Apr 092019

Sharing – When women unite.

There are so many ways we share, our hearts, our love, our likes, our dislikes, our discontent, our things, our time, our money, our resources, ourselves, our stories, our work, our businesses, our passions, our talents, on and on and on.

One of the ways I love to share is in circle.

Every week, a group of beautiful women gather here to share deeply and truly, to be seen, to be met, to be open. We don’t have an agenda of sharing just what is nice, or beautiful or working, nor is it just about sharing what is broken, damaged, or in need of healing. As women we come together just as we are, tender, open, vulnerable, allowing whatever is here, to be seen, met and shared.

I love the realness, the authenticity and the deep sister connections we have. I love that we get to dive more deeply each month in our women’s wisdom retreats, to deepen, to support, to explore, to create, to be.

Sharing simply and together in this way is precious, sacred, honouring, valuable, necessary.

I love these words ‘ When women unite, the whole world is blessed by their light ‘

I’d love to hear from you:
What is one of the ways that you love to share?

<3 Yantra

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