Jun 242019


Sometimes life brings us to our knees, other times life calls us to stand up, either way, there is a gracefulness to our life when we have a willingness to surrender to what is and to let God or grace, do the doing.

So many times rather than allowing, we feel we are alone or that somehow ‘life’ is up to us, even when we hear it said over and over again in so many ways – phrases like ‘let go let God’ or ‘let God do the doing’, or ‘Thy will not my will’ or ‘ or ‘when you take one step towards grace, grace takes a thousand steps towards you’.

So many wonderful things can be done when we let God, Grace, Life, do the doing through us. Surrender really just means to give up the ‘idea’, that ‘I am independent’.

Let us meet together in the grace-filled surrender of what is.

Namaste – Yantra-ji

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