Sep 232018

Saying Yes – Trusting the Nudges and the Whisperings of Grace

As you know, I love what I do and offer, and my work has been flourishing as I am called to step up more and more by the nudges and pushes of grace, offering, doing, and being used more and more by life itself.

Are you willing to trust these nudges, the whisperings of grace?

Are you willing to say ‘yes’ ?

I am – I have – and I am so grateful.

Some really dear friends of mine were sharing on fb, and this had me intrigued and curious. I wanted to know what they were up to and so asked them to share with me. They spoke about online marketing, affiliate marketing and attraction marketing, they spoke about an amazing platform, and automation – and I said yes!

Yes, show me! Yes, I’ll take a look, Yes, I’ll trial what you are doing, Yes, I trust you, and definitely, Yes, to trusting the whispering and nudges of Grace.

I have to say that through what I have heard and seen and learnt, I am totally inspired by what is possible in such a short time, the financial results being generated, and the way the women, yes, especially the women, are being empowered, inspired, and motivated.

We are from all walks of life, all experience levels, committed to creating a future full of love and prosperity.

The personal and financial results being generated, are through implementing this online organic attraction marketing – showing up as we are, doing, sharing and offering what we do, authentically – which effortlessly leads people with no selling, to the platform and incredible high-end product.


What I have found by implementing the training through the platform is, that my own work, what I do and what I offer have been hugely impacted, through me showing up and sharing more deeply and authentically as myself.

Listening to the nudges and whisperings of grace has led me to say Yes. This has been an answer to my prayer to be shown, what now, what else? what more? what next?

The love, joy and gratitude I feel is huge, at trusting my dear friends, and trusting this nudge, to open and move forward in this way. How amazing it is, the way grace wants to move us, inspire us, support us, live through us.

So, my invitation to you is this:

Join me to take a look at what I have been shown – just leave me a comment ‘Yes’ below or send me a private message.

What then?

When you comment ‘Yes’, I will add you into a private group, you will have access to a free live webinar training on Wednesday 11 AM AEST you will learn about this amazing online business with heart and soul, that pays commissions for showing up authentically and be able to trial the same platform that I have trialed


For being a part of this group there is also an exclusive offer being made to you – if you are as excited as I am, you will be able to take advantage of a free 30 day mentoring, tailored to you.

* If you have left me a ‘Yes’ previously and are inspired by this offer, not to worry, you wont miss out. I can add you to this group, so you can check it all out there and be included in this offer as well *

So again, my invitation to you is this:

Join me to take a look at what I have been shown – just leave me a comment ‘Yes’ below, or send me a private message to access this free training on:
Wednesday 11 AM AEST
Be a part of this group and take advantage of this amazing offer.

There will be a Recording made available for all time zones and you will need to be added into this private group for access.

I am excited to share how it can be possible for you too!

How amazing, that we may all get to work together sharing in this love, this joy, authentically being ourselves.

So much love to you ~ Yantra

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