teaching is alive within each of us. If his teaching pierces your heart open, it will relentlessly reveal your true identity to be life itself.”

~ Namaste Yantra-ji

Sep 042017

An excerpt from the soon to be published book ‘Profound Awakening – Meeting Papaji Now – Vol 1’ and the title of this months Satsang retreat Moved by the Presence of Love


“Moved by the Presence of Love

Love is always Loving you. Without this Love you cannot breathe, as without air you cannot live. Love is meditation, Meditation is Love. Heart has no frontiers; Meditate on This. You are this love, you are That. Simply be Quite and stay as such ~ Papaji

Presence is this that is consciousness, grace, awareness, love itself. We have the opportunity at every moment to be here as we are, as this consciousness, as this grace, as love, as awareness itself. There is nothing that we need to do, to be this! There is nothing that we need to gain, to get, to fix, to change – consciousness, grace, love, awareness, presence is ALWAYS here as who we are. It is only the minds attention that moves to other things, born of thoughts driven usually by fear and survival.
To stay here as we are is refreshing, freeing, liberating. Nothing is needed, we are just as we are. We are moved, we are used, freely and freshly in each moment by This that we are. We get to respond, to play in life, just as we are. There is such a gift in just being naturally, authentically ourselves, being This that we already are. There is no concept, no thought, no preconceived idea of how we will be used, how we will be moved, how we will play, how we will respond. Everything is fresh, new, alive, this is the gift of presence, of love itself.
I visited the city during the day with my beloved to attend a meeting. Whilst he works in the city, going into the city is not a regular occurrence for me. We headed first to a nearby parking station. As we turned a corner at a set of traffic lights, there was a man sitting on the corner, he was on the pavement with his back to me holding a hand written sign – I could not read all of the words other than – ‘I am homeless please help me’. I was moved by such a strong and overwhelming desire to get out of the car and help him. It was as though I was struck by such a compelling force, it arose not from any thought, only from this unseen grace that pushes and pulls us if we stay open and available to the moment.
My beloved teacher Papaji had said to Janaki, “stay still and silent on the mountain top (referring to Mt Arunachala) don’t move unless you are pulled or pushed by grace”.
This was one of those moments, this pull, this push was so strong. I said to my beloved, “oh I need to get out, I need to see him, I must meet with this man.” By the time these words were spoken, we had moved around the corner in the traffic and I was unable to physically get out of the car. There was a deeper trust and an inner knowing arising that I would indeed be meeting with this man.
We traveled up and down the maize of one-way streets to get to our parking destination, then started to walk on foot to our meeting. I was like a child being in awe, in wonder at everything, the buildings, the people, the senses being bombarded by movement, sound, smell, by life – it was incredibly fresh and alive.
We arrived at a set of traffic lights opposite the homeless man sitting on the pavement and my heart skipped with joy. I reached into my bag for some notes to give him, folded them discretely and held them in my hand as I waited for the lights to change. I was aware of no one paying him any attention, no one looking, and as we started to walk across towards him I was aware of people averting their eyes from him, moving around him, still paying no attention.
Here was a man, another human being, sitting on the cold cement pavement. Who knows why his life had conspired to have him be here, why his destiny was as it was at that moment. There was no judgement in his condition or circumstances, all I could do was respond to the moment, to move towards him, being led by this internal pull, by this unseen grace, by love itself.
As I went towards and around to the front of him, I could see he was holding the sign in one hand, holding a book in the other reading, there was a can in front to put money, coins in ( there was a 5 cent coin in it ).
Putting money into this can was not what I was being called to, not to placate him, not to appease some sense of a righteous deed, the money did not mean anything,  as the small offering would not really make any difference. I sat down on the ground directly in front of him, with people walking all around us. He looked up and met my gaze, I met his, met him. Here in this moment all stood still, there was no me, no him, no other, no homelessness, no people, no city, no street. Here there was just presence. Here there was just love meeting love, meeting itself, being met, not needing anything.
I put my hand out discretely toward him and said – here this is for you. Without averting our eyes from this meeting he tucked it into his top pocket. We continued to be here together, innocently freshly meeting together.
It was indescribably beautiful. Such a precious and rare meeting with such a beautiful human being. What a gift , what a blessing.
How many had missed this opportunity, to be present anywhere, any time, to anyone.

Love is the spontaneous Indweller of your heart. Love itself speaks through every pore of your body, you need not open your mouth, there is no word for love ~ Papaji

There was no need to speak, no need to ask anything of him, no need to tell him anything of me. Then the words arose – I hope you have a really lovely day today – our eyes still in this same gaze, this same meeting. As I got up, he went back to reading his book, holding his sign, sitting on the pavement – having been truly met. Met by life, met by grace, met by this one self showing up here as the two. The preciousness of this gift for both of us.
My beloved stood silently this whole time just witnessing as aware presence, and shared with me how we have no idea how such a meeting could change the course of someone’s life.
We left and went on to our scheduled meeting, had lunch and then walked through the city some more. There were other homeless people all around doing whatever they were doing. There was no pull to take action, only just the silent witnessing of This that is life showing up in all of its forms.
Without any judgement, I was aware of witnessing the overt display of wealth that is surrounding us everywhere, and the poverty, not just of the homelessness, but the real poverty of having the attention taken by this and by that, distracted by anything and everything that moves us away from our heart, away from love, away from This that we are, presence itself.

As love you are seated in the Heart of all Beings and they in yours. Here within the heart you can see everything because everything is projected from here.
This moment of Love does not belong to a “me” or to a “you” so therefore I am in Love. When mind is no mind it is heart. Heart is Self, is Atman, is Emptiness ~ Papaji

Later I had the opportunity to share this encounter with a friend, who said that she would not be able to do that, could not do that, could not imagine doing that, she said it was too confronting, what about her life, her children, how could she stop and do what I did.
The truth is ‘I’ did not ‘Do’ anything – there was no ‘I’ doing involved –  just as Papaji had said to Janaki, “only move from the mountain if you are pushed or pulled by grace.” All that occurred was an impulse from grace arose, it was followed and enacted by grace, and was a blessing shared by grace.
So a question may arise – Does this then mean that we should or need to stop and support every homeless person we meet? This cannot be answered by me for you, other than to say that what is required only, is trusting what is here arising in the moment freshly. Following the pull of grace, this that is love, this that moves your heart, effortlessly – This is what you trust, this that is living you, guiding you, moving you, this is being Moved by the Presence of Love.
This is the gift of my teacher, beloved Papaji, to me and to you. You are this presence of love that moves you – know the truth of this – you are that !

Sep 042017

Support for Self Inquiry Moved by the Presence of Love

My beloved teacher Papaji had said to Janaki, stay still and silent on the mountain top (referring to Mt Arunachala) don’t move unless you are pulled or pushed by grace.
This is the gift of my teacher, beloved Papaji, to me and to you. You are this presence of love that moves you – know the truth of this – you are that !

All doubt, despair, and fear become insignificant, once the intention of life becomes Love. ╭♥╯Rumi

Our retreat ‘Moved by the presence of Love’ was very beautiful, and deeply revealing. Whether you were able to attend or not, it may be of support to use the self inquiry questions from the retreat to deepen your awareness of the presence of love that lives as you. Even if we have previously inquired into what we have held to be true about love, grace, presence, or being moved in life, it can be useful to do so again. This exercise can either be done with a partner or on your own.
If you are with a partner, take some time to sit quiet together reflecting, choose one of you to ask the questions whilst the other answers out loud until the inquiry process is complete, then swap and repeat the inquiry questions. This can be a very profound and deeply revealing process of uncovering, so please stay wide open, allow whatever arises, and be a true support for each other.
If you are inquiring on your own you can reflect silently on the questions and answers or speak out loud.

Take some time to quietly reflect on all of the Ideas, conditioning, projections, concepts, judgements and beliefs you hold to be true about Love

What do you know, experience or believe – all that love is
What is Love?  What else? – thank you ( keep repeating the question and answering for a few minutes until nothing else arises
How are you moved / or held back – by what you believe love is – what else? – thank you ( once again keep repeating the question and answering for a few minutes until nothing else arises )

What do you know, experience or believe – all that is not Love
What is not Love? – What else?  – thank you ( keep repeating the question and answering for a few minutes until nothing else arises )
How are you moved / or held back – by what you believe is not love – what else? – thank you ( once again keep repeating the question and answering for a few minutes until nothing else arises )

If you were to let go of all that has arisen, all that you have believed or held to be true, just for a moment not touching any of it – Staying wide open, what is revealed as the truth?

When you allow yourself to be open to love just as it is – Is there anything that is or is not love?
What then is revealed as the presence of love? 
Staying wide open – how does the presence of love move you in this moment?

Please see the Satsang and retreat schedule for the upcoming Satsang retreats –  we look forward to sharing in a deeply beautiful and moving inquiry together, please RSVP – Namaste Yantra-ji

Jul 172017

The deepening call of the One-Self

I am so moved by the endless deepening of the beloveds who attended the Satsang retreat on Sunday. This fire once lit, catches hold like a wildfire, it cant be put out, it must burn. There is nothing to do but surrender more and more deeply to this that is revealed, to this that is discovered freshly here.

What is it that you discover when everything is surrendered here?

What words arise from the depths of this discovery?

Maybe you notice there is nothing to be spoken – and yet if words were to arise,  if you could hear the words that this deepening itself is reveling to you, as you –  what would that be?  

Vastness, open, spacious, empty?

Rather than stopping here at what you first discover, are you willing to open more deeply, discover even more deeply what is being revealed in the depths of the Self?

If you say vast – how vast is this vastness, how open is this opening, how endless is this that has no end?

Allow the pull of this discovery to continue to lead you, to pull you, ever deeper, wider, vaster, into itself – How much more is on offer here in the depth of endless stillness and silence?

If this that has no beginning and no end, no sides, no definitions, no boundaries, could use words to communicate it-self – what would those words be, what would be heard, what would it say ?


The words revealed from the depths of this discovery, from truth itself – are so full and complete, so compelling – pulling one deeper with every word, with every space between the words – there is nothing other than the nakedness of the truth itself revealed in the words – allow them to speak to the truth as you.

Endless discovery
how deep is this depth?
Vast, wide, endless,
words rising and falling in the silence
meaning nothing,
are nothing,
made of and returning to nothing,
the end of everything
and yet
No End!
So still,
precious silence
every sound
such Bliss
Eyes see
ears hear
heart feels,
everything and nothing
precious discovery
Infinite Silence
bursting with love
empty as nothing
yet full of life
Container of all
yet boundless and free
Gratitude and awe
flow in contemplation
exquisite simplicity
conceals intricate complexity
Perfect design
allows effortless being
All is in peace
I bow to the self

thank you beloveds for the gift of sharing these words of truth from the depths of endless discovery – this one-Self
~ Namaste Yantra-ji