Jul 102017

Meeting ‘need’ and discovering what is deeper

We all have needs starting with the basic human needs that support survival – food, shelter, water, air, warmth.

There are the needs of being a social species, that of connection, closeness and intimacy, enabling the ability to procreate, to stay safe as a group, and survive as a species.

Through our ability to think, feel and sense – these same needs become driven by an idea, belief or story that we are a someone, a somebody, who is in some way lacking, threatened, vulnerable, out of control.

Through our mind, our senses or emotions, we begin trying to find what will fill our lack, what will prevent the threat, what will have us be safe, secure, or loved. These needs – either overt or covert –  to be in relationship, to be seen, to be valued, to be unique, to be wanted, to be respected, to be knowledgeable etc etc disguise our fears that we feel inadequate, unlovable, unsafe.

We may be aware or unaware of the needs that arise. We may be perceived as someone who is needy or lacking in needs. Whichever way it shows up, it is useful to pierce the lie of overt or covert ‘need’ to discover who is the one that needs and is needing, to discover what is this need, to discover what it covers, and to discover what is deeper, and ever deeper still – what is untouched by any perceived need? What has never been touched? What can never be tainted, changed or altered, whether or not any need is ever met or remains unmet?

There is an opportunity in Satsang, or retreat, to fully pierce the lie of the identified self, this one who has ‘need’, and discover, not the one who has no need, but rather this itself that is needless – in ever deepening gratitude for this endless opportunity of fresh discovery – of Self

~ Namaste Yantra-ji

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