Apr 092019
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Do you feel that the ability to be Intimate or Vulnerable is a life skill to be learned, something that may come naturally to some people but not to others?

Whilst this is not actually the truth, it can definitely feel that way to many of us.

When we were very young it was natural to be, to be open, vulnerable, accepting, curious, and intimate with all of life around us – do you remember yourself as this naturalness?

What we may have learnt through our families, teachers, society and life experiences, was to become closed, protected, and to guard our hearts.

We may have learnt that it was not safe, that we might get hurt, that we may be shamed, or humiliated if we were exposed, showing our self fully. We may have learnt to become and live as a smaller limited version of ourself.

We may have felt fear, sadness and anger, we may have learnt to project, deflect and blame in order not to feel, or we may have become imposing and inflated, judging and justified.

Vulnerability and Intimacy requires of us to be, to be our natural self, to be true, to be open, to be real, to be seen, to feel whatever arises and to stay present.

To be Intimate and Vulnerable may feel as though we are learning a new way of being, rather than simply returning to our natural state – which is and has always been open, unprotected and free <3

And why would we even bother to feel any of this, why would we want to be exposed, to risk again?

The gift is, that we get to be our natural selves and in that, we allow others to be naturally themselves.

We get to show up authentically, to be accountable, to live honestly and courageously. We get to love freely, to have deeply nourishing relationships, to be seen and see others, to share openly – to be a presence of peace love and change in the world.

We get to live a life of Freedom Love and Joy

So much love on this journey of re-discovery <3 Yantra <3

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