Yantra’s life is offered in service and support of awakening presence in all beings. Through her gentle nature, fierce commitment and love of truth there is a pointing to the direct recognition of who you are – the true Self.

As an artist, therapist, educator and spiritual teacher, Yantra offers insight and transformation through self realisation and inquiry, running retreats, workshops, Satsang consultations and individual sessions. Yantra previously based in Sydney, relocated to Glenning Valley with her family in Nov 2015,  just over an hour north of Sydney on the beautiful Central Coast.

She has been offering formal Satsang in Sydney on the Northern Beaches since 2002, working in health & wellness, alternative education, self development and supporting self realisation for 30 years.

Interested in the truth of who we are at the core
in stillness
Commitment to truth, to the earth, to the support of all beings knowing the self as one self Opening into this profound presence of stillness – living and resting as this in every moment

“My commitment is to support you in the realisation of the truth of who you are, you are this that is always here, unchanging, available, at every moment.” – Yantra-ji


Yantra’s vision is to the support all beings, knowing the self as the one self. Opening into this profound presence of stillness – living and resting as this in every moment.
Through stillness, meditation, chanting, movement, singing , dancing, poetry, art, creativity and exploring the profound truth of who we are at our core, as our essential self, as our essence… through bringing the wisdom, tools and teachings of the many beautiful teachers  that present along our path.


Yantra is a Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner ( since 2002 ) based in Sydney, trained personally by Brandon Bays and has worked in the health & wellness, self development and self realisation field for 30 years.
In addition to her work as a Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner  and Journey massage Practitioner,  Yantra has also been blessed to work as personal assistant for both Brandon Bays and spiritual teacher Isira Sananda .

Yantra has offered formal Satsang for 14 years on the Northern beaches of Sydney.

Prior to this Yantra has worked as a practitioner in other Alternative therapies, as well as Childhood and Adult education, offering individual and group work, running seminars, residential retreats & cleanses.

Trained in Rudolf Seiner  early childhood Ed, working with both Adults and Children in Rudolf Steiner Education for 10 years.

Other modalities and skills include Breath & Body Integration –  Rebirthing,  Deep tissue muscle release, Intuitive readings and healing, Yoga teacher, NLP, Kinesiology, Technologies for Creating- DMA, Nutritional support, Stress management and life skills, running Individual Sessions , Seminars & Residential retreats since 1987
She is also trained as a Massage therapist, Meditation and Yoga teacher and Artist

As a facilitator of holding Sacred space Yantra offers
Satsang / Blessings / Womens circles / Honoring ceremonies / Baby blessings / Home blessings / work place blessings / and commitment circles.

What she can help others with:

Individual & Group work
Active & Passive Meditation
Artwork / creative ideas
Mentoring/ Case studies / Setting up your practice
Client / practitioner Issues / needs
Physical & Emotional support
Bodywork/ Journey massage
Cleanses / retreats ( residential & non-residential )
Opening into this profound presence of stillness – living and resting as this in every moment