Aug 222016


Meeting Death – Meeting Life

We have just offered a one-day Satsang Retreat ‘Meeting Death – Meeting Life’ – an invitation to really open, to meet death and meet life fully.
Many beloveds came to share in this sacred and tender time together, taking the opportunity to explore, to inquire, and to ask deeper questions about death, pain, life, love, loss, identity:
What is death?

Who is born, and who or what is it that dies?

What is never born and never dies?

What is here when we remain in the story of ‘if only’ or ‘what if’ or ‘why’?

How can we truly love, if we are holding back from fully meeting all that is here?

When we are available to meet all that arises, all of the pain, the shock, the heart break just as it is, the rawness, the realness of whatever arises in the moment – what is discovered?

How can we bear the pain of death, of loss?

How can we bear all of the suffering and the tragedy, in our own lives and in the world?

We have all heard the saying ‘Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional’ – in the willingness to remain open we discover the truth, a peace that is always here, in the midst of all pain.
The ongoing invitation is to take this opportunity, to open freshly into the discovery of what is here when there is a willingness to meet everything, uncensored. Discover what remains untouched by death.  In the meeting of death fully, something fresh is discovered – we are here, fully present, able to love fully, to meet life fully – as life itself.

The month of August is the anniversary of the passing and the funeral of my teenage son Cohen, who died unexpectedly in a car accident on the 21st August in 2012. At this time, over the past 3 years, we have offered a 10 day memorial in our home from the 21st – 31st August. This has been a time of retreat and inner reflection, a time of introspection, support and sharing for friends, family and our community to gather together, a time to really meet death and life fully.

This year the mysterious hand of grace was calling me to offer in a different way. As many of you are aware since moving from the Northern Beaches of Sydney last year to the beautiful Glenning Valley on The Central Coast, we have been offering one-day retreats. This year through this mysterious call of grace, this one-day retreat “Meeting Death – Meeting Life’, was called into being, occurring on the 21st August, on the anniversary of my son’s passing.

All I can ever do is to say yes to this call, to surrender, and allow this offering to come through.

~ Namaste Yantra-ji.

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