May 162017

‘Living in Devotion’

What is devotion? What does it mean to you to be devoted, to live in devotion? Devoted to who or to what ? As always at first it is useful to explore what these words mean to us – how do we devote our time, our life and to what?

Are you devoted to ‘your’ life, to your story, to your ideas, to your identity, to being a certain someone? Are you devoted to a cause, to rigidity, to a purpose, to an ideal? Are you devoted to suffering, to living a lie, to playing small?

“Wherever you go, maya has a trap that is waiting for you. If you worship, you can get trapped in the rituals of worship. If you follow the path of yoga, then yogic samadhi will be a trap for you. Do you understand?” ~ Papaji

Are you devoted to the idea of truth, to the idea of enlightenment , to the idea of freedom? Are you devoted to service, or surrender, or ritual?

My beloved teacher Papaji says Devotion’ really means ‘not divided’. The Sanskrit word bhakti actually means ‘where there is no division’ “- Papaji was a bhakti, his whole life was lived in devotion, to the living discovery of God, to Krishna, to Ramana, to truth, to consciousness itself – What is your life really devoted to? Are you willing to surrender fully? Who is the one living in devotion?

Eventually through the direct realisation of your own Self and the commitment to remain true to this discovery, these questions no longer arise or need to be answered.
When you are devoted to the living Truth of your own Self, to This that is All – there is just devotion living as itself.

“Supreme devotion is not to give rise to a single thought. Then you are not carried away” ~ Papaji

Remain here as you are, free, conscious, living in devotion itself.

We recently held a one day Satsang retreat ‘Living In Devotion’. It was a beautiful opportunity to explore and immerse more deeply, to have confirmed this undeniable truth of our own self, that who we are, this that life itself is, is living devotion itself.  No matter what is occurring, there is the possibility to be fully present, here as your own self, fully immersed in this that is love itself, living, being lived, in devotion. What ultimately is discovered, the words Living ‘in’ Devotion, become Living Devotion, then just Devotion – Devotion Living itself. Such a gift of this fresh discovery of yourself, living in and as devotion itself ~ Namaste Yantra-ji

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