Apr 092019

Letting Go and Completion:

A beautiful friend of mine shared these simple words today: ‘What I’m letting go of today…….!” such a simple and yet profound sentence really.

Often we fear ‘letting go’ because we have an ‘idea’ of what it may ‘mean’ or how it may ‘look’ or what we may have to ‘do’, we may fear that we have to ‘get rid of’ something or someone, or feel we lack the time or energy to do so.

As I read and contemplated her words, ‘What I’m letting go of today……!” this is what arose for me to share:

Part of letting go for me is actually Completion – as I complete there is a natural letting go – a breathing out and a release. It is not that I am having to or trying to let go of anything, it is a natural by-product of completion.

When something is completed, there is a natural release and relaxation. For me as this new book ‘Profound Awakening – Meeting Papaji Now’ has come to completion, I am aware of sensations in the body that are releasing, relaxing, letting go, physically unwinding.

The energy taken up in the action or activity is now freed, the mental activity is stopped, emotions flow, surrender is here. There is so much peace, space, newness here now and freshly wanting to come through.

What if, you were to contemplate what letting go actually is for you – take a moment to ask yourself:

What does letting go actually mean to me?
How does it show up?
Is it physical, mental, emotional?
What am I willing to let go of?
What can I complete?
What will it take for me to let go of, or to complete something?
How does it feel to let go, to complete?
and How am I letting go right now?

When we are holding on, holding back, stopped, stuck at a standstill, feeling overwhelmed, bogged down, without time or freedom, there is no space, for flow or ease or grace.

For me the need to stop and really rest, has allowed so much to be completed, so much more than if it was from a have to, or need to, or must do, or trying to get it all done, the new book being only one part of this.

Take a moment to really stop, take a breath and ask yourself, what is really needed here right now?

What have you been putting off, or what has been on hold, that could do with your time, attention, presence and energy right now, so that it can be complete?

As Nelson Mandela said” It always seems impossible until it’s done”

The simple act of Completing, often opens the door to the new, to magic, to new possibilities, new opportunities, new ideas and inspirations.

Often there are things that we may want to do or change with our health, relationships, spiritual practice, or work – things that we felt we had no time for, or no new energy for, suddenly there is space and they leap out at us, as we complete, as we let go, as we surrender.

I’d love to hear what is here for you,

So much love Yantra <3 🙏🏽

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