Nov 072016

Version 2

In the face of it all – saying ‘Yes’ to what is.

Often we are faced with situations, circumstances or events where we feel powerless to act, to do something or to make positive change. It may be a physical illness or injury, loss of a relationship or death, it may be unwanted recurring thoughts, or some type of emotional turmoil or other adversity, it may even be a subtle niggle that you cant quite put your finger on. Any situation can have us feel powerless, enraged, fearful or heartbroken. Often we don’t even realise that we are not wanting to feel what is really here, rather we want whatever is occurring to stop so we can go back to our comfortable lives, or to create a comfortable life.

How can we be still and true in the face of any unwanted or unwarranted circumstance, in the face of the worlds adversity, in the face of injustice, in the face of seemingly random events out of our control? First we must be willing to be present to all that is here in the moment, still, silent, un-moving.

Notice whether you are resisting what is here, even subtly are you saying ‘no’ to what is here? When we are willing to be here, to say yes – what is discovered ? Maybe there is a flood of strong emotion, anger, sadness, powerlessness, heart break? Once again notice, are you resting what is here? What would it be like to soften, to just say yes , yes to what is showing up in the moment, without judging it as right or wrong. It is our mind which interprets all that is coming in through the senses, all the thoughts we have about right and wrong, all of our conditioned responses. Without trying to change anything just for a moment allow all that is here. Allow the emotion to be here, without story , what is discovered deeper still.

“If you’re really listening, if you’re awake to the poignant beauty of the
world, your heart breaks regularly. In fact your heart is made to break;
its purpose is to burst open again and again so that it can hold
ever-more wonders.” – Andrew Harvey

In the allowing, a greater opening is reveled, this that is free of concepts, free of time, free of anything, here is real peace, here is love and equanimity, stillness, silence, beauty. There is the possibility to remain here as this un-moving silent awareness that allows all – then true action can take place , not from a reaction, or mental judgement, not from a need to suppress or avoid – just true action, unknown, fresh, in the moment, free, spontaneous – here there is the possibility to bring this that you are to all.

Join us for an evening of Satsang, discover what is here when we allow everything, when we say yest to what is, discover this that is the freedom of your own self. ~ Namaste Yantra-ji

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