Apr 092019

Profound Awakening – Meeting Papaji Now

Profoundly moved – so many beloveds, family, friends neighbours, sangha all coming to celebrate in this love and grace of beloved Papaji at the book launch that was held on the 22nd Dec 2018.

Beautiful grace filled bhakti singing and music with Dell Tschanter of Sun Space Studio, photography of the day by our beloved Philip, delicious Indian food and chai, and so much love spilling out everywhere.

From the back cover:

“In this sublime Satsang book, through her personal experience, her love, her devotion, Yantra-ji points us back to the self, to Truth, to realisation, dissolving the illusion of life, leaving us resting in unmoving, unchanging, ever deepening presence – this that we truly are, have always been and will always be.”~ Brandon Bays
(Internationally best selling author of The Journey, The Journey for Kids, Freedom Is, Consciousness the New Currency and Living The Journey)

This fire of Papaji’s love is like a wild fire once ignited it catches aflame everywhere – so many hearts alight with the love of truth – thank you beloveds, so blessed, so much gratitude

Thank you to those who have helped this book become a reality – Feeling so grateful and humbled – this beautiful book about Beloved Papaji is now available through Amazon – the link to purchase and the book launch details, are below.


May beloved Papaji’s Grace touch you and point you to the undeniable truth that you are already free ~ namaste Yantra-ji

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