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Money and Spirituality, Money and Love, Money and Freedom

This Satsang came from a spontaneous inquiry, investigating the truth of what was underlying the beliefs and myths about Money and Spirituality, Money and Love, Money and Freedom

Satsang : Money and Spirituality – 19th June 2018

( This is the second part of an excerpt transcribed from a 2 hour Satsang with Yantra-ji on 19th June 2018 – note: it has been edited to maintain privacy of the participants )

Part 2 :

You see, we have these ideas and these beliefs that we have to maintain, then a certain way of living and being in the world, we set up our life in a certain way, and there is no freedom in that. We tell ourselves these stories, lovely ones or horrible ones you know, and there is a usefulness to actually uncover and investigate :

Where we are lying to ourselves?

Where are we covering over?

Where we are tricking ourselves into believing something ?

We cling to identity, beliefs, stories, projections – and it’s like we are not willing to have a look.

So, I’m asking that we have a look to see that it is actually a lie, that you are free, regardless. That you do not have to maintain this idea, this image, this identity, of us and them, me and them, this and the other, rich and poor.

See, free means free, not just sometimes free, not just bits of free, free is Free!

THIS is untouched whether you have money or not.

THIS is untouched whether you are generous or not.

THIS is untouched whether you are kind or not, whether you have debt or bankrupt or not.

Let us meet what is here – then, if you are needy – other people will?

Give me love and money – because you need it – and then you feel loved.

So you see, all this is, is this point of investigation that pierces the lie, and you get to rest here, as you are, as you’ve always been, without maintaining something on top, that is not real.

( response to a participant’s story of unbearable intensity )

This is the bit that we don’t need to know, nothing to do with me, nothing to do with you, nothing to do with Papaji, just this, calling you home. It was obviously bearable though, because here you are. This  is why we move, because things feel, seem, unbearable, or maybe it was unbearable once, felt unbearable, and so we keep moving away.

( participant ) “I couldn’t move away – there was no optioncan’t explain it with the mind – I know you know these things , just trusting there is nowhere else to go – so I don’t know…”

There was no option – yes – can’t explain it with the mind – yes –I don’t know. That’s the truth – I don’t know – yes – that is the truth, we don’t, we don’t know. This amazingly incredible mysterious life, how can we know ( laughs )

( participant ) “…so weird to talk and say ‘I’ when there is no experience of ‘I’ and it seems in saying ‘I’, it’s reaffirming the experience of the ‘I’

I will share this again – When Ramana said to Papaji “If you know it’s a dream, then what is the problem, why not go and do your duty?”  – You know it’s a dream, you can say the word ‘I’, it doesn’t touch anything, it is a part of our language. Otherwise we do some weird kind of dance around trying to speak to each other. we could invent another language and fail which happens in some circle, and then the silence itself speaks, this discovery speaks, this love speaks, this that’s untouched speaks, moves, lives, guides, always has been.

It is amazing how life orchestrates even what occurs in Satsang because you know, it’s not necessarily something that I’d by my own choice, bring up a conversation about money in Satsang you know it’s like life goes oh really, ok – ( everyone laughing )  .

Everything can be a pointer, everything can be a distraction or a pointer.

So Satsang can be used as a distraction, that’s why I said earlier, that you can use Satsang as a place to come and sit and meditate and open, and feel good and then go back to running in your life on the wheel, you know you can, OR you can use it really with its intent to pierce the lie of illusion, that who you are isn’t even coming or going ever, from Satsang ( laughs ) it is alive, here, as you.

( a participant ) …”the pattern I can see in my life is around money and success, battle of freedom vs mind or fear vs love, fear of success, fear off exposure”…

So, when we are willing to be still and meet this, this one or the other, this movement back and forward – the back and forward avoids this, the exposure, the terror, whatever kind of whatever we have, the flawed-ness, the brokenness, whatever we believe, but when we meet this, there is no reason for this to go on.

Do you see how everything is always pointing, this movement is pointing here, its pointing here!

( a participant ) “….another pattern is around healthy self-belief, or self-love or acceptance, then feeling ok about myself it feels like arrogance – so I can’t find that middle ground, I seem to bounce off one or the other”

Because both are made up! You know I’ve spoken many times in Satsang about this ‘thing that does this’ ( showing one hand on one side and one hand on the other side as though juggling both sides ) and we are either here or here – but we are being called to be right here ( showing the hand as the mid point ) razors edge, pinpoint awareness here, unmoving, no inflation, no deflation. Because if we are pumping ourselves up, that bubble has to burst, so it is this constant seesawing backwards and forwards. we’ve all done this as kids, stood in the middle of the seesaw – haven’t you all done that? ( everyone agreeing ) we did as kids

( participant asking )  “on a real seesaw?”

Yes a real seesaw, you stand in the middle and nothing is going on and you notice you put one foot or the other, or there is just this point right here, right here where we are. The seesaw, is a mental seesaw, or an emotional seesaw, maybe even a physical seesaw that is going on, but it is all pointing back here. If you are willing to use it as that, it doesn’t have to be fixed, you don’t have to find a solution to this that’s going back and forward.

Trying to manufacture one thing, whilst avoiding the fact that you are already manufacturing the other – ( laughing ) – this is what we don’t get. We are actually already manufacturing the other, then we try to manufacture over the top of the other one – but really to stop – to stop trying to BE Someone and to stop avoiding being someone, even the words are I’m no-one, or I’m nothing, we are still being someone that is showing up as some being ‘no-one’ or ‘nothing’, in that deflated state, or trying to manufacture and pump ourselves up – and you know we see that there are plenty of seminars you can go to, to do that, to pump you up for 3 days or 5 days, or 10 day, you come home and you are – pffff up for a few days, then pfff – deflate – it can’t be maintained because it is not real !

‘This’, this that you are, doesn’t need pumping up and this that you are cannot be deflated, this that you are, is already through all of the inflation and the deflation, if you stop long enough, to experience the truth, there is no-where that ‘This’ is not.

See we think, I have to be inflated in order to be free, in order to be someone, in order to be seen, or known, or loved, or liked, on and on and on, or I have to be needy in order to be loved – the deflated, I can’t be inflated, but ‘This’, this is already permeating that, if we just stop tap dancing long enough, just stop! ‘This’ isn’t reliant on what is going in in your mind, you can have whatever you want going on in your mind, ‘This’ is still the truth of who you are – you don’t have to control anything.

( a participant ) “…that feels like how I ended up here, because I haven’t controlled anything, with no freedom” 

So, it depends what you are using the word freedom to determine?

‘This’ is already free – whether you are physically free, emotionally free, financially free, mentally free, makes no difference.

It’s just useful to see where we play big and play small, where we inflate and deflate, and what if you couldn’t ? – you may need to meet something, or you just rest as you are.

Experience the truth right now, right now, ‘This’ – this grace in every breath, in every cell, in every atom, through the space – this grace, awareness, connected to and as everything. It needs no story, to be.

And what is really revealed? Is it that this grace is revealed ? Or is it just that the lie gets exposed ? – and then you remember this, that’s always been. Not a remembering like ‘did I put the cat out? – not that kind of remembering – a never, having, forgotten, remembering!!! You’ve never actually forgotten this, you cannot forget yourself, you cannot loose yourself, you cannot misplace yourself, it doesn’t end over there and begin again over here, it doesn’t start and stop depending on your thoughts.

Speak the truth to yourself!!

You are this endless grace already  – Regardless of name or form or gender, identity, money, having loss, anything – Stop pretending, it’s time to stop pretending!

Fall in love with ‘This’ so deeply that there is no return!

And stay here!


( Laughter )

Namaste ~ Yantra-ji

* this was continued on from Part 1 … to read Part 1 please click here

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