Living Alignment


Living Alignment has been created as the embrace of opening into the truth of who we are.
Through Living alignment Yantra offers live interactive Satsang, as well as bringing in other beautiful teachers to support the ongoing opening into truth. Occasionally Satsang will occur with the DVD format.
As well as Yantra’s services, we will also continue to support The Journey, through Journey Grad swaps and Practitioner mentoring, Isira’s conscious web forums,  Chanting events, Workshops and affiliate programs .

“…’Living Alignment’ is just that – alignment is not static, it is a living process of life. There is often the mistaken perception that there are different areas of life, compartmentalised into different categories – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, environmental, sustainable, nutritional, creativity, social, career etc…whilst this may initially be very helpful in bringing balance and alignment, through the various services and tools available….ultimately all of these areas …are…the ONE life….they are the gateway into the one self. There is no area that is separate to any other…..there is such peace and freedom in letting go of all of the rigid mind structures and resting in and as the truth of the one self….then a deeper realisation occurs…not only is MY life this ONE life…ALL of life is experienced as ONE…this is living Alignment” –

Through living alignment there is the opportunity to ask deeper questions, to remove the outer restrictions, the labels that have impressed on us who we thought we were…through the process of stillness and inquiry we come to know the truth, to experience the truth, in this very moment now..nothing needed, nothing to be done….just simply the truth….Living Alignment is possible, it is the here and now of the moment, always available, always fresh, always free.” Yantra-ji

“You are already free! Anything gained afresh will be lost. What is eternal is always within you, as your own Self.” – Poonjaji

For Information about the full range of services offered through Living Alignment view Satsang, The Journey and Services.