Jul 252016

Celebrating Guru Purnima ( Guru Poornima )
On Tuesday evening the 19th July, it was the full moon celebration of Guru Purnima.

The name ‘Guru Purnima’ comes from ‘Guru’ referring to ‘the teacher’ and ‘Purnima’ referring to ‘the full moon’. There are many days and types of Puja ( prayer, offerings and ritual ) celebrated on the full moon in the Hindu calendar.


Still swimming in the divine grace of this love as we celebrated Guru Purnima, dedicated to and honouring of the Guru, the True Teacher, the Sat-Guru, this that is the One-Self – Whilst celebrations were occurring in Papaji’s Satsang Bhavan in Lucknow India, we joined the festivities starting the day here in Australia with outdoor yoga, chanting, prayers, offerings and preparations for our Beloved Sangha family to arrive for the evening festival – clear night sky, magnificent full moon, Puja fire, prayers and offerings, Chai and food, poetry readings from ‘The gift of This’, Papaji Satsang DVD ‘Worship’, chanting and prasad – the presence and fragrance of our recently departed friend was palpable and felt by all in the love, in the flowers, in the devotion.


The name ‘Guru Purnima’ comes from ‘Guru’ referring to ‘the teacher’ and ‘Purnima’ referring to ‘the full moon’. There are many days and types of Puja ( prayer, offerings and ritual ) celebrated on the full moon in the Hindu calendar.


Guru Purnima originated as a nation wide Hindu festival, stemming from honouring the Guru Vyasa (Srila Vyasadeva, who it is said, wrote the 4 Vedas that were recited by the Lord Brahma). Guru Purnima is often referred to as Vyasa Purnima. From that time, a day was dedicated towards the Guru, and traditionally it is the day when the guru is worshiped. 

Today it has become an honouring and celebration dedicated to all Guru’s or teachers, regardless of whether you are a Hindu or not – and an honouring of and dedication to, the Sat-Guru, the true teacher within ones own self.


Guru Purnima is a time of honouring and gratitude, a celebration of my beloved teacher Papaji ( Sri H.W.L Poonja ) and his teacher Sri Ramana Maharshi, who have both been relentless and unwavering silent pointers to the Truth. It is also a beautiful time to share in the celebration and honouring of your own Guru or Teacher, and the Sat-Guru – the true teacher, this that IS YOUR OWN SELF. 



Arunachala, Ramana, Papaji, I am forever at your feet


In gratitude to all teachers – In honour of The Sat-Guru, this that you are

Namaste Yantra-ji

Version 2



Jul 182016


When is enough, enough? When is the time, the right time?

You have the opportunity to experience the truth of yourself and the truth of freedom right now, as you – so what is stopping you ?

You have had many glimpses, teachers, experiences, asked many questions, had many desires fulfilled. You have the opportunity of being here and discovering the truth right now – not now and then again later – fully now, right now.

Why waste another moment moving, searching?

Why continue to live your life with the attitude of, yes I have and I’ll get back to that, or a some day one day kind of way, or there is enough time, or I’ll get to it later, tomorrow, the next day or next week, or there’s s plenty of time, or I don’t have time.What if you were to really speak the truth here now – This is the only time you have, this moment right now!

My beloved teacher Papaji says why postpone it?

When you have had even one glimpse of the truth, why throw it away?

You already know the truth of this – this is the ONLY time – here now – the only moment that you have.
If you only had the opportunity to ask one question – What would you ask?

If you could only have one desire fulfilled – what is it that you really want?

Are you prepared to let go, face, feel, here now?

Are you prepared to STOP actually stop, stop everything and discover the truth – the endless fathomless truth that cannot be covered, lost or discarded.

This is the opportunity of Satsang, this is Papaji’s invitation and this is my invitation to you – be still and silent, stop every movement of mind here, now and discover what is already and always has been free – then remain here, where you are, as you are – you are That !!

In peace and love to all – Namaste Yantra-ji

Jul 042016

Honouring Life and Death, and this Silence that holds it All.

As many of you are now aware, our satsang community has been experiencing the shock, loss and heartbreak with the sudden passing of our very dear and beloved friend and long time Sangha member Andrew Storm.
Satsang on this Tuesday evening was an opportunity to allow all that is here and to open more deeply into this Stillness and Silence that holds it all.

Andrew and I had a very beautiful and intimate connection, one that was born from our same love of truth, and of silence. We also shared similar experiences earlier in our lives, of Ramana Maharishi appearing to us through visions. Whilst my pointing to the truth came more directly through Ramana pointing me to Papaji, for Andrew from the moment of that appearance, Ramana became and would always be his true teacher.

 The silence that emanated from Andrew was a testimony to the love and devotion of Self, this that can only be found in the silence of the truth of ones own self.  For those who knew and loved him, Andrew was not one for platitudes, especially not spiritual platitudes. He was a fierce and unwavering beacon for the truth, resting in silent awareness. Ramana and Papaji have been ever present in the pointing and clarity of this Silence that is the true Self.

No matter what is here, no matter what arises, all is welcome here, and in the allowing of it all, all that once appears, disappears, back into this that remains – this Silence that always Is.

On hearing of Andrews passing these words flowed through, i share them here with you:

“Do not mourn my loss,
rather celebrate my transition.
It is only the body that has gone,
this cloak that was the illusion of separateness.

I remain at the feet of Ramana
where I have always been.
Let us continue to meet here as we always have,
in the stillness and silence of the Self.
” ~ Namaste Yantra-ji

From the book  “Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi” – here are a few words Ramana spoke, from the depth of his experience, on death and dying:

“MOURNING IS NOT the index of true love. It betrays love of the object, of its shape only. That is not love. True love is shown by the certainty that the object of love is in the Self and that it can never become non-existent. There will be no pain if the physical outlook is given up and if the person exists as the Self.

There is no death nor birth. That which is born is only the body. The body is the creation of the ego. But the ego is not ordinarily perceived without the body. It is always identified with the body.

If a man considers he is born he cannot avoid the fear of death. Let him find out if he has been born or if the Self has any birth. He will discover that the Self always exists, that the body which is born resolves itself into thought and that the emergence of thought is the root of all mischief.

Find where from thoughts emerge. Then you will abide in the ever-present inmost Self and be free from the idea of birth or the fear of death.
Recall the state of sleep. Were you aware of anything happening? If the son or the world be real, should they not be present with you in sleep?
You cannot deny your existence in sleep. Nor can you deny you were happy then. You are now the same person speaking and raising doubts. You are not happy according to you. But you were happy in sleep. What has transpired in the meantime that happiness of sleep has broken down? It is the rise of the ego. That is the new arrival in the jagrat (waking) state. There was no ego in sleep.
The birth of the ego is called the birth of the person. There is no other kind of birth. Whatever is born, is bound to die. Kill the ego: there is no fear of recurring death for what is once dead. The Self remains even after the death of the ego. That is Bliss – that is immortality.
Training the mind helps one to bear sorrows and bereavements with courage. But the loss of one’s offspring is said to be the worst of all griefs. Still it is true, pain on such occasions can be assuaged by association with the wise.”

Always meeting in this same One Love, this same One Silent Self
~ Namaste Yantra-ji
Jun 272016


Mid Winter Solstice Satsang
Tue 21st June

Mid winter  – The winter solstice – is traditionally a celebration of the shortest day and longest night – As the darkness and long nights shorten, the days lengthen becoming lighter and warmer, it is a reminder that the darkness of winter will be turning outward towards the light and warmth.

As we are aware on a physical level, the deepest coldest time of winter is a time to be indoors, warm, nurtured, only venturing out when we need to. The nights are cold dark and long, our bedtimes become earlier, the body needs more nurturing and physical warmth, the inner life also can benefit from this time of rest and quiet, preparing for the resurgent energy of the light and warmth of springtime.

There are may rituals and celebrations associated with the winter solstice, they all have a common thread – a  turning of ones attention to the inner light that is still alight in ones heart. This inner light that may have seemed to be dormant is re-connected with and brought consciously outward again into the world.
The Solstice can be used as a time of deep inner reflection and introspection a time to go deeply inward, to reconnect with the light of ones essence, a time of letting go and bring forth the light of renewal.

Everything can be used in service to this that is true – In Satsang we can use this natural impulse of natures rhythm, to consciously turn towards the inner silence and stillness that is inherent as our own self.

Those who joined us in person and via skype, had a beautiful shared, quiet, introspective and reflective evening ~ Namaste Yantra-ji


Jun 202016

Version 2

Follow the ‘I’ back to its source – The Silent Self – This alone Is

My beloved teacher Papaji and his teacher Ramana, through Self Inquiry both ask the question, ‘Who am I’?

So let us discover – who is this I ? who is the one who is asking, who is the questioner?

Usually we are distracted by life, by mind, by sensations, by emotions, by circumstances, by tendencies of thought – all of this is the identity, this that is referred to as ‘I’ – I, me, mine, myself, you, yours – is all ‘I’.

True and ruthless Self inquiry starts firstly with knowing what you want – I want to be free – then becoming aware of this ‘I’ that is wanting to be free. This ‘I’, this ‘I’-dentity, this one that wants, needs, this one that pushes, contracts, controls, this one that moves towards, away or against, this one that is identified with survival. Who is this one, who is this ‘I’?

It is useful to bring all of ones cognitive awareness, all of ones attention to this ‘I’ to discover firstly what it is. How can we know the Self if we at first don’t have this ruthless self inquiry of all that we have thought ourselves to be? When we truthfully inquire into who is this ‘I’, we can discover this ‘I’ is not ‘I’ – what is discovered is that it does not even exist at all.

Ramana and Papaji’s suggestion is to bring all attention to this ‘I’ and then to follow the ‘I’ back to its source – what does this mean?

When we are willing to firstly see all that we have associated with the ‘i’, we see what is real and what is false. When we leave the false identity behind, only the ‘I’ itself remains, This discovery then is the doorway, the gate way to the Self.

We can then ask and discover, What or who is this ‘I’?

What is it made of?

Where does it arise?

We discover this ‘I’ that is now not attached to anything, is free – when the truth of the ‘I’ itself is discovered, it too is found to be false, there is no such thing even as ‘I’ – then all becomes just This, this silent stream of life itself,  consciousness itself, This that all is arising and falling back into – the waves on the ocean and the ocean itself .

This that is deeper, un-moving, untouched, is revealed, this silent awareness that holds all, this silent awareness that is it all, this silent awareness that is our own Self.

When you give your attention to the truthful desire for freedom, to the truthful inquiry of who and what is this I, then the depth of silence of your own Self is discovered.

This silence, the Self,  pulls all that is on the surface, all the name, form, identity into itself, into the silence – it is as though it burns everything back into the ash of its own self, becoming nothing, leaving nothing.

My beloved teachers Ramana and Papaji both confirm this, saying – the ‘I’ is destroyed, and This alone Is .

“When you turn toward this supposed entity called “I”

you will find only silent awareness. Take Refuge in that.”

~ Gangaji

Let us come together in this ruthless inquiry, be obliterated in the silence of this one abiding truth – the Silent Self – and discover – This alone Is.
~ Namaste Yantra-ji

Jun 202016



Version 2

Informed by Silence, Informed by Love – What is your life informed by?

With so much occurring in the world right now i felt a strong call to share with you right now and ask you:
What is your life informed by? By fear, by sadness, by hatred, by hurt?

Is it possible that your life can be informed by silence, by love?

We are living in times that have us be very aware of and present to the continual suffering all over our planet. Many are experiencing grief for our precious mother earth and the unconscious human forces that cause destruction. Many are experiencing shock at the recent occurrences in Orlando, in the US. Many are experiencing continual despair at the horror of war, genocide and conflict that is ongoingly affecting so many men, women and children everywhere. It seems that there is so much fear and uncertainty, hatred and sadness.

What can we do?

How can we life a life of peace with all of this conflict?

I offered a one-day Satsang retreat ‘Informed by silence, informed by love’ where we had the opportunity to explore and open into the possibility of living life fully, informed by silence, informed by love, being totally aware and awake to all that is occurring, inducing the immensity of planetary and human tragedy.

This is a call for all of us to be real, to be true, to be in our hearts, to allow the silence, the love, the peace that is our own self, to be that which informs and supports all life.

If you were unable to join us in person on this day and yet feel similarly moved, to deepen in Silence, in Love and in Peace – please take a day to sit quietly and explore this for yourself.

Ask, what is here when I allow myself to feel and experience ALL that is occurring?

How do i close to it, how do I block it, how do I justify it, how do I blame, or retaliate, how do I recoil, restrict, collapse, how do I ignore?

Where and how do I allow inner conflict to inform my life?

Where do I ignore or marginalise the inner conflict, that the outer conflict is highlighting?

How do I let the outside circumstances of life inform my life, my actions, my thoughts , my motivation ?

How do the emotions i feel or don’t allow myself to feel, inform my life, my thoughts, my actions, my motivations?

When you allow all that is here as it is, then you can open to what is deeper, closer, untouched by all that is occurring.

What do you discover?

When you allow the silence that is deeper what is here?

Allow this that you discover as your own self to be the impulse that informs all, all of the life.

Recognise the natural silence of your own Self.
Silence is not a behaviour.
Silence is not a practice.
It is the natural perfume of being.
Trying to be still is not stillness.
Find that stillness inside, which simply Is.
There is no one to practice it.
It can only be recognised.
It is here.
It is not hiding.
It is not hurried.
Simply stop identifying with the past, future, present
or with any self-image.
Be open to being nothing.
No thing. So that internally you are simply like a space.
But this is not an inert space, but a space full of aliveness.
Still, don’t define yourself as aliveness.
Don’t define yourself at all.
Simply remain in natural Self-awareness.

~ Mooji

In Silence, in Love, in Peace, ~ Namaste Yantra-ji

Jun 132016

Version 2

The Tender Heart

How often we overlook the tender heart, distracted by the mind, the emotions and the body. Let us be real, here, now. What do you notice? What is here? Start with everything, exclude nothing!

What is this mind of yours saying, needing, wanting, what is it trying to get your attention for – stop! Stop now and hear the call of this mind – listen deeply behind the words, beyond the story. What is discovered? What is this mind distracting you from? – Be open to what is being revealed – willing to know nothing  – discover freshly.
When we are fully present here allowing everything , excluding nothing, we rediscover the tender heart – this that the mind has been pointing to, longing for , distracting you from.

What are the emotions that are being revealed, replayed, re-experienced? What are these emotional responses  suggesting, needing, wanting, What are these emotions trying to get you to feel?  Stop, Stop here and discover what is being asked for in the arising and falling of these emotions, rather than getting distracted in a particular one. Discover what this emotional response is wanting . Feel the call of this emotional response – feel deeply behind the emotion, beyond the story that elicits the emotion. What is discovered? What is this emotional response distracting you from – be open to what is being revealed – willing to feel all or nothing  – discover freshly.
When we are fully present here allowing everything , excluding nothing, we rediscover the tender heart – this that these emotions have been pointing to, longing for, distracting you from.

What is this body of yours experiencing, needing, wanting? What are the sensations pointing to – stop! Stop now and experience fully the call of this body – discover what is being asked for in the arising and falling of any physical sensation rather than getting distracted in a particular one, discover what this physical response is wanting. Feel the call of this physical sensation – feel deeply into the sensation, through the sensation, beyond the story that triggers the sensation. What is discovered? What is this physical response distracting you from, protecting you from, or pointing to?  – Be open to what is being revealed – willing to experience it  – discover freshly.
When we are fully present here allowing everything, excluding nothing, we rediscover the tender heart – this that these physical sensations have been pointing to, longing for, distracting you from.

When we are fully present here allowing everything, excluding nothing we start to rediscover over and over again the tender heart. We feel more and more deeply the tender heart, we fall into the surrender of the tender heart .

How often we have overlooked the tender heart  – but now, in the willingness to allow everything and exclude nothing the tender heart is here, the tender heart reemerges, the tender heart is the silent self, the tender heart is the vulnerability, the tender heart is the openness, the tender heart is unguarded, the tender heart is unprotected, the tender heart is unknown, the tender heart is free.

The tender heart allows everything and excludes nothing – The tender heart is your own self loving you, loving all.

Let us meet together here as this one tender heart ~ Yantra-ji

May 302016

Version 2

The beauty of Silence

When I sit here to write the personal message I never know what will be written. Some impulse comes into awareness and gets written. This evening as I sit, there is just the beauty of silence itself.

So let us reflect on this – this that is the beauty of silence.

At first when one is silent, there is a stillness that is required. A stillness that is called for in the body, standing or sitting, letting all activity and motion come to rest.

The senses may become heightened to what is perceived.

The sense of sight is slowed down to what is immediate in view. Colours and shapes may appear clearer or diffused. If the eyes are closed there may be the arising of visual stimuli as pictures in the mind. The hearing may become more acute, sounds outside the room, inside the room, inside the body itself become more noticeable. Sense of smell, touch, taste, may become heightened as all other stimuli is reduced.

Then as one becomes more still, all of the senses loose their acuteness, their sharpness, loose their interest, and there is a resting more deeply in the silent aware space that all of this phenomena arises in.

One can then rest in silence regardless of whether the body is in motion or not, regardless of whether the senses are activated or not, regardless of the arising and falling of thoughts or the cascade of emotions – The silence becomes so profound that all seems to be absorbed into the silence, or the silence becomes one with all that is arsing in it.

Then there is just the beauty of silence itself, nothing needed, nothing to be done or undone, just here as you are absorbed in your self, in the silence of the moment, in the silence of the meeting in the silence of the speaking, in the silence of life itself.
Ahhh such a lucky blessed life that we have even had the possibility to know the truth of this silence in this lifetime.

May we always meet here in the silence of this one self ~ Namaste Yantra-ji

This One – The Silent Self:
In the stillness all is revealed
this one
without form
without definition
without boundaries.
This one
that always is,
silent, aware, free.
This one
is silence itself
nourished fully as itself
craving and needing nothing but itself.
This one
that is ever pure
contented and content-less
this is who you are.
I am
this one
the silent self ~ Yantra-ji

May 232016

Day of Satsang with Yantra and Lisa

“‘The day of Satsang with Yantra and Lisa’ – Such a blessed meeting. Such a deeply silent, opening, revealing and enriching retreat.
All who gathered here experienced the blessing, the richness and the depth of silence that was offered through this coming together.

Version 2

As you are aware both Lisa and I have been offering Satsang individually over many many years. During these years neither of us have offered in this way together or with another. Our willingness to be here as we are, to say yes, to serve this love, this silence, to be used in service to This. What a blessing in this life time that we get to sit together in silence, sharing and confirming this that is true, this that is always here, this that cannot be touched, changed or tainted by any arising of form – body, mind, emotion, or circumstance.

Version 2

Such a wonderful witnessing of the beloveds present, revealing the truth of themselves to themselves, the silent recognition of the self, the confirming of what is true, and reflecting the truth to each other that is our own self. This that is inclusive of all the flavours that show up in this lifetime.

Version 2

Such a profound blessing that the silent strength of Arunachala, Ramana’s silence and Papaji’s grace can be palpably felt. It is all Ramana’s stillness and Papaji’s grace, bringing beloveds together, opening them to the truth, the words that come through us, through Lisa and myself are the words of this grace and silence. This blessing is unspeakable. In gratitude and awe, I continue to fall ever deeper in this love with the beloved who has no face, and bow at the feet of the one who has no feet.


Version 2

Face of the beloved
Oh joyous discovery
this silence of self –
This that is nothing at all .
Touched so deeply
in this fathomless silence
the discovery of All.
Who is this that is here?
No-one – no-where!
Nothing at all.
What is this that is revealed?
Oh the joyous endless discovery of Nothing
revealing the true face of the beloved
again and again,
once only
and for – All!
~ Yantra-ji

May we always meet as this one self ~ Namaste Yantra-ji “


“We are so blessed to have the opportunity in this lifetime to sit in silence, to reflect, to inquire into the nature of truth and Self. Come home to yourself ! Who you really are at the core, in this very moment, is this that has always been here, this that always Is, the silent unchanging awareness” – Namaste Yantra-ji

May 162016

Version 2

The mind is nothing

There is a directness that gets spoken through this form in Satsang, even more direct so it would seem in the recent private Satsang offerings. The most recent very profound and direct conversation was about the mind being nothing. It was strong and intense, direct and clear – This fire of Papaji roaring, the fire of no compromise, the fire of Truth, the fire of fearlessness, the fire of freedom. This is the fire that is blazing here always. Lets be clear – the mind is nothing, the repetition of meaningless thoughts is nothing, it is like shit, of no value, nothing to be concerned with, nothing worth engaging with, nothing worth entertaining – just nothing – and here where you are, here is everything!

I was blessed after this on the same day to view a short you-tube clip of the beloved teacher Mooji titled – “Master Pointing #2: It’s Nothing Nothing Nothing!”. – ( click here to view)

Yes the truth really is so simple – This was the very same conversation I had had with the beloved in the private Satsang this same day and then here it was again – the same truth being reflected by beloved Mooji – in the same words – the mind is nothing – it is like serving up shit – it is nothing – Ahhh the directness of the words flowing from consciousness.

Beloved Mooji says  “Your Mantra from Sri Mooji today: It’s Nothing Nothing Nothing! This is something that is not a practice. It’s a nothing practice that gives you nothing and leaves you as everything – empty, joyful, complete. This is my offering to you today. Namaste. Enjoy a little.”

 In Gratitude I bow to this, this joyful nothing that is all – join us in Satsang as we experience the truth of this together
~ Namaste Yantra-ji


“We are so blessed to have the opportunity in this lifetime to sit in silence, to reflect, to inquire into the nature of truth and Self. Come home to yourself ! Who you really are at the core, in this very moment, is this that has always been here, this that always Is, the silent unchanging awareness” – Namaste Yantra-ji