Apr 102012

Sound healing for mind, body and soul

From the ‘Singing for Serenity’ evening workshop with Lou Van Stone

On Tuesday the 3rd April we were graced with the divine presence of Lou Van Stone for an evening workshop ‘ Singing for Serenity’ where we were treated to an evening of toning and healing, working with Sound and the Chakras.

With a sound that is constantly evolving, Lou Van Stone combines soaring ethereal vocals and lush harmonies with ambient instrumentation. The beautiful bell-like quality of her voice has had her winning over audiences world-wide. Because she sings from such a deep space, the peace and love she experiences when she performs is transmitted to her audiences. Helping them to feel rejuvenated, serene and with a sense that All Is Well with the world.

Lou Van Stone has many years experience as a devotional singer, sound healer and vocal coach.  Her life has been transformed by sound and she is passionate about giving this gift to others.

She says “It is my life’s mission to bring people a sense of well-being and calm, to wrap them in a beautiful cloak of sound and to bathe them in all the divine healing colours that music creates.  I am committed to taking people to that space of silence and perfection that exists in all of us, a space beyond the chattering of the mind.” – Lou Van Stone

To start, we tried out different ways of making sound through chanting, humming and then toning. The humming creates such a delicious sound that clears the mind easily and effortlessly of all thought. For anyone struggling with wanting to quiet the mind, a few minutes of humming can easily shift ones consciousness to a calm and thought free state. Humming is also a very deeply relaxing, restful,  healing and clearing experience for the body as well as the mind. There is a simple yoga practice called the ‘Humming Bee’ which is wonderful to clear the mind, or otherwise just sitting quietly and humming a single note ( rather than a tune )  for 5-10 minutes can also be beneficial.

I have taught and experienced many different Chakra meditations and healings as well as sound toning over the years and so it was  beautiful to share in this experience with Lou. There are many different combinations of sounds, Sanskrit words ( and also movements ) that corresponds to the Chakras. We were treated to and participated in a sound meditation, where we were bathed in Lou’s beautiful voice, as well as our own. The simplicity of toning means that it is accessible to anyone of any age (children also love to join in with this ).

We experimented with the sounds individually and collectively, using the harmonies created with both the humming and toning to bathe the body in sound. We also worked as a group offering a collective toning healing experience for each person, working with each chakra. These techniques are very profound and yet so very simple that you would be forgiven for thinking that there may be little effect. However each of the participants were in such a state of deep relaxation from the beginning of the humming to a deeply profound bliss when we finished with the sound baths. We treated Lou to this experience as well.

One of the profound realisations that I experienced during the sound bath healing, was the similarity of the sounds I was hearing and being submerged in, to those of the Whale’s song when they are calling to each other underwater. This lead to an even deeper understanding of the connection that we all have and how sound can directly affect us both positively or adversely.

We have all experienced when someone has been angry and we feel the effect and the vibration ( ‘the vibe’ ) even if we have not been in the room at the time. This is because both our energy and the sound of that energy leaves an invisible yet palpable vibration.

As you Become aware of the sound and tone of your own voice when you are talking to yourself ( inside your head or out loud ), to others, to loved ones, to children, to friends, to colleagues and of how others speak with you, you will get a sense of how the sound and tone affects you and others. Our Sound and Tonality has such a huge impact on those around us. Sound is vibration, and as we are predominately 70%water ourselves, the sounds vibrate within and through us. Discordant sounds and tones affect us adversely whilst harmonious sounds bring peace and harmony.

If you are interested to learn more about sound healing or toning, or would like to purchase any of Lou’s CD’s
please contact Yantra or Lou.

To Listen to some of Lou’s music please visit www.louvanstone.com

Please feel free to try out these simple techniques  yourself and we would love you to share your experiences with us.

Many Blessings Yantra


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