Apr 092019

The truth is simple: BE as you are. This is Freedom

This is being written on the 30th Dec 2018 – As we near the end of this year, have you noticed there are so many posts about …… Being the best version of you in 2019 – or – Living your best life in 2019 – or – Love yourself into the new year …. Etc etc etc ….

What if you were to stop, stop all of that projection, and just be here now.
Be the best you, here now,
Live your best life, here now,
Love fully as you, here now.

There is no magic wand or gimmick or trick, that happens to transform you like it did with Cinderella as the clock ticks over from midnight to 12:01am on NY’s Eve

– instead –

choose you now,
choose your life now,
choose love now,
choose truth now.

Whatever you are hoping, dreaming, visioning, for later, for then, for the next year – Be it now – Be as you Are.

In the words of my beloved teachers, The truth is simple:

Sri Ramana Maharshi ~ ‘BE as you are’
Papaji ~ ‘The most holy association is to BE as you are.
This is Freedom.’


Endless Love Here Always – Yantra <3


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