Sep 052016


Are you willing ?

You say you want to be true, to be free, to be your self, but do you really?

Are you willing to risk everything in order to be free here now ?

Are you willing to see what the unconscious habits and tendencies are that keep the cycle of upset, denial and fluctuating emotional responses in play ?

There is often some habit, behaviour or reaction that reoccurs in ones life, that we seem somehow to be oblivious to.

Are you willing to pierce the lie of what you have been believing to be true about you, about others, about life?

Are you willing to see, to experience, to feel the truth of how this plays out in your life, no matter how uncomfortable that may be, to face everything that you have ever felt and believed to be true?

This willingness is the entryway to being true.

What dos this mean to face everything? – it means just that – everything – face everything that you have ever felt and believed to be true, the lie of ego and the illusion of separation. To come face to face with what you are running towards, or away from, or moving against – be it love, connection, unworthiness, un-lovability, betrayal, safety, fear, security, loss, control, rejection, sex, lust, longing, needs, being right, wrong, blamed, not knowing – the list goes on and on ….

It is in the willingness to be true that all can be revealed.

You will see all the ways you move and dodge and weave in order to get or avoid some version of what you are hoping will fulfill you, complete you or give you what you are longing for. There is nothing for you to actually ‘do’ other that be open to the truth of what has been habitually occurring, and open to the deeper truth that has always remained untouched by any of it.

What do you really want? – now you can be real, now you can be truthful in making this choice when you say you want to be true, to be free, to be your self – In the willingness to speak the truth of your own self, you discover that you have always been FREE !!
Namaste ~ Yantra-ji

“We are so blessed to have the opportunity in this lifetime to sit in silence, to reflect, to inquire into the nature of truth and Self. Come home to yourself ! Who you really are at the core, in this very moment, is this that has always been here, this that always Is, the silent unchanging awareness” – Namaste Yantra-ji

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