Apr 242017

Love As Everything

Here as we are there is only this,  whether we call it openness, nothing, space or peace, it is also all love – there is nothing that is not all, the entirety of consciousness itself – there is nothing then that is not love.

When we use the body, the emotions, or the mind to discern love, we think of love as an idea, a set of terms, or needs, a group of emotions, or sensations, and we miss the essential all abiding quality that is always here as love itself – full, free, endless and un-name-able. 

When we are willing to be still, to not move, to be as we are with no idea of what is here, to just ‘Stop’ as my beloved teacher Papaji has said – you discover your self as this that is all, this that is everything, this that is consciousness, this that is love itself, the essence that is undeniably here, the ground of being, the substratum of existence – you discover your self and Love as everything.

We offered a one day satsang retreat to explore and immerse more deeply, to have confirmed this undeniable truth of own own self that who we are, this that life itself is, is love – Love as everything.

No matter what is occurring, there is the possibility to be fully present, here as your own self, fully immersed in this that is love itself, living, being lived, as Love. l encourage you to give yourself the gift of this fresh discovery, of yourself, in love as everything ~ Namaste Yantra-ji

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