Dec 182017

We can feel overwhelmed, with the frenetic and hectic pace that seems to come at this time of the year. So many things are calling for our attention our businesses, finances, family and personal lives.

It is so important that we remember to STOP, to BREATHE, to rest in the STILLNESS and SILENCE that is always here, undisturbed by this seeming rush and busyness.

Can you pause for just a moment right now?….

Take a breath, really feel the breath all the way in, allow the body to come to rest, notice the whirring of the mind, allow it to become still. Just for a moment let everything go and be still, you are free to pick up anything in any moment – so just right now, this moment Stop, be here.

As you pause, feel yourself here. Become aware of the silence that holds everything, this person that you call you, your life, your ideas, your desires, your thoughts , your emotion. Instead of giving your attention to all these arising forms, just for a moment give your attention to this Silence that holds it all.

Allow your self to rest into yourself, into this silence that has no edges, no boundaries, no desires, no needs, other than to be here as itself – breathe in, drink in the silence, notice that it is not touched by ‘you’ or any thought of I, you, your, me mine, life desire – let yourself rest here. Notice that here all is full, complete, loved, free.

You may like to ask the question:

who or what then is actually busy?

who or what is actually rushing?

who or what is dictating the busy pace?

What do you discover?

Satsang and Retreat offers us the opportunity to really pause, to stop, to discover more fully, deeply freshly, what is here. When we stop we discover this silence that is untouched, it is what lives this life, through the form that you call you. It moves you to take action, or to remain still – life occurs, interaction happens, decisions are made , deadlines met, all without the frenetic pace of mind whirring and whipping up a storm – all from a place of resting in and as your own silent self.

Through attending Living Alignment events, reading the newsletter and blog posts  you will find many resources to support you in resting in and discovering more deeply this silence that is your own Self. 

Namaste Yantra-ji

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