Apr 092019

When sharing your Story

Taking on board just this one thing could impact your conversations, your dialogue, your sharing, your friendships, all your relationships, your meetings, your work….

Your message, your voice, your sharing, your story is important – but not for the reasons you may think !!!!

Your message and story is about others – yes that’s right.
Your message is not about you and has never been about you!

“My message is not about me and is never about me – it is only ever about YOU and for you !”

So, Imagine now, how taking this on board would impact all of your conversations, your dialogue, your sharing, your friendships, all of your relationships, your meetings, your work !!!! …..

A few days ago I was part of a wonderful training on story telling through my online business, so grateful for the support and this training that is so aligned and in integrity with my values, with who I am and what I offer.

As we are nearing the launch of my third book in a couple of weeks – December 2018 – this beautiful reminder is for us all.

I’d love to hear what you discover.

So much love always ~ Yantra

If you are curious to learn more about what I’m doing in the online space then please send me a message or email and I’ll get back to you.

Since the writing of this – the book ‘Profound Awakening – Meeting Papaji Now’ has now been published – it is the story of meeting my beloved teacher Papaji, what occurred through that meeting and what is possible and available for you now – If you would like to purchase a copy please contact me or order directly through Amazon.com


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