Apr 092019

Letting go

We fear and resist and put off letting go, as though it is something foreign, as though we don’t have what it takes. We may even tell ourselves that it doesn’t feel natural, or its not simple, or not easy to let go.

And yet If we are willing to stop for just a moment and check the truth of this, we can see that actually we are always letting go.

Every moment of every day, we are letting go, simply, innocently, naturally, easily – Letting go.

When we breath out we are letting go,
When we go to sleep we are letting go,
When go to the toilet we are letting go,
Our bodies are designed to let go, to naturally shed, hair skin, blood – it is all letting go
When we orgasm we are letting go,
When we birth we are letting go,
When we cry we are letting go,
All around us the seasons, the trees, animals, plants, water, rivers, ice, the sky when it rains, the volcano erupting, are all effortlessly letting go.

When we can see how natural and normal, how effortless letting go really is, we can surrender into the flow and let letting go let go of us ….

I’d love to hear what do you discover when you take the time to examine this for yourself?

Much love Yantra

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