Sep 232018

September 6, 1997

Beloved Papaji
the blessing of my life
as form and formless
the gift of the teacher
as my own Self
this Love that IS
so deep, vast, endless
the truth that abides everywhere
death is nothing
just the changing of form
tears of love and gratitude
I celebrate the day
your body and form
was born and died
and celebrate This
that you are
forever and always
You fill my life with Bhakti
in Love and devotion
I am forever bowed
at your formless feet
at rest in this Peace
in Love my beloved
with you
as this one Heart

🙏💕 Papaji Ke Jai 💕🙏
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

🕉 ~ Namaste Yantra 🙏💕

This beautiful photo of beloved Papaji

was taken by our dear friend Chandi Devi,

Papaji’s personal photographer.

Image may contain: Chandi Devi, smiling

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