Mar 232015



Distraction can be a deeper call to Being Present

Once you have started on a path of health, healing or self inquiry, it is easier to see the more blatant habits of distraction, both in others and in yourself. There are three main movements of avoidance -  moving away, moving towards and moving against. These movements get mixed in with behaviours and habits of distraction, which are always to avoid some type of deeper feelings or sensations, such as fear, terror, isolation, loneliness, unlovabiity, unworthiness, weakness, being a fraud, a failure, vulnerability, or feeling out of control.

These distracting behaviours were initially in place to help keep you feeling safe, secure, protected, loved or in control.  However once the surface is scratched, we see that these behavious don’t actually work, that the habit of distraction is just that and these feelings are still beneath the surface waiting to be revealed, seen and felt.

The distracting behavious may show up as avoiding, numbing out, over doing, being unavailable and as addictions. Almost anything can be used to distract and to avoid – drugs, alcohol, over eating, TV watching, video games, social media, sexual addiction, physical activities, shopping, cleaning, being a workaholic – the list can go on and on.

When we have a desire to be true, to be free, it becomes both clear and uncomfortable to continue to indulge in these habits. The desire to be true, to be here, to be present, requires the willingness to feel whatever is here, whatever has been hidden, whatever is surfacing, whatever has been unconscious or obscured from view.

What may not be so clearly seen, are the more subtle habits and tendencies of egoic distraction and movements of mind. It takes a deep commitment to be true, and vigilance to see how these blatant tendencies can often be substituted for another behaviour of distraction, that may look more spiritual on the surface.

In being ruthlessly honest with yourself – where are you substituting one avoidance strategy for another? Have you stopped eating junk food only to become obsessed with healthy eating, have you stopped being inactive only to become obsessed with physical activity, have you swapped being a workaholic for constant distraction and procrastination on social media, or through entertainment, have you swapped endless doing, for endless chanting, yoga or spiritual practice – take a look and see what is playing out in your life. No matter what it is – there is a deeper call to be true, a deeper call to be real, a deeper call to feel, a deeper call to be present. The awareness of any distraction can then be used as a deeper call to Being Present.

In being present, what do you notice? What becomes available? Deeper than all of the strategies of avoidance, deeper than the unmet sensations and emotions, what is revealed, what is here, untouched, silent, free, aware? – There is the possibility of using your own presence of awareness to turn in on itself  to reveal presence itself.

Satsang is the opportunity to come together as we are, to tell the truth, to meet our self and each other as the one self – innocently, freshly, freely. Let us meet here in presence, in the silence and freedom of the Self.
In all love for this that you are
Namaste Yantra-ji

Mar 162015



The simple choice to ‘Stop’

Let us first explore this simple little word ‘Stop’.
As we were growing up we heard the word ‘stop’ so many times, that it may have a negative context.
Stop misbehaving, stop moving, stop making a noise, stop, stop, stop – it is understandable that we may not have a healthy relationship or response to this word. Each time we heard the word stop, it may have involved a sternness, anger, even a physical response like hitting or slapping. This ‘stop’ was often in order to get us to comply with someone else’s code of behaviour – our parents, our family, our school, or some other institution.

‘Stop’ may be associated with being bad, wrong or in trouble and the punishment that was to follow, being some form of physical punishment or deprivation.
‘Stop’ may also have been used as a warning signal, to freeze, to become immobile in the face of danger, causing one to withdraw, become rigid, or hold the breath.

In all of these examples hearing the word ‘stop’ could also be causing us to rebel.
‘Stop’ is not generally a word that would have been associated with pleasure, satisfaction, freedom, peace or joy.

As we can see, this one little word ‘stop’, this innocent word, may not necessarily be experienced by most of us in a healthy way. So at first, it can be useful to uncover what we have associated with this word. 

What is it that you have associated with the word stop?

When we no longer attach all of the negative meanings to the word stop, then it can be of real value, of real use, here now.

What does it mean to ‘stop’ in the context of Satsang, in the context of freedom?

My beloved teacher Papaji, says to Stop – to stop all searching, to stop all movement and following of mind – then we experience the truth – that we are already free.

To stop means to be still, to not move. to not move towards a single thought, to no longer follow the story line, to be here present as you are. To stop is a call directly to the truth that is here, beneath all of the movement of mind, of form, of fixation, of gender. To stop calls us to be true, to be here, to be now. To stop means no longer following the habitual movements towards, away or against, in order to get, to have, to be, or to do.

When I hear the word ‘stop’, it calls me to account, to attention, to be still, it pulls me deeper into the silence that is always here. The word stop for me, is the immediate call to silence. Stop is the instant call of now. The willingness to meet all of life, here now, fully, as it is.

Gangaji says – “When Papaji said “Stop”, he was not saying stop your feeling or stop your situation. He was saying stop the identity that is fighting this situation or feeling. It does not mean feelings stop, it does not mean situations stop, it does not mean reactions stop, but the stopping is the willingness to see “I am fighting this, I am dramatizing this, I am avoiding this, ah, I can stop, I can actually open.”
Without all of the negative past conditioning, what is here now, when you hear the word ‘Stop’?

Allow the word stop to vibrate through your being. Allow the word stop to be your call to be true.

To ‘stop’ means the willingness to be here, now, still, silent, aware,  to stay as you are - free, here, now.

Satsang is the opportunity to ‘Stop’, to come together as we are, to tell the truth, to meet our self and each other as the one self – innocently, freshly, freely. Let us meet here in the silence and freedom of the self.
In all love for this that you are
Namaste Yantra-ji
Mar 092015


Meeting life as it Is:

I am often asked what does it mean to meet?

To meet an emotion?

To meet each other?

To meet life?

To meet and be met means, to be willing to be open, to be vulnerable, to be present, to be naturally and authentically yourself. Usually there is someone showing up with an agenda, a need, a fear, some internal story line. There is often a fear that we wont cope with the events of life, with the intensity of life, that we will be consumed or overpowered. All of this arises in mind. When all of that is left untouched even for a moment, no movement, not towards, not away and not against, then there is the possibility of true meeting, here now.

This meeting is free and fresh. This meeting is unexpected. This meeting is unknown.

My beloved teacher Papaji, says to Stop – to stop all searching, to stop all movement and following of mind – then we experience the truth – that we are already free.

When we are willing to be here, just as we are and allow life to be just as it is, we are meeting life and life is meeting us. There is no agenda, no one needing something, nothing to be fixed or changed, no expectation – all of life, is just as it is. There is an openness, a spaciousness and an acceptance of what is. There is no longer any need to control, outcomes or life.

Life shows up as it is. To meet life means to meet it all, the willingness to experience it all – and – to stay as you are .You may still experience the whole spectrum of emotions and sensations that pass through this form and yet you no longer take it personally, there is just a moving though that is allowed. Actually there is no one really allowing anything – it is the absence of resistance, that appears as if something is being allowed.

Emotions and sensations may be experienced as wonderful or painful, this no longer matters, all of it moves through. Life will still show up as life, with amazing, wonderful events that may unfold, or tragic and painful ones – In the willingness to experience it all, to meet it all, then peace is here, regardless of whatever is arising – and – you are free.

The mind and thoughts will still arise. The willingness to leave the thoughts untouched, un-followed, leaves you free, as you already are, to meet life here – as you are!

Meeting Life as it Is, means the willingness to experience it all – and – to stay as you are - free, here, now.  Satsang is the opportunity to come together as we are, to tell the truth, to meet our self and each other as the one self – innocently, freshly, freely. Let us meet here in the silence and freedom of the self.

In all love for this that you are
Namaste Yantra-ji
Mar 022015


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Remaining deeply rooted in Silence, whist being active in the world.

At first glance this statement may seem contradictory, or that the two parts of this statement are opposing.
Let us investigate and inquire into what is true.

What does it mean to be deeply rooted in silence, whilst being active in the world?
Who is it, what is it, that remains rooted in silence?
Where is this silence to be rooted in?

For a moment, if we are willing to turn our attention away from the activities of the world, away from the doing, away from the activity of mind, we become still.

Does that mean, that we then need to be still, physically, emotionally, mentally, to rest in and as this silence?

At first it may be useful to stop all activity for a moment to inquire. To cease the endless movements of doing, being, getting. To cease following the thoughts and story. To cease the engagement with any emotional response and to cease the engagement with any sensory response of the body.

What is discovered when you are still?

As we allow ourselves to be, in and as this stillness, we find it to be silence. A silence that has always been here.
What is required for this stillness, for this silence?


We notice that the body is here, the thoughts are arising, emotions are arising and sensations are occurring, they arise and fall of their own accord, out of and back into the silence. If we don’t actively follow or engage with these movements, we experience that  the silence permeates all.

We then can observe that the body activities, still occur in this silence. The breathing, eating, sleeping, getting up, walking, talking. So we can see and experience these activities also arise from and return back to the silence, with no engagement and without a “someone” needing to do anything. From this it is discovered that all activities are arising and falling from this same stillness, this same silence.

When we explore the truth of this, we can discover that the body may be still or in motion, that the emotions may be rising or falling, or the thought stream may be occurring. All occurring out of this stillness, from this silence. Nothing then is needed to be stopped, to be still, in order for this silence that is always here.

When we are willing to give our full attention here, to what is already still, to what is already silent, then we are no longer troubled by the appearance of whatever is rising and falling. Outward activities occur. We are fully present, at peace, rooted in the silence of self, no longer engaged with the arising and falling of any phenomena – AND – able to be active in the world in a natural, authentic way. No one needing to do anything, not directed by body, thought or emotion, rather activity is directed by life itself – and this form, with all of its amazing qualities, is used then in service, to this life.

Satsang is the opportunity to come together as we are, to tell the truth, to meet our self and each other as the one self – innocently, freshly, freely. Let us meet here in the silence and freedom of the self. 

In all love for this that you are
Namaste Yantra-ji IMG_7386-Version-3-150x150-1 copy


Feb 232015


Here we meet in the silence of the self

Satsang – here we meet in the silence of the self.

Life – here we meet in the silence of the self.

In this moment, here, there is no past, no future.

It is easy to touch the story of something, to justify, to blame – but what if you don’t – what is here if you don’t touch it?

What would you have to feel, have to meet, have to experience?

What has the story been covering?

Fear is an arising of the past, projected into the future. Let it move through, making it none of your business – and remain here now.

The fire of anger and rage, when felt, rather than projected or suppressed, without any story or attachment, is the fire of all fires, the fire of life, the fire of truth, the fire of freedom itself.

Even the name of another, attaches to a form, a story, a past projected into the future – remain nameless, formless – here!

Be willing to feel whatever is here, stay open and discover what is true – allow it all. When there is no story, no movement of mind, no emotion or pain is generated – you are free – only silent aware presence remains.

Allow it All – all of the devastating emotions, all of the blissful emotions – what remains is the truth, freedom itself – Here!

Here we meet in the silence of the self.


Silence is the Language of God

All else is poor Translation

~ Rumi

Satsang is the opportunity to come together as we are, to tell the truth, to meet our self and each other as the one self – innocently, freshly, freely. Let us meet here in the silence and freedom of the self.
In all love for this that you are
Namaste Yantra-ji
Feb 162015



Many people flinch when they hear the word responsibility, as they take it to mean something negative, relate it to blame, or being burdened. During our childhoods and into our adulthood, there has often been a weight associated with responsibility. An imposed belief that we need to, must, ought to, or should, be responsible! Responsible, in order to shoulder the burden, or take ownership of a perceived wrong – hence the relationship with the feeling of blame. If i take responsibility then i am at fault i am wrong, I am being judged.

Being responsible then often swings the other way into a righteousness, being better than, being holy, pure, saint like. This is just the opposite spectrum of the same weight, the same burden, the same imposed beliefs – if I don’t take responsibility, if i am not responsible then i will still be wrong, bad, etc.

When we really investigate this word responsibility, we uncover something else  something fresh, something light, something wonderful actually.

Responsibility is simply the Ability to Respond!
Not to blame, not to justify, not to accept wrongdoing, not to be the one at fault.
Simply the ability to respond.

The ability to respond rather than react. The ability to have a healthy response, to be true, to remain in the moment, free as you are and respond to whatever is here, freely freshly as it arises. No sence of justification, blame or false accountability.

When we are still, silent, aware, we open to what is here before any preconceived ideas or concepts, before any thought. In this still, silent, awareness, we find our own self. Here as we are, we respond to life as it is, as it occurs, with all its beauty splendor, majesty, with all of its heartbreak and pain. We respond not from a closed, premeditated stance, not from a mind directed action, rather from a free, open, innocent place – awareness itself.

How fresh, how freeing, how amazing to be free to be yourself – and this that is you, this that is self, this that is life – responds as itself, to itself.

Ahhh, such a relief to just be here, as you are. Such a relief, to not need to know, do, be, have. Such a relief to respond to the moment freshly.
Responsibility – such a joy.

Satsang is the opportunity to come together as we are, to tell the truth, to meet our self and each other as the one self – innocently, freshly, freely. Allow this that you are, Freedom itself, to respond to life.
In all love for this that you are
Namaste Yantra-ji
Feb 092015



Staying Quiet and Choice

I recently read this beautiful piece by Papaji, where he speaks about what he means by -  staying quiet, what is bondage and ignorance, teachers and spiritual practice – and Choice. There is really nothing more for me to add, so I am sharing the whole quoted piece here for you to read.
Satsang is the opportunity to come together as we are, to tell the truth, to meet our self and each other as the one self – as this that is Freedom itself.
In love and gratitude for this that you are
Namaste Yantra-ji


“When I speak about quietness – when I tell you to keep quiet – it is not easy for everyone to follow. Most people here are from different backgrounds, practices, sadhanas; and therefore feel they need to do something, to put something into practice. When I say, “Keep quiet.” it is not a practice. There is nothing to be done and nothing to be undone. This cannot be followed. There is nothing to think about, no need to make any kind of effort. This is an indication of the quietness I am speaking about. Truth always exists. Existence alone is. It is called satyam.

We speak about enlightenment, but first we have created bondage. Bondage does not exist. How can you remove that which does not exist? First, teachers impose a concept of bondage and then various practices are prescribed. There may be millions of books in the world, thousands more are published every day. Nowhere does it say, “Be quiet”. When you simply say “Keep quiet,” what is the rest of the book to be about?

There is no ignorance at all; there is only existence – there is only satyam. If you simply keep quiet you will know that only this exists. Before the sun rises early in the morning it does not first try to remove the darkness of the night. The sun does not say, “Let me brush away the darkness and only then, in the daytime, I will rise.” For the sun there is no light, there is no darkness to be removed. The sun does not even know that such a thing as night exists. What practice is needed to remove darkness, where is this darkness? All practices imply the reality of darkness, of ignorance, when in fact they do not exist. The river in the sand is a mirage; it does not exist, it never existed. If you go closer and closer the sand not even is wet; it is only a belief that makes us run after a mirage, nothing else. There is only satyam; there is only Truth. What need is there of practice? It is only practice which is concealing the truth.

You have been given a concept by most of the teachers that there is darkness, and that you have to spend your whole life clearing this darkness. No one speaks about light; everyone is trying to remove darkness and ignorance when it does not really exist.

First of all, look for yourself! Has anyone seen any ignorance? Sometimes when people who come to see me come closer to keeping quiet they say, “I do not understand.” What is there to understand? Simply keep quiet – this is what you really are. How can there be any doubt? In keeping quiet you discover what you really are.

Through spiritual practices you overlook the one who is causing this to happen. Who is involving your limbs in the practice, your intellect in the practice? Who is causing your mind to be involved in trying to get understanding? If the one causing activity is not there you cannot conduct any practice. This is why I tell you to simply keep quiet. Then you will know what you truly are and what you have always been, and this is indestructible. All else will be destroyed, only Existence itself remains. The Truth will always remain – it Is – it is eternal. That which is not this truth does not exist at all.

You have two choices: Either you follow most teachers and spend your life trying to remove or clean out the mind. First you will have to find out if the mind exists. No one has seen the mind. Even if you found it, how do you propose to clean it? Everyone is practicing cleaning the mind but there is no one so far who has cleaned it. Where is this mind to be cleaned?

The second choice is to keep quiet and you will know who really you are. This is very simple. It is not going to take you time; in fact time does not appear. There is nothing outside that can help you, you have just to keep quiet – that’s all – and you will know then you are eternal. You are Eternal Existence itself. ~ Papaji

Feb 022015

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Meeting in Namaste:

When we are driven by egoic desires, spiritual ideals, by thoughts, ideas, concepts of what should or shouldn’t be, we are unavailable to really meet another or to be met by another.

When we are moving towards, in an effort to be someone, get something, be loved, we are unavailable. When we are moving against, trying to dominate, assert, control, we are unavailable. When we are moving away, staying safe, avoiding, we are unavailable.

When we meet another in this way, what and who is meeting?

It is the ego meeting the ego, the desires meeting desires, the expectations meeting expectations.

To be caught up in our stories of right and wrong, of how to be or not be, is a painful, complicated and taxing way to live and relate. This is not meeting or being met, this is not who we are.

To stay still as we are, here in the moment, with no agenda, with no movement, no desire – a different possibility appears, a different opportunity opens up.

The willingness to be still, to be open, tender, vulnerable, available, unknowing, unmoving, allows the possibility of being met and meeting another truthfully. Meeting with a quiet mind and an open heart.

To meet another in this way, there is space, there is innocence, there is actually nothing at all, just presence itself meeting presence, openness meeting openness. How beautiful, fresh, to meet in this way.

There is the possibility to meet anyone, everyone, in this way – to meet in the silence of the self,  meeting in Namaste.

I honour
I bow
To the divinity
In me
That is the divinity
I see
In you
One self
One heart
One love
237_Satsang copy - Version 3
( Namaste – from ‘The Gift of This – Poetry and Prose of Satsang with Yantra-ji’ )
Satsang is the opportunity to come together as we are, to tell the truth, to meet our self and each other as the one self – as this that is Namaste itself.
In love and gratitude for this that you are
Namaste Yantra-ji
Jan 192015



Relating, Relationship and staying true:

Last week in Satsang our point of inquiry was
The Play of Life  which brought to the forefront some questions and inquiry about relating and relationships. To continue to support you, we will delve more deeply this week into this inquiry about relating and relationship, love and staying true. There are so many forms that relationship takes, with life, intimacy, friendship, colleagues, ultimately it is all relationship with self, showing up as another. Let us explore the truth of relationship together.

What really is relationship and relating?
What is relationship designed to do, to offer, to give you?
Why are you stuck, upset, suffering, in your relationships?

What are the ideas, concepts, beliefs that you have about relating and relationship?
What are your expectations that are causing suffering?
When we put all the concepts aside what questions are still here?
What else is here when we are available, to our-self, to the other, freely, freshly in this moment, with no agenda?
How do we stay true and honour this that we are, this that is All and be in relationship, healthily, freely, with another?

Satsang is not about changing you or fixing you, Satsang is not about changing life or fixing life – Satsang is the opportunity to discover what has never been disturbed by any appearance or disappearance. Join us for Tuesday evening Satsang to inquire into what is undisturbed, unchanged, what is true – this that you are, freedom itself.

Here are some beautiful insights from four beloved spiritual teachers Jeff Brown, Brandon Bays, Gangaji ( and her husband Eli Jaxon-Bear ) and Isira Sananda on the topic of relationships and relating, love and staying true.

Quote from Jeff Brown :
” Many of us seek that which we will flee if we find it. I have seen this time and again, both in myself and in others. We seek, we search, and then we find a calling or a relationship that is a perfect reflection of our yearning and we turn away and go back to seeking, almost as though the light of our true-path was too bright for us, too vulnerable for us, too real for us. This is a pattern that we have to recognize and heal or else we will never stop looking for what is already there. True-path is not always around the next corner. Sometimes it’s right under our feet.” ~ Jeff Brown

Brandon Bays on Self love and relationships
youtube Link ( 1min:31 ) please click here to view

Eli Jaxon-Bearand Gangaji on True Relationship
youtube Link ( 4min:47 )please click here to view

Excerpt from A More Conscious Love from Isira Sananda :
“…relationships or marriages are passages of our own growth and awakening: passages we enter into with another in order to awaken to our Self. The ‘other’ potently reflects back all that we are… especially that which is unconscious. It is this way because most people are constantly looking outside of themselves, disconnected from their own essence, unconscious of the beliefs they have collected, and the construct that has formed as their ego – which ultimately drives all actions – especially those which are fear based. Failing to understand this however results in pain, suffering, confusion and disillusionment… dysfunctional relationships and ultimately divorce……
Perhaps if we could approach relationships with a deeper understanding… a more universal awareness, we could take the journey consciously… knowing it is going to be one about growth… knowing that we have chosen it for that very purpose… knowing that really we did not enter the journey to be swept up in the arms of our Prince/Princess to be carried into a blissful garden of joy ‘til death do us part.’….
Sadly, as most people get a taste of higher potential and degrees of spiritual insight they set out to reform their partner… to try to make their partner more conscious. This is still an externalisation… a projection from underlying layers of unconscious beliefs and behaviours… the idea that the problem is outside – in the other person. Although one’s recognition of the partner’s own issues may be true there is only ever the process of self transformation.
‘Other’ transformation does not exist.
If you seek greater harmony and bliss in relationships you must seek greater consciousness in your self….
By seeking the centre of consciousness in your own being you begin to understand your self truly as you are… not as you imagined – not as the images of stored ideas and beliefs that you collected along the way. The more you know and understand your self as you are… the more you can see and understand the ‘other’ as they are… as another aspect of your very own self. With greater understanding comes greater peace, less unrealistic hopes, demands and judgments, and greater harmony. In this way relating becomes truly a journey of joy and love… love that is unconditional rather than love that is bound in illusions and fears….
It is only through the oneness in our self that we can experience a Divine oneness with another… a sustained encounter of relating as divine union.
As long as you come to any other person in a fractured state – still carrying unconscious aspects of your self, you will perceive those fractures in your relationships.
By understanding this… not judging this, you may simply accept this as part of the journey… you may open your heart and consciousness to the process… to see that really… it is all just an adventure of discovery… the rediscovery of what you already are… LOVE.”

Jan 122015

the Play of life

The Play of Life

Most of us have just had the experience of Celebrating Christmas and the New Year with loved ones and enjoying the gifts of the season and the beautiful summer time holidays before the recommencement of work for many this week and the return to school which will occur in a few weeks time.

Did you? Was it enjoyable,? Was it a time of being true?
Loved ones?
Are they? Do you honor those in your life for the beautiful part they play, what is offered, seen, explored and shared?
Do you experience All of life as the precious gift that it is?

No Matter what time of the year, no matter what is occurring, we have the opportunity to be still, to open to love, to engage fully and participate in life in a true and authentic way, honoring this that we are and the sharing of this with those around us. The play of life is always here.

Do you stay true or are you swayed by your thoughts, ideas, concepts of how the play of life should be, should look, should occur?

In Satsang we have the opportunity to inquire into what is true. Regardless of the mind, the thoughts, ideas and concepts, regardless of the emotional responses, regardless of the physical manifestations – we can be true in the play of life. All of life occurs, the play of life occurs and we can remain as we are – silent, free ,aware, this is freedom.

The play of life
The mind is still
Vastness, opening
Movement occurs
A thought arises
Do you partake? Join in?
Grab hold?
Or stay as you are
Here as This that
The thought arises in?
Mind is still again.
Vastness, opening
Mind arises
This is the play of life.
Stay as you are
This is Freedom!

(From ‘The gift of This – Poetry and prose of Satsang with Yantra-ji’)

Satsang is not about changing you or fixing you, Satsang is not about changing life or fixing life – Satsang is the opportunity to discover what has never been disturbed by any appearance or disappearance. Join us for Tuesday evening Satsang to inquire into what is undisturbed, unchanged, what is true – this that you are,  freedom itself.

Namaste Yantra-ji

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