Apr 092019
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Are you willing to be seen?
Are you willing to show the world your real face,
the one without the mask,
without the agenda,
without hiding behind the context of your life?
Who you are is so precious, real, valuable, just as you are.
Let your authentic self be seen.
The rough, pretty, flawed, precious self,
this that contains all,
timeless, ageless.
Deep below the mud of perceived imperfection,
is the face of love,
the face of silence,
the face of beauty,
the face of the divine.
Let yourself be seen,
let yourself shine.
You were born to be as you are,
It’s time to see and be seen
You are the grace looking out whilst looking within,
Beloved – you are

~ Yantra-ji <3

Image may contain: one or more people

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