May 072019

How are you – How are you really?

Rather than the conversational question that is often asked in passing, this can be a useful question of inquiry and reflection – How are you ? How do we answer this – is it a question of our state of mind, our health, our well-being, our emotional state, our circumstances, or relational state, our spiritual practice?

At first it is useful to uncover all of these. To notice what arises to the surface, what grabs for your attention – and with each arising you can let it fall back into itself, here where you are.

As we remain open and ask this question how am I? or how are you? – it can be a deeper meeting, beyond name and form, circumstance and states – what is really here?

Who is really here? 

As the arising and falling drops away, the question ‘how are you?’ or ‘how am I’, can transform into ‘who are you really?’, ‘who am I?’, ‘who is this one?’

What a beautiful opportunity for discovery, here where we really meet each other and ourselves, as this one.

I’d love to hear what you discover and you are welcome as always to contact me via email, or phone mgs or via the Living Alignment fb page or through the private fb group.

Here are the links to both :

fb page: Living Alignment – Live a life of Freedom, Love and Joy
join the group : Living alignment – Live a life of Freedom, Love and Joy – fb Group

~ Namaste ~ Yantra-ji 

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