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A Life on Fire – with Yantra-ji

A life on Fire’, a one day Satsang retreat was offered at the end of Jan 2017 What does this mean ‘A Life on fire’?

Not me and my personal life, rather this that is life itself, alight with the blaze of its own grace.

What is this ‘life that is living you’?

As you allow the fire of grace to burn through all that is not real – you discover yourself in and as a blaze of truth. How is this life then to be lived?

What is the call of this inner fire?

Discover what is here always in this blazing fire of truth – your own self, ignited as the fire of life itself. Join us for a deeply revealing inquiry and discover this endless fire of grace and love, that is and has always been your own self.

Following is an edited excerpt from two chapters in the Satsang book ‘Profound Awakening – Meeting Papaji Now – Vol 1 – Yantra-ji’, this book will be available for purchase mid year 2017.

The Fire of Surrender

Let your will burn in this fire so that it takes you nowhere else. Let your self be burned in this fire of eternity, love and peace. Don’t be afraid of this fire, it is love itself. This desire for freedom is the fire of love! ~ Papaji

” …Through the intensity of what I was now faced with, I was being offered an opportunity by life, to surrender everything. This fire could not be ignored, I had to meet and feel the intensity of it all, the anger, the rage, the sadness, the grief. Every thought, belief, desire, hope and concept about my marriage, my self, my life, was being burnt to dust. It was a fire so hot burning inside me, burning everything, as though Kali and Durga themselves (the powerful fiery protective forces of the Hindu goddesses) had been summoned, consuming everything that was a lie in my life – there was not an option to do anything else …. how that would look and where it would end I did not know.”

“…… Then something unexpected happened, as it does in life, or rather a series of unexpected events. ……”

“….. Understandably I was upset, I was angry, and I was devastated. All I could do was to surrender and meet all that arose, all of the upset, the anger, the devastation and the mistrust. In the willingness to experience it fully there was a realness, a rawness, and a sense of peace, that all was occurring as it should be. No matter what was arising there was a sense that it was all arising from and falling back into this deeper embrace of peace. In surrendering everything to this fire of Papaji’s love, I was experiencing all of life being held in this embrace…..”

“…. In Rishikesh, it felt as though my mind had been silenced, as though my mind had been left behind somehow. There was just a profound quiet and deep trust of this unfolding, whatever that was and however that looked.” …… “It was such a hugely deepening and opening experience, not something that can tangibly be expressed in words.

What does deepening mean? What does opening mean? The best description that I can really give is to say that the mind is silenced, the mind is left behind, thought is non-existent, while daily action and activity could just occur naturally, and spontaneously – whether eating, drinking, walking, yoga, meditation, seeing, speaking, or in silence. All of it occurred and was occurring, in this blaze of stillness, in this huge embrace that had been created both by Janaki and this sacred pilgrimage through India and through Mother India herself, through the blessing of grace itself…..”


Just be quiet. This quiet does not involve talking or not talking. It does not involve any doing whatsoever. Just let the mind fall into silence. This is enough. ~ Papaji

“…One of the days in Rishikesh was set aside as a time of preparation, with meditation, chanting and silence on the banks of the river, on a beautiful beach….” “…. Prayers were offered to the holy Mother, to the Ganga, Ganga Ma, regarding that which we wanted to let go of, that which we wanted to offer up, to surrender up to God, to grace, to life, to cleansing, to healing, to truth, to freedom.

This prayer to freedom itself, that was burning inside of me, that was living me, that had brought me to India, was offered up. My whole life was being offered, all of it, everything in service to truth, in service to this that I am, this unspeakable presence. It is amazing how many words we use to try and describe this that is so silent, huge, profound, vast and unspeakable.”

“…..Stepping into that holy river was as though it was a burning all-consuming fire, obliterating, everything, consuming the identity, the name, the form, the mind, and everything known. Cleansed in deep prayer, in the clear crystal waters of the Ganga, this bathing was like being cleansed in a burning fire of icy cold purity, with mother Ganga taking everything offered to her.

And ‘who’ stepped out? Yes that is it – WHO? – just This, not a someone, just This, clean, clear, presence.

“Firstly there must be a desire for God, a love for God or a desire for liberation, without that nothing is possible.

Secondly, this desire for God or realisation is like an inner flame, one must kindle it and fan it, until it becomes a raging fire which consumes all of one’s other desires and interests.

Thirdly, if this inner fire rages for long enough, with sufficient intensity, it will finally consume even that one central overwhelming desire for God or the self.”
~ Papaji

The fire of freedom is just that, it is a fire that burns and consumes everything into itself, as itself. It leaves nothing, no stone unturned, no semblance of any past, present, future, just clarity, pristine awareness, the naked truth, naked to Itself. This is how ‘I’ emerged from the river Ganga – naked to myself, to life, to this unspeakable, fathomless, presence…..”

May the fire of your own self obliterate all that is not you, leaving this clean, clear, pristine, unmistakable grace, that is your own self ~ all love ~ Namaste Yantra-ji


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