Sep 232018

The Vibration of Attraction – Listening and Asking Real Questions!!

It is so amazing what is revealed when we are willing to investigate what is deeper, to listen and ask real questions – I wanted to share this recent personal inquiry, and the questions, as it may be useful for you as well …..

* When I read, listen to, or watch something, I listen from the place of ‘how is this relevant for me?’

Whenever there is change, transformation or any decision being called for in our lives, it is so useful to be willing to stop, to quietly listen, and to ask ‘real questions’ rather than pushing through or avoiding.

There are many times for all of us, where we are faced with big decisions, making significant changes, or taking new and different actions.

It could be facing changes in our home, location or lifestyle, maybe it’s a change in career direction or business, or some type of financial crisis, we could be ending a relationship, friendship or marriage, or beginning a new one, and we could be embarking on a healing, personal quest or spiritual journey.

We may be open to the guidance and vibration of grace, only to find our own vibration is somehow at a different frequency, as though sending out different or opposing signals, unconscious or silent saboteurs that seem to thwart our actions, decisions or intent.

* So as I said, whenever I read, listen to, or watch something, I listen from the place of ‘how is this relevant for me?’

Last night we were listening to a dear friend and colleague Arnold, speaking in the Journey Life Transformation Community, about Abundance and Frequency. Through our work with the journey Method we are often investigating, uncovering and clearing issues around Abundance; manifesting, growing it, letting it go, and these Silent Saboteurs.

* I listened from the place of ‘How does this apply?’ and ‘In what ways does this apply to me?’

We can all have silent saboteurs that may show up as, negative beliefs, emotional shutdowns, cell memories, fears, genetically transferred limitations, or our background, professional, and cultural views that create limitations.

I had a strong response to these words “…should be happy with…”

Even though yes of course I can thrive in, through, and with, grace rather than ‘..should be happy with..’, as these words arose with a strong response, it would be useful for me to investigate this.

Again, it was about listening and asking real questions:

* IS THERE something that is thwarting me in my life, my work, my business, my personal life? Is there something stopping grace from flourishing in and through my life? From really attracting to me those with clarity, purpose and joy!

The only truthful answer for me was “I don’t know?”
So again, asking another question:

* IF THERE IS – what might it be?

I heard the words arise “..Make Do..” wow that was interesting – how many times have we all heard that as a child, or growing up, or even as an adult, that we should make do with what we have!

* How did that have me feel?

The willingness to open and feel, there was anger, sadness, fear, I continued opening and allowing, until again I was totally surprised at what arose – the sense of having no control of my sons death, opening even wider into the despair, opening and allowing the fear, the fear ‘of..’ of being attacked, rejected, shunned – staying wide open and really getting to experience that the ‘of’ is made up, so just allowing the fear and opening into the total relief and joy that is here, into the truth that we don’t know what anything is actually like here, there is only totally open unknown – and wow – opening into the vibration of attraction itself.

Who would have thought this was what would be discovered underneath those few simple words, “…should be happy with…” and “..Make Do..” Who would have thought this was what would be discovered by looking at what may have been underneath attracting ease and flow and grace in my business life. It really is so simple and amazing what is revealed, cleared, and opens up when we are willing to really Listen and Ask Real Questions.

This inquiry can be used in a variety of ways as support, and If it has been useful for you, please do let me know as I’d love to hear from you:

* You may like to use the questions that I have shared as a personal inquiry, asking each one and being open to the arising thought, the arising response, the arising feelings.

* If this inquiry or questions has touched on something where you feel you need support, you may like to book an appointment for a private Consultation or a Journey Process with me personally, you can leave me a comment or send a private message or visit:

* You may want to explore The Journey Method more fully by attending a 3 day intensive while Brandon Bays is here is Australia through the link here:

* Or if you may like to be part of the amazing team of people, who are willing to do the inner work and share this business journey with me – I am so humbled and grateful – just leave me a comment or send me a private message and I will get back to you.

So much love to you all on this shared journey of discovery, freedom, love and joy

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