Sep 232018

‘Meaning Making Machines’

What we see, perceive and decide about something, someone or life, isn’t necessarily the truth – our minds are literally ‘Meaning Making Machines’

Have you ever heard this term before ?

I first learnt about this many years ago when I was in my early 20’s and studying ‘A Course in Miracles’.

We give everything we see outside us, around us, and in our awareness, all the meaning it has for us.

We are literally inventing our own reality with the stories we are telling ourselves – through the thoughts that we have.

Our thoughts, when constantly recycled and replayed in our minds, become the stories we carry.

The more we tell ourselves the same story over and over, the faster it becomes ‘true’ to us and shapes how we feel, perceive and behave in the world.

If you are interested in investigating this further for yourself, I will share a post tomorrow with some questions that may assist you to both gain clarity and release, an opportunity to be here as we are, story free, no longer living as a meaning making machine.

** keep an eye out for my post tomorrow **

much love Yantra-ji

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