Dec 052016



‘In the Heart of Love’ – Every day we are faced with so much. Often the natural inherent beauty and love seems to be overshadowed by trivial and mundane daily trials, or family, community, or world crisis. Our hearts are often burdened with the weight of what is occurring in the outer circumstances. As human beings we react and try to protect ourselves from this seeming onslaught, by being in denial, avoiding, or retaliating, all the while perpetuating the very suffering we are trying to avoid.

In our need to avoid what we are faced with, we ultimately avoid what is so precious, true, at peace and always present. At this time of the year at the lead up to Christmas, there is so much frantic rush and business. The essence of the peace and beauty, the truth of this time of the year, is often overlooked. Rather than a time to celebrate the light that is each one of us, Christmas time often turns into a spending, eating, disconnected event, one that is not of the heart and not of love, instead full of obligation, conflict, and upset.

‘In the heart of love’ could be the words we use that symbolize the truth of Christmas time. Whether you are a practicing Christian or not, the end of the year offers a time to honour and reflect on the Christ light that is found within each of us. The symbolism of the ‘Christ child’, is the light of consciousness being birthed into physical form, which can be seen reflected in the eyes of all children, and if we are willing to look deeply, truthfully, into another we see the same light is shining as our own consciousness, as the one self.

What is here in the heart of love when we are willing to stop? to be still? to be silent? What is discovered when we stop engaging with the thoughts about our life, or our circumstances? What is discovered in the willingness to stop in mid fight or flight, to stop all internal conflict, all avoidance, all pseudo protection? No matter the intensity of what is going on, no matter the upset, no matter who or what is at fault, no matter how painful, or distressing, we actually always have the choice to stop and be still – what is really here when you are willing to meet fully what is here?

When we are willing to stop, to be still, to be silent, we discover our heart has the capacity to bear it all, we discover a love that is so vast that it encompasses all, we discover what has always been here in the heart of love – We discover in our own heart – all hearts, we discover the truth of love – is all love. No matter what is occurring, there is the possibility to be fully present, here as your own self, fully immersed in the heart of love. l encourage you to give yourself the gift of this fresh discovery, deepening in the heart of love – Namaste Yantra-ji

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