Sep 242018

Radical Responsibility

As a healer, therapist, practitioner, and client, there are so many methods, modalities, therapies, seminars and programs that grace our path to bring deeper insight and realisation, healing, opening, release, and forgiveness.

Like myself, you may have encountered the powerful work of The Journey Method, ‘The work’ of Byron Katie, the ‘Radical Forgiveness’ of Colin Tipping, programs offered through Landmark education, studied ‘A Course in Miracles’, Technologies for Creating with Robert Fritze, NLP, or any number of other methods, modalities, therapies, seminars and programs.

One of the things that these all have in common, as well as to bring deeper insight and realisation, healing, opening, release, and forgiveness – is to take responsibility – Self responsibility, for our path, our journey, our part, our healing, and ultimately our freedom.

Responsibility actual is – the ‘ability’ to ‘respond’ rather that to react – self responsibility is the ‘ability’ to be ‘self aware’ in our responding.

* So, what then is Radical responsibility?

Radical responsibility suggests that we are ‘cause’ in the matter, that everything is happening for us and by us, rather than ‘to us’. That ‘life’ is a direct experiential response from the internal emotional, mental, and energetic goings on within us – and from this – we are generating this experience of life.

We have a direct response to the physical things in our lives and the way we perceive situations and circumstances – this is where we can pause and have self responsibility – Radical responsibility is the shift in seeing that it is we, who make meaning ( consciously or unconsciously ) of what is seen, felt, perceived or experienced.

When we are willing to really look at what is occurring in our life, we can ask:

* Are we responding, or are we reacting to the meanings we are making and attaching to life?

The power of Radical responsibility – is to see the truth ( it may at first require us to heal, to release and to forgive ) and then to ultimately see that all events and meanings, are all our creation, all our own projection, onto the screen that we call life, and that we are the projector.

I’d love to hear – what do you discover by investigating this for yourselves? – just drop me a comment or send me a private message

so much love on this journey, of Freedom Love and Joy
~ Yantra-ji

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