Jul 172017

The deepening call of the One-Self

I am so moved by the endless deepening of the beloveds who attended the Satsang retreat on Sunday. This fire once lit, catches hold like a wildfire, it cant be put out, it must burn. There is nothing to do but surrender more and more deeply to this that is revealed, to this that is discovered freshly here.

What is it that you discover when everything is surrendered here?

What words arise from the depths of this discovery?

Maybe you notice there is nothing to be spoken – and yet if words were to arise,  if you could hear the words that this deepening itself is reveling to you, as you –  what would that be?  

Vastness, open, spacious, empty?

Rather than stopping here at what you first discover, are you willing to open more deeply, discover even more deeply what is being revealed in the depths of the Self?

If you say vast – how vast is this vastness, how open is this opening, how endless is this that has no end?

Allow the pull of this discovery to continue to lead you, to pull you, ever deeper, wider, vaster, into itself – How much more is on offer here in the depth of endless stillness and silence?

If this that has no beginning and no end, no sides, no definitions, no boundaries, could use words to communicate it-self – what would those words be, what would be heard, what would it say ?


The words revealed from the depths of this discovery, from truth itself – are so full and complete, so compelling – pulling one deeper with every word, with every space between the words – there is nothing other than the nakedness of the truth itself revealed in the words – allow them to speak to the truth as you.

Endless discovery
how deep is this depth?
Vast, wide, endless,
words rising and falling in the silence
meaning nothing,
are nothing,
made of and returning to nothing,
the end of everything
and yet
No End!
So still,
precious silence
every sound
such Bliss
Eyes see
ears hear
heart feels,
everything and nothing
precious discovery
Infinite Silence
bursting with love
empty as nothing
yet full of life
Container of all
yet boundless and free
Gratitude and awe
flow in contemplation
exquisite simplicity
conceals intricate complexity
Perfect design
allows effortless being
All is in peace
I bow to the self

thank you beloveds for the gift of sharing these words of truth from the depths of endless discovery – this one-Self
~ Namaste Yantra-ji

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