Apr 092019

Intimacy and Vulnerability  – Being as you are – Being Seen

Intimacy and Vulnerability – being as you are, the willingness to see and be seen – living authentically.

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We often use the context of our life as a reason not to be intimate, as a reason not to be vulnerable – whether its an intimate relationship, whether it is our family, our friends, our children, our colleagues, our business – we often use the context as the reason to not be vulnerable, to not be intimate.

Lets take a look at intimacy and vulnerability – what does that mean – Intimacy – if we have a look at that word intimacy – in-to-me-see – allowing someone to see in to me, and the willingness to see into someone else – really that is what vulnerability is – the willingness to let down the guarded-ness, to let down the protection, to stop having that push back or away in life, that push against, in order to keep ourselves safe.

I’m sure like me you want to be who you are, to live authentically, as who you are, in each and every moment, in every context.

You deserve to be yourself, to be and to be seen authentically and so do those around you. We all want and deserve to be real, to be authentic, to be seen, as we are – in our families, in our relationships, in our very intimate personal relationships, in our friendships, with our colleagues, in our business, with our work.

Are you willing to have a look and see what is that level of protection or that context that you use as an excuse to stop being vulnerable, to stop allowing intimacy?
Because really all it is ( intimacy and vulnerability ) – is being seen truthfully!

We all actually want to be seen truthfully, and to see others truthfully, as we all are.

What a beautiful opportunity we have here on fb whether its on the fb lives, the replays, or these posts, to deeply inquire into this.

How would it be to live your life, fully as you are, fully seen, real, exposed? That is what intimacy is – that is what vulnerability is – rather than hiding yourself from yourself and from others – really being here.

If fear or pain or shame or judgement arises, those emotions are all just fleeting, you have the capacity to feel them. If thoughts arise of past events, past ways of being, past circumstances, again the thoughts are all just fleeting, passing through – you have the capacity to be here just as you are.

Rather than using the context then as an excuse, there is the possibility to see that all of life is the same one life, all contexts eventually are seen as the one, rather than compartmentalizing yourself off into different aspects, different parts – allow yourself to be whole, here as you are – this is freeing and freedom.

Being as you are, the willingness to see and be seen – living authentically – what stops you ?
and what do you discover when you are willing to be seen, to be intimate, to be vulnerable ?

I’d love to hear and have you share with me what you discover <3 Yantra <3

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