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The Core of Shame:

Shame is an emotion that most people tend to avoid, recoil from and deflect rather than be willing to feel. The words shame and humiliation can be interchangeable, they are two peas in the same pod. It is usually assumed that one is ‘shamed or humiliated’ from someone else, that it is somehow done to us. However like any emotion and feeling response, we feel it where it arises, within us.

If we feel we have been shamed or humiliated when young, we tend to spend much of our lives avoiding situations and circumstances that may trigger this same response. We develop a fearful feeling response, to feeling the emotion of shame or humiliation.

Occasionally life will present a situation where we feel that we are responsible for feeling shame. We may feel ashamed, at something we have said or done, or felt. Usually it is that we feel bad, upset, angry, defensive and ashamed of ourselves, our actions our behaviour, again it is often justified away so that we don’t have to feel the discomfort of it, preferring to blame it on some thing or some one.

As with any feeling response, any emotion, it is just a sensation within the body, it may be subtle or strong, and it is arising and falling. Feeling it cannot harm us, it is the same as feeling any other emotion, anger sadness, joy, pain, fear, love, all arsing and falling.

In the willingness to meet any emotion and remain innocent, un-moving, something else is always revealed, something else is always discovered to be deeper, in the core. The interesting thing about the emotional response of shame, is that when it is freely and fully met without any story, openly innocently freshly, then what remains is humility – yes in the core of shame, in the core of humiliation – is humility. So in avoiding what we fear, we are avoiding such a precious gift of humility itself. The simplicity and awe of meeting ourselves, through wherever arises. Such a gift.



I am
Bowed at the feet of God
Needing nothing
Sitting in the lap of God
Resting on the hand of God
Cradled in the heart of God
Seeing through the eyes of God
There is no thought
Embodying all
Rejecting nothing
In awe
I am
God and Self are one

~ Yantra-ji


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