Apr 092019

Excerpt from ‘Profound Awakening – Meeting Papaji Now’

Surrendered in Papaji’s Grace

“Surrender, let Silence have you. Surrender to the source, Surrender to awareness, this is the only place of protection. Surrender your heart and you will know all. Surrender to Consciousness and Bliss. Surrender means to surrender your bondage and to simply be Freedom. Surrender is the ego bowing down to its Source. No more demands or commands, but putting all in the hands of Source. Submit to Consciousness and Bliss and you will be happy. Surrender the addiction to your senses. You don’t need to stop them, but you need to have perfect control over them. Ego is a poor driver of these five horses, but the Atman charioteer will not make a mistake. Surrender the reigns of your senses to the Atman. As the river surrenders to the ocean, surrender yourself to the Self, the Source. And if you find you are still swimming on the surface of the ocean: stop swimming and you will sink into the depths of Love. ~ Papaji
I am constantly being called to trust the whisperings of grace, to trust the silence, this that Papaji is continually pointing me to – ‘to Surrender, to let the Silence have me’.
‘Surrender to the source, surrender to awareness’, and discover the truth ‘this is the only place of protection’. ‘Surrender your heart and you will know all’. It is a deeper call to surrender, totally, finally, fully – everything – and be free.
If you allow it, following the call of your own heart leads you into the mystery of the unknown, into the grace of the unexpected.”
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