Apr 092019

Feeling Blessed and Grateful

We often hear that there is so much to be grateful for – however what is often added to that statement is: if we are grateful, then we will attract what we want into our lives.

Hmmmm, this is a bit like when we were children being told if we are good, or do this or that, then we’ll get to have what we want – it’s also like the saying ‘giving to get’! – If we come from this place, ‘being grateful in order to’ and are honest with ourselves, it probably doesn’t really feel like we are being authentic, real, true or even actually grateful.

What if you could be grateful, just because?

Just because you are alive, because you breathe, see, experience life, love, share, receive, give – yes there is so much to be grateful for – and – the more we are grateful for, the more we have to be grateful – not because of any pre-desired out-come – just because we are!

This in itself is such a blessing.

We are so grateful for the lusciousness and generosity of having been gifted a day by the pool, just for us, to relax, to be, to enjoy – so grateful, so blessed.

As you ponder this I’d love to hear – What has you feeling blessed and grateful?

Love Yantra

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