Sep 232018

Who’s ready to take their backpack off ?

Many of us are here are coaches, therapists and practitioners. We support our clients, in becoming clear, in letting go, in being complete, in forgiving, in creating the lives they desire for themselves.

* Are you supporting yourself, in the same way that you support your clients – in becoming clear, in letting go, in being complete, in forgiving, in creating the life that you desire for yourself ?

We can often forget, as coaches, therapists and practitioners, that these very questions, techniques and practices we use with our own client’s, are also so useful for us, in our world, in flourishing our work, our businesses, our relationships, our health, our healing, our life.

I was part of a live training call today about flourishing and growing our businesses – I’m always amazed that while yes, it was about business, about money, about influence, about growth – yet the focus of the whole call, was on taking responsibility and asking ourselves a sequence of questions designed to get clear, to uncover what is deeper, to really feel, explore, to let go, to forgive – yes – to take the back pack off!!!

* You may be familiar with this set of questions, that I’m about to share with you, as you would use them with your clients in your therapy practices, your seminars and retreats – BUT – do you consistently use them for yourself?

This series of questions is called the PCC sequence – Persistent Core Concerns

Take a moment now to look at just one area of your life:
– it may be health or well-being;
– diet and fitness;
– relationships, family or intimacy;
– work, career, business or money;
– mindfulness or spirituality;
– rest, relaxation or even time management;

As you look at this area of your life, start to become aware of what is your ‘main concern’, your ‘main complaint’ that arises here : is it that you don’t have enough time, money resources, or health? Is it that you feel like a failure or a fraud, maybe you feel you are not enough, not skilled enough, inadequate etc.

Whatever arises for you, slowly work though this list of questions, being honest and kind to yourself.

1. What are your more persistent concerns complaints, critiques in this area?
2. How to you actually do this in your life? How does this show up?
3. How do I treat or behave towards myself/others when doing that complaint?
4. What’s the payoff? What’s the positive thing I get from doing that behaviour? What do I feel?
– being right/wrong
– getting to dominate/avoid being dominated
– justify myself/invalidate others
– win/lose
5. What is the cost of actually doing this?
6. What does the future look like with/without those things/behavious?
7. Write down everything that needs to be forgiven or to forgive. Take responsibility for everything that you need to and then give that up.
8. Communicate what you discovered doing this, to the people involved ( or if you are a journey practitioner you can do a campfire )

These questions make the unseen seen, you get to discover the patterns, then you get to consciously choose.

* And, a last question to ask is: what is this worth to you?

This series of questions was only one part of our business training call today – it was amazing and I will share more with you tomorrow.

* So, who’s ready to take off their backpack?

I would really love to hear if this has been of value to you and what you have uncovered – you can leave me a comment below or if it is more personal just send me a private message.

And – if you would like to know more or would like to be a part of this amazing online business platform that has such great support and training like this, leave me a comment or send me a private message and I’ll share that with you.

So much love Yantra-ji 

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