Sep 232018

Hi beloveds, as I get ready for offering something I really love – our women’s gathering today – I am also wondering – Have you ever sat and pondered what your life will be like in a month, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or 30 years?

Over the years I know I have. These were not idle thoughts of wondering, rather intentional nudges from grace, as I future paced from deep meditation or journey process work, revealing always new and fresh possibilities.

From the very core of my being, from a deep soul level, these nudges and whisperings of grace, have always been pointing to creating and living a life where I can be, do, and have anything l desired. A life where l wake up every day feeling, inspired, offering, serving, and experiencing immense joy and gratitude, fulfilled in every area, health, wealth, relationship, home, financial, spiritually – and for those who know me, you know this is how this life is moved and lived.

In following these nudges, I have recently been pointed to opening up to new possibilities and opportunities – as I asked in prayer to be shown, how do we open more, flourish more, be supported more in our financial well-being?

I could see clearly that flourishing our finances was not going to be achieved solely through what l was currently doing as a therapist, a practitioner and offering Satsang – these are my heart offerings – which give me immense joy and fulfillment – but l knew and was being shown clearly this was not going to be the sole avenue for our financial well-being.

Let’s be honest here about money – money assists in creating and flourishing a life you love – whatever that may look like for you.

So, I want to share with you what I have been shown, an online opportunity that has me be excited and marries both what I deeply love, with purpose and integrity while flourishing our financial welling.

During a private training webinar that will be happening in an exclusive Facebook group tonight – Sunday evening at 7pm AEST, the mindset and the strategy of 5 figure plus months online will be broken down.

For those of you who can watch this live – there will be an opportunity to trial the platform/strategy risk free and also be gifted a copy of the ‘l love money course’ to help you create more ease and flow with money.

If you are someone that is wanting to be shown a new way, or searching for an extra source of income and choose to positively impact people’s lives at the same time then I encourage you to seriously take this opportunity to find out more.

You never know……

This one little step you take may be the beginning of a new, inspiring and great journey that we share together …….

leave me a comment ‘Yes’ or send me a private message and l will send you the link.

So much love Yantra

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