Aug 242015


Version 2

Endless, Effortless, Being

We come together in Satsang to discover the truth – that who we are, is here, already Free.

Every meeting is a confirming of this that you are, still, silent, pure, pristine, unnameable awareness.

There is Nothing that is needed, not be be found, not to be fixed, not to be
let go of.

Who you are is here regardless of who you think you are.

Who you are is here regardless of what you think you deserve.

Who you are is here always, already Free!!

There is such joy in the simplicity of this discovery. There is such gratitude in simply being as one is.

What is required?

Only the desire for the truth and the willingness to leave behind any idea, concept, requirement or effort, that you associate with what this is – then you discover simply what has always been here.

Such a relief – Endless, Effortless, Being.

In gratitude always for This One Self – Namaste Yantra-ji

Aug 102015


Moved by the Presence of Love

Presence is this that is consciousness, grace, awareness, love itself. We have the opportunity at every moment to be here as we are, as this consciousness, as this grace, as love, as awareness itself. There is nothing that we need to do, to be this! There is nothing that we need to gain, to get, to fix, to change – consciousness, grace, love, awareness, presence is ALWAYS here as who we are. It is only the minds attention that moves to other things, born of thoughts driven usually by fear and survival.

To stay here as we are is refreshing, freeing, liberating. Nothing is needed, we are just as we are. We are moved, we are used, freely and freshly in each moment by This that we are. We get to respond, to play in life, just as we are. There is such a gift in just being naturally, authentically ourselves, being This that we already are. There is no concept, no thought, no preconceived idea of how we will be used, how we will be moved, how we will play, how we will respond. Everything is fresh, new, alive, this is the gift of presence, of love itself.

I was recently in the city during the day with my beloved, to attend a meeting. Whilst he works in the city, going into the city is not a regular occurrence for me. We headed first to a nearby parking station. As we turned a corner at a set of traffic lights, there was a man sitting on the corner, on the pavement with his back to me, holding a hand written sign – I could not read all of the words other than – ‘I am homeless please help me’. I was moved by such a strong and overwhelming desire to get out of the car and help him. It was as though I was struck by such a compelling force, it arose not from any thought, only from this unseen grace that pushes and pulls us if we stay open and available to the moment.

My beloved teacher Papaji says to stay still and silent on the Mountain top (referring to Mt Arunachala) don’t move unless you are pulled or pushed by grace.

This was one of those moments, this pull, this push was so strong. I said to my beloved, “oh I need to get out, I need to see him, I must meet with this man.” By the time these words were spoken, we had moved around the corner in the traffic and I was unable to physically get out of the car. There was a deeper trust and an inner knowing arising that I would indeed be meeting with this man.

We traveled up and down the maize of one way streets to get to our parking destination, then started to walk on foot to our meeting.It was like being a child in awe, in wonder at everything, the buildings, the people, the senses being bombarded by movement, sound, smell, by life – it was incredibly fresh and alive.

Then we arrived at the traffic lights opposite the homeless man sitting on the pavement, my heart skipped with joy. I reached into my bag for some notes to give him, folded them discretely and held them in my hand as I waited for the lights to change. I was aware of no one paying him any attention, no one looking, and as we started to walk across towards him I was aware of people averting their eyes from him, moving around him, still paying no attention.

Here was a man, another human being, sitting on the cold cement pavement. Who knows why his life had conspired to have him be here, why his destiny was as it was at that moment. There was no judgement in his condition or circumstances, all I could do was respond to the moment, to move towards him, being led by this internal pull, by this unseen grace, by love itself.

As I went towards and around to the front of him, I could see he was holding the sign in one hand, holding a book in the other reading, there was a can in front to put money, coins in ( there was a 5 cent coin in it ).

Putting money into this can was not what I was being called to, not to placate him, not to appease some sense of a righteous deed, the money did not mean anything,  as the small offering would not really make any difference. I sat down on the ground directly in front of him, with people walking all around us. He looked up and met my gaze, I met his, met him. Here in this moment all stood still, there was no me, no him, no other, no homelessness, no people, no city, no street. Here there was just presence. Here there was just love meeting love, meeting itself, being met, not needing anything.

I put my hand out discretely toward him and said – here this is for you. Without averting our eyes from this meeting he tucked it into his top pocket. We continued to be here together, innocently freshly meeting together.

It was indescribably beautiful. Such a precious and rare meeting with such a beautiful human being. What a gift , what a blessing.

How many had missed this opportunity, to be present anywhere, any time, to anyone.

There was no need to speak, no need to ask anything of him, no need to tell him anything of me. Then the words arose – I hope you have a really lovely day today – our eyes still in this same gaze, this same meeting. As I got up, he went back to reading his book, holding his sign, sitting on the pavement – having been truly met. Met by life, met by grace, met by this one self showing up here as the two. The preciousness of this gift for both of us.

My beloved stood silently this whole time just witnessing as aware presence, and shared with me how we have no idea how such a meeting could change the course of someones life.
We left and went on to our scheduled meeting, had lunch and then walked through the city some more. There were other homeless people all around doing whatever they were doing. There was no pull to take action, only just the silent witnessing of This that is life showing up in all of its forms.

Without any judgement, I was aware of witnessing the overt display of wealth that is surrounding us everywhere, and the poverty, not just of the homelessness, but the real poverty of having the attention taken by this and that, distracted by anything and everything that moves us away from our heart, away from love, away from This that we are, presence itself.

I shared this encounter with a friend, who said that she would not be able to do that, could not do that, could not imagine doing that, she said it was too confronting, what about her life, her children, how could she stop and do what I did.

The truth is ‘I’ did not ‘Do’ anything – there was no ‘I’ doing involved -  just as Papaji said, only move from the mountain if you are pushed or pulled by grace. All that occurred was an impulse from grace arose, it was followed and enacted by grace, and was a blessing shared by grace.

So a question may arise – Does this then mean that we should or need to stop and support every homeless person we meet?

Moved by the presence of Love

This cannot be answered by me for you, other than, to say that what is required only, is trusting what is here arising in the moment freshly. Following the pull of grace, this that is love, this that moves your heart, effortlessly – This is what you trust, this that is living you, guiding you, moving you, this is being Moved by the Presence of Love.

In gratitude always for This One Self

Namaste Yantra-ji

Aug 032015


beyond mind

Beyond Mind

Is mind a friend or foe, a menace or messenger? All of these polarities are born of mind – So What is mind ? My teacher Papaji says that mind and thought are one, are the same.

Mind or thought can be experienced as being a mental, physical or emotional response, it may present as a word, a series of words, as a thought stream, it may arise as images, pictures, colour or sound, as a physical sensation or any other phenomena.

When we investigate Mind and thought we discover they are an arising out of consciousness, an arsing of identity, of identifying, of naming, of knowing, of separation.
The purpose of naming or identifying is to know oneself as a separate self,  a separate entity, to give definition, to define, to have boundaries, limits, to this that arises as form out of consciousness.

Is there then a problem with mind or thought or identifying,  if it all arises from this one source – the simple answer is of course NO  – when one rests as they are, as consciousness itself, then any arising and falling does not touch this that is.

A problem is only found in mind, by mind – this that is owning, naming, identifying, needing definition, needing separation, to be a someone, somewhere, doing something. The problem is not actually real, it is only an arising in consciousness, a stream of thought, of sensation, of images, of emotions, which is believed to be real – this belief  is yet another thought arising in consciousness. When we discover the truth of this then we are free to be here as we are. Nothing needs to change, nothing needs to be fixed, the mind or thoughts don’t need to be stopped – here as we are, there is a peace that becomes available, a peace that we discover is our own self.

How then do we stay here as we are, undisturbed by any arising of mind and thought?

My teacher Papaji says not to stir a single thought.
So what is discovered, if you do not stir, give rise to, or follow a single thought?

When there is no attention given to the arising or falling of any thought, we discover what is here, what remains, and what has always been here. This that is full, vast, empty, this that is still, peace, roaring silence – this is the ground of our being , this is awareness itself, this is the consciousness that is all – all arising and falling back into itself. No-one is needed to name, no-one is needed to define, no-one is needed to identify as anyone or anything – all this arising and falling occurs on its own, without any intervention necessary.

When we stay here as we are, then there is the possibility to discover the endless depth of this that is our own self.
In gratitude always for This One Self – Namaste Yantra-ji

Jul 272015

What is silence?
When we look up the definition of ‘silence’, we discover that Silence is said to be the lack of audible sound. Silence can refer to any absence of communication or hearing, in speech, music and media. Silence can also be used as a form of non verbal communication and spiritual connection.

Silence in spirituality is often an indicator of inner stillness. A silent mind, freed from the onslaught of thoughts and thought patterns, is often thought to be both a goal and an important step in spiritual development. This inner silence is not about the absence of sound, rather it is understood to bring one in contact with the divine, the ultimate reality, or one’s own true self, one’s divine nature.

Many religious traditions state the importance of being quiet, still in mind and spirit for spiritual growth to occur. In Christianity, there is the silence of contemplative prayer. In Islam, there are the Sufi teachings that suggest the importance of finding silence within. In Buddhism, descriptions of silence and allowing the mind to become silent are implied as a feature of spiritual enlightenment. In Hinduism, Advaita Vedanta and the many paths of Yoga, teachers insist on the importance of silence, known as Mauna – a source of peace and silence for inner growth. In some traditions communal silence is used as a form of worship. Silence often is thought to create the opening for the divine to speak in the heart and mind. Eckhart Tolle says that silence can be seen either as the absence of noise, or as the space in which sound exists, just as inner stillness can be seen as the absence of thought, or the space in which thoughts are perceived. Gangaji and Eli suggest having a silent mind and an open heart.
In the context of Satsang, in the investigation of the truth of the one self, let us discover this silence.
What is silence? Where is silence? How does one experience or cultivate silence?
My teacher Papaji says not to stir a single thought – then what is discovered, if you do not stir, give rise to, or follow a single thought?
Firstly let us be clear about what we mean by mind or thought – A thought can be identified as being a mental, physical or emotional response, it may present as a word, a series of words, as a thought stream, it may arise as images, pictures, colour or sound, as a physical sensation or any other phenomena.

When there is no attention given to the arising of any thought
we discover what is here, what remains, and what has always been here. Profound, vast, still, empty, full, silence – this is the ground of our being , this is awareness itself, this is the consciousness that is all – all arising and falling back into silence.
Then there is the possibility to discover the endless depth of this silence that is our own self.

In gratitude always for This One Self – Namaste Yantra-ji

Jul 202015

sunflower-with-lfreak-logo (1)

Innocence or Arrogance

How is it that you approach life – with innocence or with arrogance?
I’m sure that most of you would want to answer this question with the former, so let us explore this as an entry point for self inquiry.

As a survival strategy it has been useful for us as a species to ‘know’ or have ‘knowledge’ of certain things – about others,  about situations and circumstances, about life. It is useful to know if another ( either animal or human ) is a danger, will eat or attack us. It is useful to know that water is swift flowing or calm and safe to cross a river, it is useful to know that fire is hot, can burn and cook. It is useful to know how to keep the body warm and dry, housed and fed. All of these acts of knowing, whether through the intellect, through feeling or through physical sensing, are designed to keep the body alive – in order that this species will reproduce and will survive.
We feel that we need to know so much – In the context of survival, there may be many things that are useful to know.

However, we have ascertained now, that we are alive, safe and surviving – so nothing else then needs to be known, understood or assumed – In the context of knowing the self deeper than these survival drives, of being free, in really meeting with another, this that is known with the mind, knowledge itself, is both a hindrance and unnecessary – the knowing mind is actually arrogant – so let us explore the truth of this.

As you meet with someone, your partner, lover, boss, colleague, friend, family member – do you meet them freely, freshly, in the moment, innocently, not knowing anything about them? Or do you bring all of your judgements of the past, all that you know about them into this moment, into this meeting?

What about life, a situation, circumstance or event – do you bring all of the past into this encounter, into this moment?

When you meet someone who you have not met previously – do you try to ‘know’ them by making assumptions or judgements about who they are, what they look like, how the speak, how they act, who they may be like?

What do you discover when you have thoughts about someone, how they are, who they are, how they will be, ought to be, should or shouldn’t be, or when you have thoughts about a situation, circumstance or event? Do you jump to some conclusion about what something means, or what outcome may arise, based on thoughts from the past? Do you really know the other? How can you when you are not them, not inside them, not inside their world of thoughts, feelings or sensation. Do you have some privileged insight  that has you know more about another than they do themselves ? What are these judgements and assumptions actually based on? – All of these thoughts are of the past, projected onto an imagined future – stemming from the perceived need to be safe, secure, and loved, to be right, to be in control, to dominate, to belong, needing to have a sense of power, of ownership, -  of knowing.

All of these acts of knowing, are a carry over of the survival drive – to make sure the body is secure, safe, loved, fed, that it belongs, is reproducing, and surviving!

Do any of these thoughts, judgements and assumptions, arise from innocence? Actually – No – the knowing, judging, assuming mind, is the epitome of arrogance.

Let us discover what is here, what is available, when we allow innocence rather than arrogance – What is required ? Nothing – just innocently be open now, here, with whatever is here, with who ever is here?

Allow yourself to be here, to meet whatever is here, who ever is here, in this that is unknown, freshly in the moment, freely and innocently in this meeting.
What do you experience when you open here, as though you have never met, when nothing is known, nothing is assumed?

So much was covered, hidden, by all of the baggage of the past, all of the burden actually of knowing, of needing to know. You may discover there is so much more available, more space, more presence, love, joy, endless possibilities, innocence itself.

What a precious treasure to discover that there is space to meet anyone and anything. What a blessing to know yourself as this space, as this opening, as this possibility, as innocence itself. This that you are, that is always here, always free, does not need you to know anything. It cannot itself be known by the mind, as it is not a thing that can be defined. To let life live you as an endless expression of itself, freely, freshly, open in the unknown – this is innocence itself.

I recently viewed a YouTube clip titled “Remove Labels this Ramadan” - 6 Strangers sit in the dark, when the lights come on they are flabbergasted – it is about the assumptions that are made when we can’t see who we are speaking with, the assumptions we make when we can see – and how that determines our relating – whilst it is part of an advertising campaign for a popular soda drink, I encourage you to view it, as it is relevant to this inquiry – Innocence or Arrogance. Please click here to watch

In gratitude always for This One Self – Namaste Yantra-ji

Jul 132015

Version 2

Tenderness, vulnerability and exposure

Such a beautiful evening of Satsang inquiry, so deeply profound to see what it is that has us close, protect, push away, repel – and what is discovered, when we remain open, aware, just here, naked to ourselves, tender, vulnerable and exposed.
A dear friend of mine who offers the most divine work with women and couples, recently shared that she had become aware of a tiny hidden part of her that was holding back love, just in case.

Where is it that we are holding back, protecting, closing, keeping out, pushing away?
Let us start by exploring where this closure or protection occurs, where it arises.

Bringing awareness to the body, to the physical form, to the sensations in the body we can become aware of any physical sense of holding, of tightness, of pushing, of closing, of keeping out, of protecting. Without trying to change this just notice – where is it? where does it arise? what triggers it to arise? Is this a familiar pattern or habit? Just allow whatever is here showing up in the body. There is no need to change anything that is occurring with the physical, just notice and be here with whatever is here.

Then bringing the awareness to the emotional body, notice the emotional sensations, the feelings, that occur in this pushing, closing, holding back. What are the feelings that arise? Notice the feelings that are used to push, to repel, to protect? Notice the feelings, the emotions themselves that are not allowed to be felt, that are pushed aside and repelled. Become aware of any habits or patterns with the emotional responses. Without trying to change them, just notice and allow whatever is here.

Bringing awareness now to the mental body, to the thoughts, ideas, concepts, beliefs. How do the thoughts push, keep out, repel, protect? Notice any sense of arrogance, of importance, of knowing, of being right, justified, better than, less than, superior, or inferior, and how the mental realm is operating – is this familiar to you? Without needing to change anything with the thoughts just notice them, allow and be here.

We all have these 3 bodies, physical, mental, emotional – this is how we perceive, experience and express through this form. There is nothing wrong with any physical sensation, emotional sensation or mental sensation, they all just arise and fall of their own accord. It is said by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor a Neuroscientist, that any emotion, sensation or thought, if let alone will pass in 90 seconds. That being the case, it is then up to us whether we choose to follow it , prolong it, tell a story about it, live in suffering of it.

What if just here, just now, we were to be tender with ourselves, tender with the body, mind, emotions. What if we were to allow an embrace of what is here arising and falling. What if instead of protecting and contracting, we remain open, tender, vulnerable, exposed – right here right now – what is discovered? – When there is no need to protect what is discovered? What is discovered when we remain open even as the need to protect arises ( i am not speaking of ignoring physical, mental or emotional harm – rather the perceived, imagined threat, that habitually causes closure ).

When we allow all to be here, rising and falling as it is, then we can discover what is untouched, undisturbed by this rising and falling. In this discovery we find that nothing needs to change. We do not need to fix who we are, we do not need to fix the body, mind or emotions. These can and will, arise and fall and we remain aware of ourself, untouched, undisturbed by any of it. Such a beautiful fresh discovery in the moment, that we are here already, here as we are. We cannot go anywhere – it is only the attention that can move and wander. Such freedom, beauty, love, joy, in being here naked to ourselves – in Gangaji’s words – “open, unprotected and free”.
Then what is discovered even deeper when you remain open and tender, vulnerable and exposed? Compassion arises, true compassion for self and other as the one self.

In gratitude always for This One Self – Namaste Yantra-ji

Jul 062015

Meeting Papaji – books update

As many of you are aware I have been moved to write two books about meeting Papaji. The first of these books titled ‘Profound Awakening meeting Papaji now -Vol 1‘, is finished being written and is currently scheduled for review by the editor in America at the end of July. This book is the journey of meeting my true teacher – of meeting Papaji NOW – and the profound awakening and freedom that has been possible from that first meeting which occurred 5 years after Papaji had left his physical body and the ongoing deepening power of that meetings reverberation over the subsequent 10-12 years.

The second book with the same title ‘Profound Awakening meeting Papaji now -Vol 2′ – is a collection of the beautiful, incredible, humbling, personal stories of Profound awakening, from people of all different backgrounds, from all around the world, who have also met Papaji after his physical passing. This book is still in the process of being written, with stories continuing to be contributed and interviews being done , transcribed, collated and edited. If you feel called to contribute your own story please let me know.

One of the beautiful women from America, who is contributing her story to this book has a recorded reading of, Papaji’s Poem – ‘Self’, which I would love to share with you. This poem, Self, comes from the book, The Truth Is, a collection of poems and conversations with H.W.L. Poonja, also affectionately known as Papaji. Satya says allow Papaji’s words, along with the healing music and photos to carry you deeply into your own Heart, into the Self. This poem read by Satya, is accompanied by the music “Ko” from the album, Dai Ko Myo, by Akshara Weave. Photos courtesy of Wim Haverkamp, Robert Moon Mullen and other artists.

To watch and listen to this beautiful reading on YouTube
Papaji Poem – ‘Self’ – please click here

In gratitude always for This One Self – Namaste Yantra-ji

Jun 302015

Version 2

A Time for inner reflection

At any moment we can be still, silent and reflective of this life and the grace that lives it.

Sometimes our lifestyle choices create a busyness that seems to causes one to overlook the peace, stillness, beauty and clarity that is always here.

Wintertime is a time of being more inward, slowing down, keeping warm, a time of coming In both physically and energetically. Wintertime has traditionally been a time of inner reflection and introspection, a time of regeneration and renewal.

A few days ago, on the 21st of June we experienced the Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere, which is the longest night and shortest day.

The daylight hours are only just beginning with the sunrise at at 7am and the evening darkness is already here at 5pm. The outside world, our work schedule, may be wanting constant activity and output from us at the same pace all through the year – so how can we be in alignment with the natural rhythms of life when we are up and out in the dark and not returning home until after dark?

We can consciously use this time, around the winter solstice to pause for reflection.

We can consciously choose to be still.

We can take time to be silent, aware, reflective, quiet.

When you are in constant activity, constant motion, there is the possibility that you over look the huge reservoir of silence that is sustaining, fulfilling, is who you are at the core.

Join us for  inner reflection –

what is discovered when you stop?

when you are still?

when you allow everything ( body, mind, emotions ) to come to rest ? 

There is then the real possibility to experience the truth and peace of yourself, fully, free, already at home.

In gratitude always for This – Namaste Yantra

Jun 232015

Personal Message from Yantra:

IMG_7386-Version-3-150x150-1 copy
It seems an eternity since the last newsletter was sent out to you all. Some of you may be wondering why we have had NO formal Satsang last Tuesday evening and NO Satsang again this week. During the months of May and June there have been so many events, occasions and opportunities, both glorious and moving, calling us to be used in service, to open and deepen, to be present with what is in the moment – this is certainly true for all of us.The roller coaster of life’s seemingly endless waves have been crashing upon all of our shores. This offers the opportunity to be present and real with all of life’s magnificence, all of life’s beauty and all of life’s pain – all of it – life, death, birth – and remain still in it all, experiencing the deeper truth – that who we are, is unaffected.
This does not mean that we close our hearts, that we show no compassion or that we refuse to be joyous, or laugh, or cry, or be moved by the beauty, pain or suffering of the world. To be as you are, here, open, present, free, allows all to be here, all to be embraced, all to be allowed, no matter what! No matter if we are moved to tears, in joy, or in sorrow, no matter if we are exposed to sensory pleasure, or to pain. NO MATTER WHAT is going on in the world of form – we always have the opportunity to be as we are, still, silent, free – in gratitude for it all.
As you are aware one of my dearest friends left her physical form during this time, such an honour to be with her in her last days, to anoint her body and offer prayers and blessings of this one life, whether the body is here or not – her huge love was felt as a physical out pouring from her heart after the body has ceased its physical life – as a reminder that we are not our bodies, we are this endless presence of love, endlessly expressing itself.
We have also had the most wonderful celebration of the birth of form celebrating 50 years of this life called Yantra – such gratitude to all who came to celebrate in this divine offering of music, chanting, blessings and sharing together over the Long weekend. Such gratitude to all who are used in service to this love showing up just as it is.
In saying yes to life, yes to grace, yes to being used in service, sometimes there is the call to be still, sometimes to be in action. There is a way that the body and the mind get used in service – this has nothing to do with what we think we can endure, handle, cope with or master – it is an unexpected push or nudge from grace that does the doing through us. It may leave the body refreshed or weakened ( as in the case of Ramana Maharshi with his emancipated body ) – yet the shining radiance is what continues.
After this body being used so intensely over these last few weeks there has been a huge call to rest, to be physically still and silent, to be in retreat – grace showing up in the form of a hospital stay. As I continue to sit in the hospital room, in silent gratitude, reflecting and typing this message to you, the physical body is recovering, and so full of love and gratitude for all that is here, all that we are, all that is offered. For all of you who endlessly dive deeper into this silence of your own self, I bow in gratitude to this one life showing up in all it’s forms as each one of us.
This Tuesday evening where ever you are, take the time to stop, to rest, be as you are, I will be with you as we open and deepen together as this one self, not separated by time or space -  AND – I look forward to physically sitting in Satsang again with you soon.
Love Always – Namaste Yantra


May 052015

Here as unmoving Awareness

Here as unmoving awareness

What has you be here, stay here, as unmoving awareness ?- nothing and everything !
What has you move – don’t even touch that thought – just stay here – as you are – unmoving awareness
What has you stay here – don’t even touch that thought – just stay here – as you are – unmoving awareness
What do you discover?

There is nothing that you can do, be, have, or get, to be what you already are – This that you are is unmoving awareness – Any movement arises out of This and falls back into This. Unmoving awareness is the ground of your being, your Self, the truth of who you are. You cant find it, you cant loose it, you cant obtain it, nothing can give it to you – This that you are, is this that you are -  here, unwavering, unmoving, silent, present, free, now, aware. This that you are needs nothing, requires nothing, is nothing!

The endless nothing of being itself.
When you stay here as you are, you discover the truth -
This that you are, is always!

These meetings in Satsang are the opportunity to stop now, to be here now, to be as you are. This that you are is revealed freshly in the moment, untouched, untainted by any of life’s circumstances or by any of life’s movements.

This that you are, is always.

Satsang is the opportunity to come together as we are, to tell the truth, to be ruthlessly honest, to meet our self and each other as the one self – innocently, freshly, freely. Let us meet here! Here, now, where we are, in the silence and freedom of the Self, as Shining awareness, as Radiance, as Love itself !

In all love for this that you are
Namaste Yantra-ji